Bizarre Link Between Your Third Eye And Psychic Dreams

Having psychic dreams is a sign that your Third Eye is open.

You may be entering another dimension through your dreams.

A dream can be used as a doorway into the Fifth Dimension, a realm filled with hidden psychic knowledge and a place where celestial beings dwell.

Mystical dreams can seem so real and life-like they’re hard to distinguish from reality.

There are also cases of “lucid dreaming”, where you are aware you are dreaming, you can exert a level of control in your dreams, and even dictate the flow of the dream.

Some people even have “prophetic dreams” – dreams that show visions of the future.

But how can your dreams enable you to step into a psychic realm?

How does psychic dreaming happen?


Your Third Eye’s Role In Shaping Psychic Dreams


Said to be the seat of the human soul, the Third Eye is the conduit of psychic dreaming.

Situated at the very center of your forehead, the hidden Third Eye is the core of your intuition and psychic abilities.

Every person can use their Third Eye to awaken their dormant psychic abilities, and one of these supernatural abilities is psychic dreaming.

In fact, having psychic dreams is one of the first signs that your Third Eye is open.

When you are about to have psychic dreams, your Third Eye opens, sending vibrations throughout your body, which frees your dreaming body from your physical body.

Your dreaming body, also knows as your astral body then enters the Fifth dimension where it can access hidden knowledge about anything and everything, or even communicate with heavenly beings such a s Angels and Spirit Guides.

As your Third Eye opens, your psychic dreams may be accompanied by a feeling of slight pressure between your eyes, and you also may feel like your other senses are becoming sharper.


The Different Types Of Psychic Dreams


It’s said that on average, each person experiences psychic dreaming at least once or twice in a lifetime. Those who are more attuned to their psychic abilities, or are more spiritual, can experience psychic dreaming more often.

There are also those who can tap into their Third Eye at will to have psychic dreams, and they can even control the type of psychic dreams they want to have.

Before we move on, let me tell you about the types of psychic dreams. psychic_dream2

A Shared dream is a type of psychic dreaming when two people have the same dream. They could be both in the same setting and even be interacting.

1. Soul Walking

This type of psychic dreaming is similar to having an out-of-body experience, where you see yourself sleeping on the bed, while at the same time seeing future events occurring all around you as you “sleep”.

Those who are highly skilled in Soul Walking can “walk” to different places, just as one normally can while awake. Some mystics are even able to “walk” to any point in the world, as well as the Fifth Dimension.

2. Precognitive Dreams

Also called prophetic dreams, a precognitive dream is a type of dream, which predicts or foresees a future event. Precognitive dreams often have an abundance of symbols, which need to be decoded by a psychic.

3. Telepathic Dreams

This is a kind of dream where you can touch the consciousness of another person. Through telepathic dreams, you can enter the mind of another and gain insight from this person.

You can also communicate your own thoughts through telepathic dreams. Some people even use telepathic dreaming to plant seeds or place suggestions in another person’s mind, in order to influence their actions or decisions.

4. Shared Dreams

When two people have the same dream, it’s called a shared dream.

A Shared Dream can take place with both persons actively dreaming the same dream, or being in the same setting and interacting with each other – almost like meeting in a dream.

There is also another kind of shared dreaming, wherein two people have the same dream, or dream about the same thing, but not at the same time.

5. Clairvoyant Dreams

People who have embraced their psychic abilities completely, such as psychics or mediums, regularly have clairvoyant dreams. In this kind of dream, you are psychically connected to an object or situation.

A clairvoyant dream often occurs when you are searching for answers or information about a certain person, place, object, or event.

6. Lucid Dreams

Not to be mistaken for daydreaming, a Lucid Dream is a vision that comes to you while you’re wide awake, instantly putting you in a trance-like state. A lucid dream usually happens in just a few seconds, but it may seem far longer to the dreamer.


Now that you know what kind of psychic dreams you’ve been having, you can fully explore the advantages to each type of dream by strengthening your Third Eye.

You may be having a Shared Dream with your soul mate and the dream is giving you clues on how to finally find each other.

With Precognitive Dreaming, you can take control of your life by being able to plan ahead and take the right course of action.

These are all very wonderful things to explore, but keep in mind that there’s also a danger to psychic dreaming if you haven’t fully mastered your Third Eye abilities.


Things To Watch Out For psychic_dream3

In order to make the most of your psychic dreams, you should have control over your Third Eye.

Psychic dreaming is a marvelous ability, which you can use to advance yourself and bring satisfying changes to your life.


…if you don’t have ample control over your Third Eye, psychic dreaming may also have undesirable effects, such as:

You might become a psychic spy. Uncontrolled use of your Third Eye can lead to psychic spying – the unintentional ability to enter other people’s minds and dreams while dreaming.

You may have a hard time differentiating reality from fantasy. It’s normal to doubt yourself at first, but when you fully understand the extent of your Third Eye abilities, you’ll know instantly when you’re having a true psychic dream instead of a regular dream.

You may not be able to understand most of your psychic dreams. Psychic dreams are truly wasted if you can’t interpret what your Third Eye is showing you. Having the guidance of a professional psychic can help you make the most of psychic dreaming.


Understand What Your Third Eye Is Showing You Through Psychic Dreaming


An active Third Eye, which induces psychic dreaming, is an enviable gift and should not be wasted.

All you need is a mentor who can guide you and help you understand the hidden knowledge your Third Eye is showing you in your mystical dreams.

I can help you decipher the true meaning behind your dreams and teach you how to make sense of the symbols which are often shown in them.

As someone who was born with a very active Third Eye, I can also teach you how to hone your intuitive abilities and exert control over your psychic dreams, so you can use them to your advantage.

Schedule a Psychic Reading by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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