Birthstones By Month – Discover Their Psychic Energy Powers

There are different gems associated with each month of the year. To create balance in your life and rein in its healing properties, discovering your birthstones is a great way to bring their positive energies int your life!

What are Birthstones?

A birthstone is a precious or semi-precious gemstone associated with a particular month and astrological sign. Since there are twelve months of the year, and twelve zodiac signs, there are twelve main birthstones. Wearing a birthstone associated with your month and your astrological sign can draw  certain positive energies and divine powers to you, as well as positively impact the quality of your life.

These ‘lucky stones’ will have a magical and symbiotic relationship with you. You are as influenced by your birthstone and it’s powerful energies because birthstones emit energy vibrations that can bring a desired sense of wellbeing into your life.

Birthstones in History

The use of birthstones can be dated back to ancient times, as far back as the breastplate of Aaron, which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac.
In 1400 BC the Assyrians used rare gems and minerals that had magic properties. Birthstones were very popular in Babylon, India, Tibet, and Poland, as they were known to possess mystical powers.

The Birthstone Chart

The full power of the birthstone can be harnessed if you own a complete set of twelve and wear them in rotation each month. Let’s take a look at what magical powers each of these beautiful stones possess.

1. January– The Garnet

The garnet is a symbol of eternal friendship and loyalty. If worn by a person who is born in the month of January, the dark-red coloured garnet can provide protection, and attract true love. It can energize, revitalize, and balance energy within you. It can enhance your personal power for success. In the olden days, garnets were said to help travellers find their way back home. Legend has it that Noah hung a garnet on the ark for illumination and protection.

2. February– The Amethyst

The Amethyst has several healing properties and can protect its wearer against many health problems. It is a symbol of spirituality and tranquillity. This purple quartz is said to keep your mind clear, calm, and energised with positive thoughts. It also helps protect you against deceit and treason. In ancient times, the Greeks believed the amethyst stone could help prevent one against intoxication!

3. March – The Aquamarine

The serene pale-blue aquamarine protects its wearer from bad tempers, and allows you to remain calm and level headed. In olden times, this stone was believed to protect sailors, and guarantee a safe voyage. The healing powers of the aquamarine can protect you against diseases of the liver, heart, mouth, throat, and stomach. It promotes good health and happiness.

4. April – The Diamond

The diamond is the universal symbol of love. That is why diamond engagement rings are so popular. Diamonds can strengthen your body, mind, and soul ,and can enhance your level of clarity and balance. It has healing properties, mostly related to the brain and the pituitary gland. A diamond can amplify your energy – both negative and positive. Diamonds are usually colourless but can also be found in hues of yellow, red, pink, blue, and green.

5. May – The Emerald

The emerald is said to bestow the power of prophesy to its wearer. It is the symbol for rebirth and can grant you good fortune and youth. This green stone is one of the most precious of all gemstones. Emeralds are said to improve eyesight and infertility, as well as increase intelligence.

6. June – The Pearl

Pearls are the symbol of chastity, modesty, and purity. Wearing pearls can lead to a happy and fulfilled married life. They bring good luck to those born in the month of June. It is said to enhance your integrity, as well as loyalty and friendship. They have healing properties for problems with the heart, stomach, and spleen. Pearls come in different colours like pink, black, gray, lavender, white, beige, coral, yellow, and blue.

7. July – The Ruby

The ruby symbolises power and heat. Rubies are said to stir your imagination, rouse your senses, and guarantee you good health. They also give you wisdom, and help you to have success in love. These blood-red gems are called ‘Lord of the Gems’ because of their beauty and rarity. A ruby can protect its owner against misfortune, and bring harmony to your life.

8. August – The Peridot

A peridot is believed to have magical powers and healing properties which protect against nightmares. This lime green stone brings power, good influence, and helps the wearer have a great year. The peridot wards off evil curses and brings divine inspiration to its owner.

9. September – The Sapphire

The brilliant blue Sapphire is said to relax and soothe the mind. It can protect you from envy and harm. The sapphire is associated with truth, constancy, and sincerity. It promotes clairvoyance and intuitive insight. It healing properties can help lower fevers, inflammation, burns, and hearing problems.

10. October – The Opal

The opal sharpens your emotions and brings happiness, faithfulness, loyalty, and confidence. It s associated with hope, purity, and innocence. Opals are effective in healing their owners health problems related to the eyes. The opal enhances imagination, dreams, and visualization.

11. November – The Citrine

Wearing a citrine will make you light-hearted and free-spirited. It symbolises hope and strength. It is known as the ‘healing quartz’ and is said to support vitality and health. The citrine enhances spiritual rejuvenation and feelings of happiness. It also guards against disorders of the blood.

12. December – The Turquoise

The turquoise is said to bring patience and money to its owner, and also protects you from evil and illness. It is associated with success, happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. It enhances serenity, creativity, and spiritual bonding.

You can wear your birthstones as a beautiful piece of jewellery such as a ring, bracelet, pendant, or earring, or you can carry them with you in a small pouch or bag.

Discovering the powers of your birthstones by month will help you tap into and use their amazing qualities. When you choose your birthstones by month, you are opening yourself up to their infinite abilities, and they will enrich your life.

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