How To Do Automatic Writing – by Tana Hoy

Automatic writing is the process, of writing that does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer’s hand seems to move on it own, unaware of what will be written.

how to do automatic writing

Automatic Writing

It is sometimes done in a trance state, while other times, the writer is aware of their surroundings, but not the actions of their writing hand. Automatic writing is used in Spiritualism, as a form of channelling the messages of spirit guides.

How To Do Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a great way of communicating with spirit guides, and letting your creativity flow. Below I will explain to you exactly how to do automatic writing.

1. To begin, get into a comfortable position.

2. Be sure you are free of distractions.

3. Now clear your mind of chatter. Feel the muscles in your body, neck, arms, shoulders, and especially your face become-totally relaxed.

4. You are going to use your computer to communicate with your guides, so to begin, type today’s date at the top of your page.

5. Next, Mentally call out to your guides and tell them you want to communicate with them.

6. Then type, “Hello. What is your name?” I would suggest you start with simple questions.

7. Don’t stop to think. Just allow your fingers to type what comes to you.

8. What you are typing may seem like your own thoughts at first, but that’s ok. Just go with it.

9. After a few minutes, you will find yourself typing more quickly. There may be mistakes in punctuation, no space between words, poor grammar, unknown words, etc. Don’t worry about that right now, because you can fix the typos later.

10. Just keep typing questions that you would like to ask your spirit guide, and then type the answers as they come to you.

11. Do not write too much on the first day. Just start slowly and feel comfortable.

12. Each time you try this you will feel more comfortable, and remember, this takes practice.

Tips For Successful Automatic Writing

Here are some tips to use to make your automatic writing more successful:

• Let all information flow! Don’t stop to think about what you are typing.
• The more you practice, the more natural this will feel.
• This is a great way to access higher information.
• Automatic writing will help heighten your psychic awareness.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to do automatic writing, practice, practice, practice! You can enjoy channelling your spirit guides, and getting to know them better, through this fun new psychic tool of communication!

4 Responses

  1. patty says:

    I auto write every morning, but sometimes I don’t or get busy. I get up early, so I have the time. But I don’t get guides I get my higher self/ creator. I used to get my mother, and many other passed spirits and even got Edgar Cayes , once. But now only my Creator. Why, I haven’t a clue I don’t get any others as they stopped coming and now only my higher self talks to me. I like doing it and have many journals on it. I enjoy auto writing and I make sure I am well protected from anything bad coming in. I will now try asking for a spirit guide to come through and see what I get and ask who it is. I just write now what ever I get from the highest and the best comes and I am grateful. I have a new spirit guide but have never seen him only know of him. I will try your way and see if a guide comes to me, but if I still get my higher self, that is okay as that is what I am suppose to get.

  2. Angel Alvarez says:

    I heard that automatic writing can b very dangerous because bad stuff can get thru so is there any way t prevent that?

  3. Candy says:

    Going to try! ?✌?️?????

  4. Rosemarie Lerro says:

    I tried automatic writing using a pen or pencil. After stopping for a while, I started again and most of the time, I get the same person say it is my mom. Most of the time I would ask who it is, and the answer is it is mom. When I do the automatic writing, my hand moves by itself and writes complete sentences most of the time. Always ends the sentence with I love you, and actually draws a smiley face. It is amazing, but I am a catholic, and explained that I do not think in my religion this is allowed. What is your opinion.

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