Can You Be a Psychic? psychic-ability

There’s no short-cut to being a successful psychic but there’s also no secret as well! You just need effective and efficient methods to help you unlock your sixth sense! Are you ready to become a psychic?

 Today, we’ll be talking about what a psychic is and some of the basic psychic abilities. We will also be talking about how you can develop your own psychic abilities. But that’s not all! At the end of this article, you will also be able to answer the question: “Can you be a Psychic?”

What is a Psychic?


But before we go into that, it’s important for you to know that a psychic is an individual who is capable of reading the vibrations and energy coming from a person, which enables the psychic to “see” their past, present or future.

With the use of some of his abilities, such as Clairvoyance (ability to see visions of future events), Claircognizance (ability to sense the outcome of a situation or events) and Clairaudience (ability to hear the voices of Astral beings), a psychic is able to obtain information about person during their reading. Astonishing, isn’t it?

These abilities may all sound pretty complicated, but believe me, they are all part of us and are linked to our ‘Sixth Sense.’ Normally, people only use their five senses: hearing, touch, sight, smell, and taste, but we all have another sense which we call the ‘Sixth Sense’ or Psychic ability. And, psychic ability is defined as “the information that is obtained outside of your five normal senses.”

But first, let me tell you the origin of this Sixth Sense, and introduce you to something I’ve called…


…The Caveman Theory cavemen

Cavemen used their intuition to communicate without using words.

In the early stage of our evolution, our ancestors, which were cavemen, had walked around the earth as hunters and gatherers. It’s common knowledge that complex speech and communication was limited among cavemen. They relied mostly on groans, moans, and simple body language, such as gestures and hand motions, to relay simple information.

What this means is this made communication very hard at that time. And looking back with these thoughts in mind, it may leave you wondering: “How were they able to express themselves clearly?” And also, “how were they able to form groups to hunt together?”

What my Caveman theory explains is how our ancestors managed to communicate with one another; how they were able to survive through the harsh environment of the past, and how they managed to form civilizations of their own.

You may wonder how they were able to communicate among themselves clearly, and how were they able to form groups to hunt together without any form of verbal communication. And the answer is, by using their intuition, also known as their psychic abilities! And it gets even better…

This would mean that psychic ability is part of your ancestors’ basic senses! And thus, you also have psychic ability as well!



The Origin of Our Sixth Sense cavemen-in-cave

The sixth sense of cavemen played a crucial role in their survival.

It’s only logical that in order for our ancestors to communicate and express themselves with one another in the past, they had to rely heavily on their Sixth Sense, such as their hunches, gut feelings, premonitions, and intuition!

Their Sixth Sense helped them know when to trust one another, or when they were safe to build relationships with other cavemen, and even know when it was safe to hunt or gather food without concern for their safety. Truth be told, their sixth sense played a crucial role in their survival.

And as a result, since we’re all genetically related to Cavemen, theoretically, we all have psychic abilities! Some people are just more developed than others, but nonetheless, you and I, as well as anyone you know, possess these psychic abilities! Amazing, right?

I’m pretty sure you’re wondering the most common question I’ve been frequently asked. So let me clarify things up…


Are We All Psychics? sixth-sense

Just like your natural instincts as a human being, your sixth sense is just within your subconscious mind, waiting for us to be awakened.

You might be asking yourself, “If everyone has these abilities, why aren’t we all called psychics?” To answer this question, I’ll need to explain even more to you about the Caveman Theory.

The simple truth is, as time went by and technology advanced, communication became much easier and much more efficient. And as technology continued to flourish, unlike cavemen, we didn’t have the need to rely on our Sixth Sense any longer.

Sadly, this is the main reason why most people’s sixth sense, or psychic ability, lies dormant inside them. For example, if you wanted to check on someone, you could easily call them via phone or the Internet. Or, if you wanted to know if there will be storms in the following days, you could always check a weather broadcast.

Plus, with the conveniences of modern technology, it enables us to live more carefree, allowing us to rely less on our gut-feelings and intuition primarily because we have all these technological advancements, which we can use to help us with our survival.

These innate abilities were not gone completely! Just like your natural instincts as a human being, your sixth sense is just within your subconscious mind, waiting for us to be awakened.


Can You Be a Psychic?


Surprisingly enough, despite having an innate sixth sense within one’s very core, does not make one a psychic, unless they have awakened and harnessed their abilities.

However, there’s more! Let’s move to the best part!

If you would like to learn to become more psychic, you will need to first learn the meaning of the most common psychic abilities. So here’s a brief explanation of some of them:


The Three Most Common Psychic Abilities:


  1. Clairvoyance (clear-seeing)

Clairvoyance is the ability that enables you to see beyond the physical realm, or the earth plane, and enables you to see a psychic vision of an event, or a glimpse into the future, before it happens.

  1. Clairaudience (clear-hearing)

Have you ever experienced hearing voices or sounds without any apparent physical source? Then you’ve probably had a clairaudient experience! Clairaudience is our ability to hear voices or sounds in the Astral plane. Invoking this ability lets you hear the voices of Astral beings, including our spirit guides, guardian angels, deceased loved ones, etc.

  1. Clairsentience (clear-feeling)

Clairvoyance is the ability to ‘feel’ the outcome of a situation or event without having any previous information about them. If you have ever felt a strong sensation about a certain outcome that turned out later on to be true, then you have had a clairvoyant experience.

