Bad Karma: Do People Reincarnate As Animals? by Tana Hoy

I have received quite a number of emails asking me if a person with bad karma will reincarnate as an animals? In order to understand this, it is important to understand karma and reincarnation.

bad karma

What Is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation, or rebirth, is when the soul is reborn in the physical world over and over again, each time inhabiting a new body.

This means that your soul never truly dies. At the transition point called “death,” it is only your physical body that passes away, but your soul continues onto the spiritual realm where it lives for an undetermined period of time, and then it is reborn in a new body.

The Two Reasons For Reincarnation

There are two reasons why your soul reincarnates over and over again. The first one is because it still has lessons to learn. So until your soul has evolved to it’s highest spiritual state, you will continue being reborn, in order to keep learning the lessons you need to reach that state of spiritual perfection.

The second reason is because you still have karmic debts that need to be settled. In other words, you have sown an action in a past life, and you have to reap the effects of that action in a future lifetime. This is what is known as balancing your karma.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the Law Of Cause And Effect. This law states that your thoughts, actions, desires, and intentions – both positive and negative – are “causes” that trigger corresponding “effects”. In essence, you reap what you sow.
Karma is not “forfeited” when you leave the earth, because it is carried with you into your future lives until the “effects” of the action that caused the karma have come to fruition.

As you can see, reincarnation and karma are linked to each other, and they play a part in the kind of life experiences you will have in this life, and your future lifetimes.

Does Bad Karma Cause You To Reincarnate As An Animal?

Being reborn, in and of itself, is a karmic effect, because it means you were reborn due to some type of karma that still needs to bloom in this life. This karma can be good or bad! And until your soul reaches it’s highest spiritual state, you will continue to keep being reborn.

But can you be reborn as an animal? The answer is no, and the reason you cannot be reborn as an animal is because humans and animals possess a different type of soul consciousness.

Because of these two different types of consciousness, it is impossible to be reborn in a different form. One species does not turn into another species, so you can be assured that you were not a cat in a previous life, nor will you become one in your next life.

What Does Bad Karma Affect?

However, your past life karma will affect the way you live, the things you will achieve, and even any physical problems you may encounter. So your present “state of life” is an “effect” of your past life karma.

Also, your present thoughts, actions, and deeds will set into motion the experiences you will have in the future – both in this lifetime, and your future reincarnations.

The other side of the coin is that any situation you face due to karma, will help you to learn the lessons that your soul still needs to learn. Once learned, you will never have to repeat that same lesson again!

Set Good Karma In Motion!

But even though you won’t be reborn as a cat or an oyster does not mean that you should be carefree with your actions. Remember that the causes you create today will have effects in your future – both in this life and the next.

Therefore, it is important to always be conscious of your thoughts and deeds, and to be aware at every moment of the karma you could be setting into motion. Doing this not only creates a better state of existence in a future lifetime, but it will also improve your life in this one too!

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  1. Yen says:

    I love this article. Makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks fot sharing, Tana.

  2. michele says:

    How do you explain someone else’s karma affecting your life? In the case of an affair. Someone else’s actions and choices are affecting another person. How does Karma explain this?

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