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People often ask me about reading for themselves, and if it is an advisable thing to do. Let me start by saying I have talked to many psychics who tell me they read for themselves, but let’s really examine this, and see if it is a good idea or not.

Whenever a person seeks information via a psychic reading, they do so to get answers to something they are dealing with, struggling with, or need help with.

Have you ever had a problem and tried to figure it out yourself, but couldn’t? Or had to make a decision, but you didn’t feel 100% confident you were making the right decision?

Why do you think either of these scenarios didn’t give you the answers you needed?

It’s for the same reason they say “An attorney who has himself for a client, has a fool for a client!” Or for the same matter, “a doctor who tries to diagnose himself, has a fool for a doctor!” I also believe “a psychic who tries to read for himself, has a fool for a client!”

The reason is simple…if you guessed that it’s hard to be subjective with yourself, you guessed right! So we are dealing with the idea of whether a person has the ability to be subjective or not when it comes to themselves, and this is where the answer lies as to whether reading for yourself is a good idea or not.

Denial Is Natural 

It’s natural and human to think bad things only happen to other people – but not us. Or to want to hear a certain answer we only want to hear. It’s called denial. And denial is a natural human defense, built inside each of us.

Denial means we want to deny the truth when the truth is not what we want to hear. So it is natural to be in denial when we hear unpleasant news, or an answer we don’t want to hear.

So understanding we all have denial, I do not think it is a good idea to do a reading for yourself UNLESS it is a simple “yes or no” answer you are seeking, or an answer to a question that has no serious emotional impact on you. For example, if you are asking about a co-worker’s marriage, or a neighbors child, etc.

In this situation, the answer you receive, whether positive or negative, will not trigger your natural denial mechanisms, unless you are close to the person. and the answer could have an emotional impact on you. In that case, you would not try to read the answer for yourself!

I’ve met quite a few psychics who tell me they read for themselves, but logically, as you can see, it doesn’t make any sense to me. It is psychologically impossible to read for yourself when asking a question whose answer could have a negative emotional impact on you if the answer is something you didn’t want to hear.

I can help you find answers to any questions you have, including love, relationships, career, and health. Questions related to you, or even another person. I invite you to let me use my gift to help you, by visiting here to schedule a reading!

A Word Of Advice

I would highly suggest not trying to read for yourself when it involves questions whose answers may not be what you want to hear. As long as you follow this rule, you will get accurate answers. So it is best to stick to asking “yes or no” questions that do not emotionally affect you either way.

Otherwise, you will continually question your answer, then ask the same question over and over again, until you get the answer you wanted in the first place. And doing it that way is not giving yourself a real reading anyway.

When To Seek A Professional Psychic

When you have a question you need a serious answer to, work with a psychic you trust, who is highly gifted and let them help you with their psychic powers to give you the correct answer.

AND, if you contact a gifted psychic before the crap hits the fan, a gifted psychic can guide you on which actions you need to take to make any situation turn into the one you want it to!

For example, I once had a client who called me just in the nick of time! She said she tried reading for herself, but kept getting different answers and was now confused!

When we finally spoke, she had no idea things were getting ready to go “really bad” in her life! Her angels definitely led her to me! Thank goodness she listened to them and contacted me when she did!

During our reading, I could see someone breaking into her house when she was home alone, robbing her, and then harming her, to eliminate the “witness to the crime”! When I described to her the man I saw, it turned out to be her drug-addicted neighbor I was seeing.

I then told her exactly what she needed to do to prevent this horrible situation from happening. She took my advice, and it literally saved her life.

Later on, she learned the neighbor tried to rob someone on the street with a loaded gun, and then harm the person he was robbing. It turns out the guy he robbed was a 5th-degree backbeat in Kung Fu, and let’s just say…things didn’t turn out so good for the robber.

The Next Step

If you have questions you need answers to, I will gladly answer them for you. and IF the answer is not what you want to hear, I CAN show you how to run it around, and make the situation turn out the way YOU want it to.

I hope to be able to help you find accurate answers in your life, and hope we can speak very soon. Please click on this link to schedule your psychic reading.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

Office: 614-444-6334

P.S. Please email me and say hello! I don’t think you’ve emailed me before, and if so, it’s been a long time. I will promise to email you back! I’d just like to know you’re doing okay and enjoying reading my emails!

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