Can Spiritual Beliefs From Your Past Life Still Affect You Now?


Your past lives may have more influence in this life than you realize.

You have been shaped by the hundreds, if not thousands, of past lives you have lived. There is a history behind every single aspect of your being – no matter how small and insignificant it might be to you. spiritual_beliefs_from_past_lives

Your past life has a huge impact on your current life such as your present choice of religious and spiritual beliefs.

A newborn baby must achieve many milestones and developments in life before it can progress to a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult, and finally, a gray-haired person that looks out at the world through wisdom-filled eyes.

This is also the path your soul must take to become spiritually perfect. One lifetime is not enough to learn and experience all the things you need to transcend the physical world and reach an enlightened state.

Reincarnation ensures that all the opportunities and possibilities of enlightenment are made available to you.

Your soul knows this, and whenever you decide to be reborn again into the physical world before you come back here again, you make choices on which lessons and experiences you need to experience to become more spiritually evolved in this life.

One aspect of your learning and experiences will be your spiritual beliefs. To reach enlightenment, your soul actively makes the choice to take on different religions and spiritual beliefs to complete its earthly education.

In a moment, you will learn about a young child whose religion from a past life resonated so strongly this life that it affected his daily living and his family.


Reincarnation Case With A Change in Religion: David Llewelyn, A Reincarnated Holocaust Victim


The reincarnation story of David Llewelyn remains to be one of the most mind-boggling cases of past life religious issues resurfacing in this life.

Born in England in 1970, David had a secret Jewish Father but was raised in a Christian household.

David’s mother, Susan Llewelyn, had an affair with a Solomon Rosenberg, which she hid from her husband, Jefferey Llewelyn. Unaware of David’s true parentage, Jefferey raised the little boy as his own and in a Christian upbringing.

Susan and Jefferey eventually divorced, and David stayed with his mother. While Solomon saw David during several occasions, he never really took interest in his son and the young David never knew that his real father was Solomon.


Past Life Recollection of Concentration Camps

The family once visited an aunt who cooked with gas and David commented on the smell, saying “It’s like the smell of my room at night. It’s going to smother me.” The Llewelyns had an electric stove at home, so this was the first time David said something that referred to the gases, which Nazis used to exterminate concentration camp victims.


Past Life Recollection of Holocaust Mass Graves

As a child, David had frequent nightmares of deep, dark holes which contained bodies. These large holes were surrounded by people with guns and David always felt afraid he would fall into the holes.

He would often complain about an unusual smell in his bedroom. Susan also reported that David would cry and describe holocaust camps, dying people, and the stench of the dead bodies.


Past Life Knowledge of Jewish Customs and Habits

This reincarnation case became even more dramatic as David grew up. David began to manifest past life knowledge and abilities, such as:

  1. As soon as he learned how to read and write, David spontaneously read and wrote from right to left, the way the Hebrew language is read and written. But he was taught to read and write in the common English way and no one taught him the Hebrew manner.
  2. While passing a Jewish synagogue, David said: “They wear caps there.” He was talking about the Kippahs that Jewish people wore.
  3. David once asked his mother if the food she served had blood in it. The surprised Susan understood this as a direct reference to the Kosher way of preparing meat.
  4. David often drew pictures that included stars, although he also seemed to fear stars. When David was 12, he saw a necklace with a Star of David pendant while he was out shopping with Susan. David suddenly cried and ran out into the street. After catching up with David, Susan asked him what was wrong and David replied, “The star was beckoning me.”


Documentation of David’s Past Life Recollection spiritual_beliefs_from_past_lives3

The reincarnation story of David Llewelyn is an example of how his past life religion greatly affected his present life beliefs.

Hoping to help her son, Susan got in touch with Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia. Dr. Stevenson interviewed David and recorded his recollection of being at a Nazi concentration camp in his past life.

David told Dr. Stevenson that he remembered being inside the pit and looking up to another boy at the top of the pit. David thought this boy was a friend who might be able to save him.

While David was unable to remember his past life name and other specific details needed for historical validation, his knowledge of Jewish habits convinced experts and researchers from across the globe that he was indeed reborn again.

This story might seem incredible, but there are plenty of other cases similar to this one. Each showing how religion from past lives can have a significant effect on your belief system in this life.


How Do Spiritual Beliefs From Your Past Lives Affect Your Spiritual Choices In This Life?


With each lifetime you live, you learn an immeasurable number of things – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All of these experiences add to the learning, which becomes a part of your being. But most people “forget” their past lives, each time they are reborn.


Remembering all the details of your previous lives would be very overwhelming. You might have lived hundreds or thousands of lives, so imagine having to remember all the things that happened in each lifetime!

Every joy, every pain, every love, and every loss! Remembering all those past life events would be more than enough to make a person go insane with the flood of all those thoughts and emotions.

Some people have a hard time remembering things that happened in this lifetime. Let alone, from a hundred lifetimes?

You also forget your past lives because dwelling in the past will not help you progress spiritually or resolve negative feelings from your past lives. By living in the moment, you can learn all you can in this lifetime and continue to grow spiritually.


Understanding Past Life Resonance


The things you learn and experience in your past lives become what are called as resonances. There are many kinds of resonances, but apart from these few examples, you will be learning about Religious Resonances in this article.

An example of a resonance is being compelled to visit a certain place, such as Pearl Harbor, because in a past life, you were a soldier there during the bombing, and you played a great role in saving other people’s lives. This is called a Historical Resonance.

Another example is Object Resonance, wherein you hold some possessions as special even if you don’t know why. These special possessions are clues to your past lives, such as attachment to a musical object, like a violin, because you were a skilled violinist in a past life.


Are Your Religious Beliefs A Resonance?


Some people may actively change from one religion into another one i.e. from Christianity to Jewish. This could be the religion they had in their past life that’s why they had a strong attraction to change to such religion.


Your religious beliefs can be a resonance from a past life or several of your past lives. Religious Resonances are the beliefs or concepts of faith, which have accumulated from your past lives and are carried over into your current life.

There are 4 examples of religious resonance that can be seen in people:

1. Base Religion – You still choose to have the same religion you had in a past life in order to learn more about it.

2. Religious Exploration – You have a different religion in this lifetime but you also believe in certain beliefs of another religion, a religion you were a part of in a past life.

For example, you are a Catholic in this lifetime but you strongly believe in the Hindu concept of reincarnation. The reason for this is because you might have been a practicing Hindu in a previous life or you may have been born in India in a past life.

3. Conversion by Marriage – You change your religion to the same religion you had in a past life through marriage.

Have you ever wondered why some people find it easy to change their religion into the religion of their spouse upon getting married? For example, the bride is Jewish but converted to Christianity, her spouse’s religion, without batting an eye.

Due to being a Christian in her past life, the bride’s resonances make her very amicable to the conversion and enables her to cope with the change easily.

4. Conversion by Attraction – You actively change your religion into the one you had from a past life.

 This kind of change in religion is usually drastic, extreme, and might come as a shock to family and friends. For example, a person from a Muslim family becomes a pagan.

Many say religious resonances from past lives are among the strongest and can be felt even when you’re still a child. This is because religion is deeply rooted in the spiritual aspect of your being, and for most people, religion dictates their way of life.

There is nothing bad about having resonances from your past lives. Most resonances are good as they are the source of your talents, skills, and strengths.

While resonances hold the key to some of the finest moments of your past lives, there are also some resonances which may uncover painful experiences from the past. Resonances linked to hardships or suffering in a past life can keep you from being the best you can be in this life.


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