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Learning your life lessons are essential to avoid negative Karma. [image: by greencandy888 via Flickr]

Those of you who have already had a psychic reading with me, are now equipped with the necessary awareness and valuable guidance on the interpretation of your life lessons, which will empower you to avoid negative karma.

For those of you who are still new to these teachings, I am going to give you some insights into the kind of understanding that’s necessary for helping you deal with recurring, troublesome issues in your life.

You will come to realize that you are not fated to be in this world for only a passing moment of time, only to be eventually annihilated into oblivion or nothingness.

It doesn’t work that way!

Cheer up and take heart, because your journey into understanding why things in your life happen when, how, and why they do, now begins.


Life Lessons For The Soul


In the article titled The Spiritual Realms: The Invisible Worlds Around You, I gave you a basic presentation about the spiritual realms, and some of the things that happen within them. I told you about the relationship between life lessons and reincarnation.

Now, I am going to move on to what motivates a soul to choose to reincarnate into a particular lifetime.


The Answer To Life’s Imbalances


Readers of my blog are generally people of compassion.

During a psychic consultation, many of my clients often ask me why life can be so unfair sometimes.

For example, why are there very rich people, even if they are clearly corrupt? On the other hand, why are some discriminated against because of their race, their status in life, their age, their gender, sexual orientation, and a zillion other biases that cause both personal and social misery?

Simply put, it’s because sometimes, while on this human plane, a soul has selected to reincarnate in a life of ease, while another soul has chosen to live a life that is sheer hardship.


Love, The Great Equalizer


If we were to review all of the world’s greatest religions and most abiding faiths, and even the less popularly known religions, a common thread is to be found in their teachings: That we are to love one another.

This is quite difficult for humans to do, because when you are born, the culture you grow up in may program you to be biased against others who do not belong to your social, economic, or cultural group.

Your soul must learn life lessons in order to cope successfully with life. The biases it encounters need to be overcome. And the only way to overcome them is through love, which means, to love others in the same way you love yourself. To value others and to respect them, the way you hope to be valued and respected by others.

 Sometimes, your soul will be tempted to be selfish.

Sometimes, your soul will be tempted to be selfish. As you know, selfishness is contradictory to loving. If your soul gives in to selfishness, then it doesn’t learn its lesson of love.

And if you don’t learn your lesson in this lifetime, you will have to come back again to learn it in future lifetimes.


Simple And Realistic Examples to Guide You


Someone who already has everything in life has more to offer by way of love.

Love can take on the form of being charitable. A soul that lives an abundant life here on earth would do good to be charitable towards others. In doing so, the important lessons of charity and mercy are learned.

Conversely, for the poor, one of the more important lessons to be learned is knowing how to be patient and hopeful, never giving in to despair.

For those who have been betrayed, the lesson to be learned is how to avoid seeking vengeance, and instead, letting the law of cosmic retribution take its rightful course.

These things are easy to say, but extremely hard to do.

To progress as souls, we need to learn our life lessons.

Still, if we are to progress as souls, we need to learn our life lessons. We need to look beyond our pain and hardship, and extend love to our fellow souls who are also learning lessons with us.

When we do that seemingly simple thing, we avoid acquiring negative karma.

If you would like to understand more of the lessons your soul has come here to learn, a Soul Reading will give you those answers. To schedule your Soul Reading,  fill out the form on my psychic reading page, and someone will contact you to schedule your session.

What do you think about learning your life lessons? Are you finding it hard or relatively easy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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