Automatic Writing – Something Anyone Can Learn To Do spirit guide

Your Spirit Guide could use you as a channel for imparting messages. One way they do this is through automatic writing.

Beings from the Spirit World communicate with people in various ways. One of the more common ways they use to send us messages is through automatic writing.

The process behind automatic writing is not complicated. What happens during an automatic writing session is the writer – whether using a pen, pencil, computer, or whatever writing instrument – writes out words or sentences. But whatever is written does not come from the willful intention of the writer.

Simply put, the writer isn’t the one who is actually writing. The writer is just a channel, the medium by which the words or sentences flow.

The writer is not conscious of what he or she is writing at that given time. Most cases of automatic writing happen because the person writing the information is in a trance state.

A Historical Look at Automatic Writing automatic-writing

Automatic writing is a paranormal phenomenon that has been known by many people from centuries ago.

Earlier, I mentioned how an automatic writing session can take place using different writing instruments. Old-time writers needed to keep an inkpot handy, and as the ink easily dried, the pen tip needed repeated dipping.

Yet, even as those writing instruments of long ago were awkward to use, they were still used in automatic writing sessions. So, writing without conscious thought or will is not a modern occurrence.

In fact, as a paranormal phenomenon, automatic writing has actually been around for a long time.

Here’s what the site Psychic Pen has to say about automatic writing or “spirit writing”:

“As spiritualism came into vogue in the mid nineteenth century, spirit writing became a popular form of Mediumship.  A spiritualist or medium sat with pencil in hand, while others sat nearby ready to feed her or him blank sheets of paper awaiting the frantic script of the channeled messages. With the fringe attendees growing weary of the standard methods of “communication” like the auditory knocks of the Hydesville Fox sisters and other fashionable spiritualists used, spirit writing was just the ticket to renew a robust interest in the spirit realm and séances once more.  The method of automatic writing opened the door for women of the Victorian era to achieve some notoriety.  Taking up the spirit pen meant they could write, while not breaking any of the societal morals of the day. Blaming it on the spirits held up much better when confronted by an angry husband or father.”

It’s worthwhile to note that it wasn’t only average people who believed in, and supported automatic writing. Celebrities from long ago, along with their relatives and close friends, also took part in one way or another when it came to automatic writing, similar to this one described by the Psychic Elements site:

“Automatic writing has drawn interest, scientific research and controversy. In the late 1800’s Psychometrists included the wives of the rich and famous of the day, as well as individuals who made a name for themselves as mediums employing automatic writing. The type of information channeled includes esoteric teachings, fiction, mathematics, music, song lyrics, poetry, erotica and art.

The middle to late 1800’s the spiritualist movement made all forms of Mediumship popular. Some of the famous people who employed automatic writing include the wife of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who communicated with the spirits of the deceased through automatic writing. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle later wrote, in his book New Revelations, that automatic writing occurs either by the writer’s subconscious or by external spirits operating through the writer. George Hyde-Lees, the wife of William Butler Yeats, also claimed that she could write automatically. The poet Robert Desnos claimed he was among the most gifted in automatic writing.”

It’s quite interesting how automatic writing has been associated not only with personal messages, but also with significant forms of art.

But what is automatic writing, really?

Can anyone learn to do it? Or is it some kind of psychic gift exclusively made possible for certain fortunate individuals by the Spirit World?


A Gift That Can Be Learned ouija board

An Ouija Board shown in its original design.

The Paranormal Encyclopedia has an interesting angle on automatic writing:

Proponents who believe that automatic writing is a spirit contact cite differences in penmanship between the normal handwriting of the person who holds the pen and the material that is written. However, some Spiritualists believe that automatic writing can take other forms than handwriting. For instance, poet James Merrill (1926–1995) is most famous for his collection of poetry,The Changing Light at Sandover (1982), which he claimed were inspired through spirit guide messages obtained through a Ouija board.”

Now, that’s another matter altogether. Imagine beings from the Spirit World using the Ouija board for writing poetry!

Somehow, that takes out the scariness factor of Ouija boards, something long popularized by Hollywood.

Anyway, I believe that automatic writing is both a gift from the Spirit World, and that it can be learned, which means it’s not an exclusive kind of gift.

In one of my earlier articles, I talked about how to learn to do automatic writing, using your computer.

The main instructions I gave were contained in these steps (you can find the complete steps by clicking on the link I provided):

  1. Don’t stop to think. Just allow your fingers to type what comes to you.
  2. What you are typing may seem like your own thoughts at first, but that’s ok. Just go with it.
  3. After a few minutes, you will find yourself typing more quickly. There may be mistakes in punctuation, no space between words, poor grammar, unknown words, etc. Don’t worry about that right now, because you can fix the typos later.
  4. Just keep typing questions that you would like to ask your spirit guide, and then type the answers as they come to you.

That article was published in the year 2014, and since then, I’ve had several readers tell me they have tried automatic writing, and they succeeded.


When What Comes Out Doesn’t Immediately Make Sense sample automatic writing

Initially, you may not be able to easily understand the results of automatic writing. Eventually, though, the messages will become clear to you.

It’s important to note, though, at this point, that not all instances of automatic writing result in words or sentences you can easily read and understand, once you are in full control of yourself again.

Don’t worry. This can happen sometimes, since you are not writing consciously, and therefore do not control what is written.

Sometimes, you might also encounter foreign words, but this also shouldn’t be any cause for alarm.

What’s important is for you to understand is when doing automatic writing, your part is to stay relaxed, and just let your had do the writing, and the words will start to flow easier than you might think

Are you interested in automatic writing, or do you already have messages from the Spirit World that you’d like to be interpreted for you? If so, get in touch with me now and schedule a psychic reading. I’ll give you the answers you seek!


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  1. Sam B says:

    Now this is intriguing.

    One name comes to mind when I think of automatic writing…

    Some time ago I studied Alleister Crowley and the ‘Book of The Law’. However I’m slightly concerned as the way Aiwass communicated to him was the term “dictated” in regards to what and how it was written. Guides don’t usually “dictate” what you write though I don’t know if Aiwass essentially wrote as Crowley or told him what to write which then explains the term. Crowley claims Aiwass was standing behind him at the back of the room so it could suggest the latter.

    The point is Crowley is one of the most famous automated writers and his work ended up being some sort of new age prophecy – The law of Thelema.

    This is one of my favourite paranormal cases despite the surrounding controversy with Crowley. What is most fascinating about this is that it happened in Egypt, the same birth place of another book, the Book of Thoth but that’s another subject.

    The ability of automatic writing is fascinating by itself but its the lore that really intrigues me. I’m not usually the historian type but its not the human history that interests me, its the ethereal and extraterrestrial history.

    However, I’m still excited to try this out. I’ve got a few things to see if I can get answers to.

  2. Craig says:

    Hello Tana,

    Does one communicate with the same spiritual guide during an automatic writing session or does it change with every session?

    Thanks so much,

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