Can Animals Become Our Spirit Guides?


As you move along your soul’s journey, you have a team of spirits guides looking out for you and offering you guidance.

Can animals be our spirit guides? In this article I will discuss about your animal spirit guides.


What Is An Animal Spirit Guide? animals

Spirit guides are not only in human form but they can also be animals. Animal spirit guides are also called power animals.

It is commonly thought that spirit guides are of human form but actually an animal can also be a Spirit Guide.

Animal spirit guides or sometimes called power animals are animals in the spiritual realm that guides and protects you through your life. They give you comfort and empower you stay in tune with the earth. It is an animal that often resonates with you, that you feel like you can connect to.

Power animals provide you protection, guidance and help you overcome fear and lends you their wisdom and attributes you can use on your journey through life.

You may have one power animal or you can have multiple animal spirit guides at a given time. Others may come and go at certain phases in your life. They will help you in various ways according to your needs.


Groups of Animal Spirit Guides


Animal spirit guides are grouped according to the habitats as they were on earth.

Land animal spirit guides- they represent your emotional and physical grounding, and also linked to intuition and vigilance.

Bird animal spirit guides- they symbolize your strengths, desire for freedom and harmony with other creatures. They are the ones who help you in attaining higher consciousness.

Water animal spirit guides- they reveal to you your innermost desires and fears. They also connect you to your spirituality.

Reptile animal spirit guides- they provide you the ability to adapt easily to the changes in your surroundings.

Insect animal spirit guides- they help you be persistent and determined in obtaining your objective.


Types of Animal Spirit Guides


Symbolizing the four sacred directions, four seasons, and the four colors of man, there are four basic types of animal guides. The meaning and lessons each animal spirit guide brings will let you know how to react and the actions you will take:

Messenger guide – This guide comes to deliver a specific message or a lesson, to guide or warn a specific situation, and leaves as soon as it has been understood.

Journey guide- This usually appears when you are at a crossroads in your life and a decision needs to be made to choose a path. They will remain with you until you complete your journey.

Life guide- This guide is always with you throughout your life. It is always there looking out for you, and always reminding you of your innermost abilities and strengths.

Shadow guide- This animal spirit guides represents your innermost fears that you need to overcome in order to progress on your path. It will keep reappearing until you make positive changes in your life.


How Do You Know What Your Animal Spirit Guide Is/Are? walk_in_nature

One way to find your animal spirit guide, take a walk in nature and have a deep connection with Mother Earth.

There are multiple ways on how to discover your animal spirit guides. The first way is to ask your spirit animal to make itself known to you. You have to be patient and observant until it shows yourself to you.

Dreams is another way to find your power animal. Is there a certain animal that you often dreamt of? Dreaming frequently about one particular animal could be a sign that it is you animal spirit guide.

Take walks out in nature. Being in nature is one of the best way to find your spirit guide. Remember that one of the purpose of animal spirit guides is to bring you to a deeper connection with Mother Earth. Observe the animals around you and find which one seems to suit you best and to which you are naturally drawn to. We are sometimes naturally drawn to our animal spirit guides.


What Is A Birth Animal?


Birth animals are animal spirits that are assigned to a certain birth period of time that reflects a person’s inner character. A birth animal explains a human’s spiritual energy and deep inner desire. Here are the birth animal as it relates to your zodiac sign.


Aries: Hawk

A natural born leader, the Hawk can be looked upon for clear judgement, always taking the initiative and takes action in what must be done. They are also adaptable and open to new ideas.

Taurus: Beaver

Beavers are known for their unlimited patience and often gets the job at hand done efficiently. They are strategic, resourceful and very witty.

Gemini: Deer

Deers are energetic, lively and quick-witted. They are never afraid to make fool of themselves and have an amazing charisma.

Cancer: Woodpecker

They are the most nurturing among the birth animals and are amazing caretakers. They are caring, great listeners, and supportive in their family roles.

Leo: Salmon

Salmons are charismatic and have contagious energy that usually draws people to them like a flame.

Virgo: Bear

They are methodical making them someone to depend to when a steady hand is needed. They are also very modest, shy, and can live very minimally if need be.

Leo: Raven

A raven is known for its incredible balance of beauty inside and outside. They are great listeners and advice givers, everyone turns to the raven for ideas and opinions.

Scorpio: Snake

Snakes are very intuitive and are usually very spiritual in nature. They are easily attuned to the ethereal realm. owl

The owl is the birth animal of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius: Owl

They are impulsive, driven by their emotions and tough one to pin down. They are easygoing and value their friendships above anything.

Capricorn: Goose

Goose are ambitious, hardworking, and driven. They are determined to succeed at all cost.

Aquarius: Otter

Otters are perceived as unconventional and has an unusual way of looking at things but have brilliant imagination and intelligence.

Pisces: Wolf

The wolf is known for being passionate and deeply emotional. The wolf is also very independent and can spend much of their lives alone, quite happily.


How To Call On Your Animal Spirit Guides


Here are the steps how to call upon your animal spirit guides:

  1. Before going to sleep, ask your animal spirit guide to show itself in your dreams. In the morning, give yourself some time before getting out of bed and recall your dreams. Make sure to write down any dreams you have experienced.
  2. Go out in nature. Sit or lay down on the bare ground beneath you with your eyes closed. Allow your body to sink into the ground.
  3. Meditate. Focus on your breath and on the direction of the wind and the sounds of the birds, leaves, and animal calls around you.
  4. Visualize a doorway before you. With each breath in you walk closer to it.
  5. Open the door when you are ready. The sound and feelings change.
  6. You will suddenly feel a presence along with you. This presence feels familiar, safe and a guiding energy. This is your animal spirit guide. Let its presence and wisdom illuminate your being.
  7. Take as long as you need until you feel it’s time to open your eyes.


Contacting your animal spirit guides takes patience and it may take you a few tries before you finally master it. However, this should not frustrate you as practice and meditation is key to clear your mind and help you reach out to your animal spirit guide.

When you discover what your animal spirit guide is, you will never find yourself alone again. You will find that they will always be there, walking beside you in even the toughest of time.

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