Is Bad Luck Caused By A Curse?

You may remember in my last email that I talked about invisible energy walls, and how they block you from achieving the things you desire in your life. You may also remember I mentioned that most people don’t even know these walls exist, so they are therefore unable to even do anything about them.

You also know I am offering to perform a special technique on two of your friends for free, but only for a limited amount of people! (You can click here to read that email if you missed it)

But today I want to talk about why bad luck happens, and what causes it. The truth is, everyone has lived several lifetimes before, and everyone wants tot think they were saints in all of their lifetimes, and would never have harmed or hurt anyone.

But the truth is that we have all done things in our past lives, from being murderers, thieves, betrayers, as well as being helpers, healers, and sacrificers for others. In other words, everyone has been a sinner and a saint. It is unavoidable when it comes to living more than just a few past lives. And you have lived more than a few of them – trust me!

With this new understanding, we can now look at where bad luck comes from, and what causes it.

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But does Bad Luck Really Exist? 

Bad luck is not usually the result of an evil curse that has been placed on you. Believe it or not, bad luck usually results from karma that is left over from something you did in one of your past lives.

If you ever have a string of bad luck, or bad things continuously happen to you, before looking to see if a curse was placed on you, you should first have an experienced psychic take a look into your Akashic Records to do a review of your past lives. You will more often than not find the reason behind you bad luck lies there!

A Word Of Caution About Psychics

But when having someone read your akashic Records, and review your past lives, you need to be very careful who you choose to do that! Because not all psychics are spiritual people!

Many of them (the ones with neon signs out front) are real psychics that have “gone to the dark side”. They use their psychic powers to lure you in, and then they try and tell you there is a family curse on you, and the curse is the cause of all of your problems. And for thousands of dollars, they can burn candles to remove it!

You don’t want the types of psychics above digging into your Akashic Energy, because they can leave negative energy behind in your Akashic Records. So ALWAYS be sure that when you allow a psychic to enter into your energy, that you chose one who is kind, spiritually grounded, and does not use their God-given powers for the dark side! Unfortunately, many times you can’t know who works in the dark side until it is too late.

A Few Signs To Look For

Basically, charging money to remove evil curses is a sign of a psychic from the dark side. Another sign is when they have a neon sign out front. Another sign is they have a booth at a county or state fair. They also can have Ms. or Misses in front of their name. They dress weird. Plus many other signs.

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More About Bad Luck

If you have bad luck with people, your bad luck usually results from bad things you did to that same person in one of your past lives. So they come back to do the same thing back to you in this one.

If you have things stolen, you probably stole from the person who stole from you. Whether you know who did it or not.

If you get cheated on, you probably cheated on that person in a past life.

And if someone is mean to you….guess what? You were probably mean to that person in a past life!

So as you can see, your past lives have more to do with bad luck than a curse usually does. Curses do exist, so don’t get me wrong, but bad luck is usually past life related.

So you may be asking yourself, how do I know if I have any bad karma from a past life that is going to come to bite me in the butt in the future, or if my current bad luck is past life related. And you may also be wondering if you can do anything to prevent or lessen the affects of past life karma in this life.

Yes, you can take steps to prevent or lessen karma, but it is not something you can do on your own. Past life karma is serious stuff, and it is not an easy thing to remove or lessen, so you need a professional psychic to help you do that.

Not many psychics are knowledgable in removing bad karma, or even know anything about how to do it – except the ones from the dark side that I spoke of earlier. And they use it to extort thousands of dollars from you.

And the only reason I know how to do that work is because as a young boy, an older psychic who was like a mentor to me, spent years teaching me how to do this. So yes, your past life karma can be changed or minimized, and that is something I can help you with if you feel you are being affected by it

But Back To Karma And Bad Luck…

But the most important thing to know is that you should NEVER let just anyone enter into your vibrational energy because they can leave negative energy residue in your Akashic Records, and in your auric field, and it can create one heck of a mess!

It is also important to know that having negative past life karma does not make you a bad person. Negative karma is the result of being a spiritual being who keeps coming back to take a physical body, so that you can grow from the lessons you learn when living on the earth.

It is also important to know that you do not have to be a victim to your negative past life karma, and that you can work with a professional to eliminate it all together, or minimize it so that you hardly feel its affects at all. Let’s face it, negative past life karma can really cause a lot of havoc in your life, and it isn’t pretty or fun to live with all the time.

I think of negative past life karma like a splinter. You don’t leave it there to keep festering and cause you pain and infection. You remove it. And since negative past life karma can be removed, and removing it will stop its negative affects, then why would anyone want to leave it there? Unless they enjoy pain, which I hardly doubt is the case.

The truth is, most people simply don’t even know about negative past life karma, let alone that they can remove it!

Karma Is Like Your “Life” Garden

Remember, bad luck, or negative past life karma, is not a punishment. It is simply The Law of Cause And Affect working in your life, which states “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

And like any garden, you can easily “pull out the weeds” (sowing) so that the flowers can grow and shine. (reaping)

I hope you found this helpful, and I hope you have been able to learn something new from me today.

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Have an amazing rest of your day.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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