How To Use Psychic Energy To Calm Down An Active Child – by Tana Hoy

I’ve had a number of clients in the past who have told me of the challenges of raising a child with lots of energy. calming psychic energy

Raising a child is challenging enough, but it gets twice or even thrice as hard when you try to raise a child who practically has an unlimited amount of energy. I’ve heard of stories about three-year-old kids who run, jump around, and scream nonstop for hours on end. As a consultant, all I can really do then was sympathize.

I’ve given the idea of hyperactivity a lot of thought lately, and I believe that I have found a pretty good work around when it comes to handling children with lots of energy. The concept is quite simple, but according to the few people I have tried this out with, it has worked like a charm.

Let me share this with you now.

Using Energy Therapy

Using energy is something that everyone does, whether they are aware of it or not. When you hug your child, you are sharing your energy with him/her. It is then just a matter of being fully aware of the energy that you give. I have advised my clients to perform the following, and so far, they have found these tips to be helpful:

  • Make sure that your energy flow is clean and that your aura is clear of any distractions.
  • Hold your child gently (this works best when they are asleep) and put your hand into their forehead, heart, and at the point between their ribs. These are the points in the body where the Ajna, the Heart, and the Solar Plexus Chakra are located.
  • Gently project turquoise and/or blue energy into the energy centers of their body. It is important to do this just a little at a time. Remember that children’s chakras are not fully formed yet, so they are still very delicate.
  • Make sure that you perform this every day. Being consistent ensures that your child’s chakras will get used to the calming energy flowing through their auras.

These tips are very simple, but the people I have tested this out with have told me that it has worked pretty well. The changes are gradual, of course, but the improvement in the child’s behavior is noticeable, especially after around 30 days. Eventually, you will notice your children getting calmer.

Immersing the Child In Calming Energy

Immersion in a calming environment is extremely effective as well. Pay close attention to the color of the child’s room. Remember that there are colors that naturally foster hyperactivity, such as red and violet. Hence, painting your child’s room with calming colors such as green and light pink help a lot in lessening their hyperactivity.

The same concept applies to the child’s gadgets. Check if the wallpaper in their tablets or handheld computers feature a color that triggers a burst of energy. If it does, replace it with a theme or wallpaper that features a scene which is calming and serene.

But that is not all. Auditory triggers of hyperactivity exist as well, and these usually come in the form of loud music. As such, make sure that your child never listens to any video or audio track at full volume.

These little tips are very easy to incorporate in your daily routines. Give them a try, and see your child improve step by little step!

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