Is the future set in stone or can it be changed?

I was walking around late last night, because sometimes I like to walk when it is dark and enjoy the cool spring air.

As I was walking, I was thinking about an email I had received yesterday that really got me thinking!

So, I wanted to share this email with you:

Dear Tana,

Quite honestly, I have wanted to get a reading from you for a very long time, but I am scared to do so! 

You are such a giving person, taking so much time out of your busy schedule to write all of your emails and share

psychic and spiritual information with all of us. 

The information you send is priceless! So, thank you very much! 

And it is obvious by the information you share, that you’re a psychic who knows what he is talking about. 

But Tana, as badly as I want a reading, I’m afraid of hearing something during my reading that I don’t really want to hear. 

Any input you have would be deeply appreciated! 

In need of your help,

Hilda R. – Munich, Germany

This is a common fear many people have, so I want to address it here.

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The Truth About Changing The Future 

The future is changeable!

The answer is that there is nothing to fear because the future is changeable!


And a psychic reading allows you to know about the unforeseen things in your future BEFORE they happen. Therefore, they are changeable!


The Law Of Advanced Knowledge clearly states: “Anything you have advanced knowledge about can be changed before it happens!”.

This law is a natural law.

We get physicals to prevent any possible illness from becoming worse!

High blood pressure unknown about can kill a person. But knowing about it before it gets out of hand will save the person’s life.

Here is a great example of what I mean:

Dear Tana,

I had a reading with you about 3 months ago, and honestly, you told me things no one could have possibly known! I was literally taken back by the things you knew about my life! 

You saw my husband of 10 years was going to have an affair with a woman in his office And you even knew her name! The name you gave me was the name of his secretary! 

I always knew she wanted my husband, but was too afraid to admit it to myself!  And I also know he was very attracted to her! 

Since day one, I have never felt right about her working for him. I knew something was fishy! 

Then you went on to tell me it was a good thing we were having our reading that day, because you explained how

no matter what you see in my future, anything can be changed that hasn’t happened yet! 

So, you then gave me a mantra to say and told me a particular gemstone to use. Then you assured me that if I used the mantra and gemstone as you instructed me, it would prevent the affair from happening! 

So I did everything you said, and what happened next was amazing! 

Two days after doing what you said,  my husband came home from work and told me he decided to let his secretary go because if he didn’t he was afraid he would have an affair with her! 

Tana, my husband never talks that openly about such personal matters, but that’s exactly what he said! My mouth dropped open! 

So, he let her go, and things immediately went back to normal! I made him hire a gay man for his next secretary – and now I feel very safe! 

I now understand what you mean when you say “anything can be changed” by knowing about it in advance! 

You saved my marriage from a lot of heartache and pain, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Linda L. – Texas 

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The Importance Of Taking Action

Talking about a problem, rather than letting resentment build up, allows both people to feel closer again. Otherwise, without communication, both people end up bitter and angry at each other, and their relationship grows farther apart!

There are many examples of this natural law in the Universe and this law also applies to psychic readings!


“Advanced knowledge gives you the power and control to change the negative into the positive!”

So, Hilda, I hope this helps eliminate your fear, and I sincerely hope you will call me so that I can help you to avoid any unwanted problems or situations in your life!

I hope this helped you!


When I get emails like this, they always make me feel good! I hope this email made you feel good too!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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    Hi Tana
    I always enjoy your comments because they are so insightful. And I love hearing about other peoples experiences. It helps me to understand life better.
    Your faithful student.
    PS. Have a great day. Cheers

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