Can Dogs See Ghosts? – by Tana Hoy

Clairvoyance is one of the most magnificent gifts you can have. As a psychic who has been blessed with the gift of seeing beyond the physical, I can tell you that the ability to see the spirit world is something that contributed greatly to who I am today.

can dogs see ghosts

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

The more I research about clairvoyance however, the more I realize that there’s just so much to learn about this ability. Take for example, the question of whether clairvoyance is limited only to human beings or not.

After some research, I discovered that there were many civilizations in the past, which believed in animal psychics. That’s why kings and pharaohs were depicted with an animal beside them. Apart from a show of power, these animals also served as their psychic pets.

What about your pets then? Can your dog see ghosts? Can your cats see spirits too?

The Auric Structure Of Animals

The auras of animals, especially small mammals like dogs or cats, closely resemble that of a human child. As you may already know, children’s auras are very bright and vivid, which is caused by the purity of the energy that flows through them. When a child grows and matures, his or her aura starts to lose its purity (quite a lot like losing your innocence, actually). This does not happen to dogs or cats. For these animals, their aura maintains this purity and vividness until they mature.

Animals And Their Chakras

Since animal auras never lose their purity, their chakras remain very open. Again, this is very similar to what happens to the development of chakras in children. Children’s chakras are very open during the first stages of life, which is the reason why a lot of clairvoyants discover their special gift from a very young age.

I myself am a living example of this. My abilities started when I was a kid.

Just as it is with the aura, human chakras start shutting down as a person gets older. As a result, even the Ajna, or the Third Eye Chakra, becomes closed (A Chakra balancing is needed to open them again). Animal chakras do not shut down though, so they remain open the entire life of the animal. Without any limiters or restraints, their Ajna Chakra becomes free of any limitations when it comes to seeing beyond the physical.

How To Benefit From Your Animal’s Clairvoyance

There are a lot of benefits you can get from your pet’s clairvoyance. For one, remember that royal families in ancient cultures always kept animals close by. This is because animals can detect negative energy very accurately.

They can, in essence, evaluate the people around you and judge them based on their psychic makeup. They can also detect very well, those people who can affect your life negatively in the future.

I remember this friend of mine way back in high school. She had this really loyal dog, and when she got this one new boyfriend, the dog just went wild, coming after him with a ferocity that was completely out of character.

Animals Are Very Intuitive

Of course, she brushed this off and forgot about it, even caging her dog later on, since the dog would never give up trying to attack the guy every time he visited.

As it turned out, that guy was the one who ended up ruining her life by getting her pregnant, physically abusing her, stealing money and her heirlooms, and forcing her to give up high school.

While I was telling her about my insights about pets being psychic, it all clicked for her. She realized that her dog probably read the guy’s energy the first time they met. The dog knew from this guy’s energy that he was no good for her.

I guess this gives you one more good reason to get a pet.

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  1. Tammy says:

    This is so true!!!! I wouldn’t have known I had orbs flying all over my house if I hadn’t been dog sitting, she went bizzerk at our back deck, I started videotaping & caught orbs, now I can actually see them all over, tiny ones, huge ones, fast ones, very slow ones, even hear faint whispers at times, my cat that is 15 years old has always been a “Ill let you pet me when I want your attention “, which was hardly ever!!! He brought me the mice, rabbits, birds of course to show his love, ?, but the past year he sleeps on my head, now I know why!!!!

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