The skills mentioned above are the most common psychic abilities that people experience, and are also the most important ones that you need to hone if you want to become a successful psychic.

You know what? Harnessing these abilities may sound complicated, but the truth is, they’re very easy to improve!

There’s no short-cut to being a successful psychic but there’s also no secret as well! You just need effective and efficient methods to help you unlock your sixth sense! So are you ready to become a psychic? Then simply follow my guide on how to unlock and develop your psychic ability:


  1. Practice meditation daily. Meditation helps clear out your mind and remove negativity and stress. It also helps in raising your vibrations and connections with the Astral plane. Keep in mind that raising your vibration is the key to communicating with your spirit guides and angels.


  1. Communicate frequently with your spirit guides and angels. It is highly important that you know the names of your spirit guides and angels. Calling out their names sends out a high and positive vibration linking you to the energy of your guides and angels, which creates a stronger connection between you. If you don’t know their names, you should consult a reputable psychic who can give you the names of your guides and angels.


  1. Practice reading on objects which will emit the highest vibrations. Objects that are worn daily emit higher vibrations, which are ideal for practicing developing your psychic abilities. Items like jewelry, necklaces, and metal objects such as keys, are easiest to read for picking up psychic information about a person.


  1. Try to practice a simple exercise like asking your friend to hide an object in a room while you’re away. Afterwards, go back into the room, and see if you can sense its exact location without asking for any help. Try to feel its vibrations as you move closer and closer to the object. This exercise improves your clairsentient ability.


  1. Learn how to open your Third Eye. Opening your Third Eye is fairly easy, and allows you see the Astral World. You also have to open your Third Eye first, before you can harness your clairvoyant skills.


  1. Develop your Clairaudient skills. During meditation or when you’re alone, try to focus on hearing the sounds of your surroundings. Listen to the sound of the wind, the drops of rain, and the movements of the insects. Basically, try to listen to the little sounds which we normally ignore in our daily lives.

This sums up my article for today! If you want to be a successful psychic yourself, then you just have to keep on practicing developing your sixth sense! In fact, with time and patience, you will be amazed, before you know it, how quickly you will start becoming more psychic yourself!

Let me know of your thoughts and ideas in the comments section down below!


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One Response

  1. Sam says:

    I’m surprised this is still a hot topic being that Tana has repeatedly tried to teach us various aspects of psychic awareness. However, in general, the internet has flourished with how to’s on psychic ability.

    Bare in mind, every small detail adds up. If you compile a list of small areas and general topics that Tana alone has taught, advised or commented on, you don’t necessarily need a direct statement to say you have the capability, if you pay attention.

    For example, I have an interest in psionic capability which is a step up from psychic capability and uses a more practical nature. Take telepathy, the ability to read peoples mind but also the potential to receive AND send thought messages. This is a rather minor example but is still consistent of both psychic and psionic nature.

    Bare this in mind. Being psychic mainly just allows the ability of extended and spiritual awareness of its relative surroundings (not as in local relative but relative to its implication on various senses). They only (with a few exceptions) primarily grant audial, visual, cognitive and sensual awareness. However this is not a downplay of psychic ability as they still play a major part in psionic manifestation. In some cases of psionic manifestation, you’d need a varied degree of psychic awareness or mastery to implement the psionic based aspect or abilities.

    For example, take telepathy. In order to master that as a psionic ability, you might need to learn clairaudience as a psychic ability. However I don’t know if this would be entirely accurate as telepathy is mind based and not necessarily audio based but I’d say it’d be a solid start.

    A better example might be telekinesis. A classic psionic ability as its not so much psychic awareness but psychic implementation.

    Many people (me included) have tried to learn this ability directly without taking to account all the linking factors. If you’ve seen “how to do telekinesis” videos or blogs on the internet, they generally tell you to meditate first. That’s pretty much the first stage of anything, however what many, including those who are trying to teach you this forget is:


    To put this in perspective, you have to start from the beginning almost literally.

    To learn psychic ability you have to learn various psychic abilities related to the specific psionic ability you want to learn, you have to start with meditation alongside everything Tana said. You can’t skip from meditation to psionic without first achieving psychic awareness. This is why so many people fail in that regard. However in learning purely psychic abilities, you’d have an easier time as its the very next step and you’re not trying to hop over it trying to learn a psionic ability.

    For the case of telekinesis, the various psychic abilities needed to learn it ‘might’ include:

    (Astral) Projection – to some degree.

    And probably some others.

    If you’ve seen on ‘how to do telekinesis’ videos, they sometimes say that you might need to “feel the object you’re trying to move”, this is where clairsentience comes into play. However it is reversed to sentient output rather than psychic input from your sensing ability. You basically just have to physically feel the object then after use your clairsentient ability to try to feel the object again but this time using your psychic clairsentience to familiarise with the object.

    Mainly to help in visualizing telekinetic movement with the mind and revolves getting used to the third eye. Not sure if it actually helps in psionic implication but might do to some degree.

    Empathy and/or astral projection:
    I don’t know if I could explain this properly. It essentially involves putting part of yourself or your consciousness into the object. It is not necessarily astral projection that’s needed but consciousness projection or projection in general. The part of empathy is mainly in some sense, putting yourself in the position of the object to try to feel the object etc, feel its energy. You probably get the idea.

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