How To Call Your Spirit Guides To Help A Friend Or Family Member


Do you know someone who you think might be troubled with emotional health, finances, work, or spiritual well-being? And you would like to help them, but are not sure how?

Did you know that you can call on your spirit guides to send them help?


Spirit Guides – How They Help You Everyday Call Spirit Guides 1

Aside from assisting you in your daily lives, you can also ask them to help your loved ones.


A Spirit Band consisting of 20 to 30 spirit guides surrounds every person.

Your Spirit Band has been keeping you with you since the day you were born, and you can think of as your life coaches.

To learn more about the different kinds of spirit guides, click here.


How To Get To Know Your Spirit Guides Better


The best way to establish a connection with your spirit guides is to talk to them every day.

Here are some tips on how you can begin a closer relationship with your spirit guides:

  1. Acknowledge their presence

Talk to them casually, and ask for their help whenever you need support. This connection, when nurtured every day, opens the line of communication between you and your spirit guides.

  1. Ask for their names

You will often find a name may suddenly pop up in your head. 

  1. Involve them in your life

Ask for their protection every time you leave the house. Also, thank them for their help in bringing good things in your life.


The Benefits of Regularly Connecting With Your Spirit Guides


Your spirit guides are your board of advisors. They can provide you:

  • Comfort, happiness, and enlightenment
  • Guidance in fulfilling your spiritual purpose in this lifetime
  • Confidence in overcoming life’s challenges
  • Advise you on making critical decisions that can change your life
  • Support you in obtaining whatever it is, tangible or not, you want to obtain


Calling On Your Spirit Guides to Help A Family Member or Friend in Need? Call Spirit Guides 2

In order to achieve the results you want from your spirit guides, believe it and claim that they will happen.


Your spirit guides are naturally helpful beings of light. They will go through leaps and bounds to help your friend or family on your behalf. All you have to do is ask.

Here are other interesting facts about your spirit guides, which will help you understand why it is possible to send your guides to help family and friends in need:

  • Some spirit guides are assigned to watch over a group of souls, such as a family group, a group of friends, an entire class in school, or a group of officemates.

Souls often reincarnate as a collective, and it is likely that you have lived several lifetimes before the people who are close to you in this life.

  • One or more of your spirit guides may have been connected to one of your previous soul groups. So your loved one, you, and your spirit guides, ay have been mutual friends in another lifetime.
  • Even if there are no past life connections, your spirit guides will be more than willing to lend their positive light to help your friend or family member.


Getting Your Requests Answered


Sending help to your friend by calling on your spirit guides is as good as done when you make your intentions clear.

When you genuinely care and ask them to help another person, a clean energy, accompanied by bright light, shines on you and the person whose welfare you are asking them to help.

To further improve the chances of getting the results that you want, you must learn to have faith, and trust the healing will work. Here’s how:

  1. Support the realization of the intended outcome of your request through visualization.

 Form an image inside your mind of the outcome you would like to see. Write your own ending. How do you want the suffering to end? For example, your father overcoming pain, your sister rediscovering happiness after a divorce, or a friend overcoming an addiction?

  1. Never for one moment doubt yourself, your spirit guides, any part of the process, nor the vision that you are creating in your head

Believe and you will be able to channel that positive energy to deliver the outcome that you are hoping for.

You see, even science is only beginning to understand these concepts, which scientists are attributing to the power of the mind.

Check out this interesting article published on The National Geographic about how faith can heal, “Unlocking the healing power of you

  1. Claim the positive outcome you want to happen, and it will happen.

Mentally claim your friend or family member is healed right now, especially from emotional pains and spiritual wounds!  And you may be surprised to see how quickly they recover. 


How to Thank Your Spirit Guides Call Spirit Guides 3

Always thank your spirit guides so they will feel appreciated in all their efforts.


A simple utterance of, ‘Thanks’ either audible or in your head, is enough to make your spirit guides feel appreciated.

Here are a few reasons why you must never forget to acknowledge them for their help:

  • It reassures them you want their help.
  • It helps set the tone for your collaboration with them for the next time you request their support or help.
  • Your guides will be more willing to help you when they know you want their guidance.

 Your spirit guides will not ask anything in return. But when the need arises, you may be summoned to help a stranger who is in trouble.

So know that whenever someone is in need, there is always something you can do, but most of all, it is your faith, with the help of your spirit guides, that can save the day.


If you’d like to know more about your spirit guides, and how you can talk to them, you can schedule a Spirit Guide Session with me, by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page.


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