Why Balancing Your Chakras Is Important! – Tana Hoy

Chakra balancing is a process where you remove negative and blocked energy from your chakras. Once you have cleared away any blockages from your chakras, you will dramatically feel a positive change in your mood. You will feel relaxed, healthy, and whole.

Your Chakra System

When you feel out of sorts, depressed, moody, or downright awful, your chakras  might be out of balance. Usual symptoms include problems in your digestion, gastro-intestinal track, respiratory issues, jaw problems, and even allergies.

Signs Your Chakras Are Balanced

A balanced chakra is evidenced by feelings of peace, calmness, and the ability to not be overwhelmed by stress during tense situations. Unblocked chakras cause energy to freely flow from the top of your head, all through your entire body.

Easy Ways To Balance Our Chakras

An easy way to balance your chakras is by lying on your back. Then, shake both of your hands to clear any energy attached to them.

Place your open palms over the first chakra, and make circling motions over it in a counterclockwise motion. Make sure that your palms are three to four inches above the chakra. Do this movement for all the seven major chakras.
You can also include chakra balancing affirmations while doing the circular motions. Say: “My chakras are healthy,” “I release any toxic energy from my chakras.”

Another way to balance your chakras is by avoiding foods that are harmful to your health. These include processed foods and drinks. Make sure to eat lots of root vegetables, organic protein, and healthy grains.

Why Balanced Chakras Are Important

You need to be aware not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by stress.

An unbalanced chakra deprives you of living a light and joyful life, so make sure to use this technique to help balance your chakras, at least once a month.

The above technique will not replace a professional chakra balancing, but it can help in between balancing. I always recommend having a professional balance your chakras, because it involves much deeper processes than the ones mentioned above.

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  1. Candy says:

    Thank you Tana!!
    I was just thinking about this about two days ago and I asked the angels, and my guides Archangel Michael and St. Germain to please come beside me and clean/ clear/ balance my chakras.
    I’ll try using this technique tonight that you said.
    Lots of love and thank you!! ?????

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