How I Used My Psychic Powers To Solve A Murder

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All living beings have a soul. It is your soul that is reborn lifetime after lifetime!

Your soul determines who you are, because all of your thoughts, feelings, hurts, pains, insecurities, fears, happiness, and joy, are carried with your soul into each new lifetime when you are reborn. 

What Is The Soul?

Your soul is you – and is responsible for everything that is you! Understanding your soul, and the soul of others, gives you deep insights not only into yourself but also into the other person.

If there is someone you need to understand better, let me help you get a glimpse of their true soul, and help you understand them better!

As you already know, some people have a hard time expressing themselves, so oftentimes you don’t know what they feel, think, or believe. When a person like this is someone, you love, how can you “get inside of their head” to figure them out? The answer is, you can understand them by being able to look into their soul! But how can you do this?

How I Used My Psychic Powers To Solve A Murder

You can do this with a Soul Reading.

A Soul Reading is where I can read the soul of anyone you want to know about and tell you their deepest thoughts, wishes, desires, fears, joys, or anything you want to know about them.

A Soul Reading will also give you deeper insights into yourself, and help you to discover who you really are too!

When I “read” a person’s soul, it tells me everything about that person. I am able to get inside their head, and it seems like I can read their mind!

This is what I did to solve the double homicide murder you might have watched me solve on Psychic Detectives!  Along with my other psychic powers, I read his soul!

The Soul Reading I did on the killer enabled me to be able to help the police get inside his mind! He was arrested, he confessed, and he was convicted!

I can read the souls of anyone you know or care about, and tell you whatever you feel you need to know about them!  Whose soul would you like to understand better?

Click here and let me help you understand them better!

How You Can Learn To understand Anyone’s True Soul!

So a Soul Reading can allow you to get inside the heart and mind of a friend, lover, loved one, spouse, partner, neighbor, coworker, or anyone you need to be able to understand better and on a deeper level.

I am sure you already realize how having this information can help you in so many ways!

I often use Soul Readings to help estranged couples get back together! And it works every time! Once you know the right way to act and be, according to what that person wants and needs, you will get your wish every time!

I am currently opening spaces for Soul Readings since they are so powerful and have been helpful to so many of my clients!

If you would like to set up a Soul Reading, please let me know by responding to this email with your direct phone number, or by calling my office at 614-444-6334.

I hope you found this helpful!

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Tana Hoy

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