Can You Enter the Spirit World As a Living Human Being? near_death_experience

We usually get to know more about the spirit world from stories of those people who had near death experiences.

You’ve probably seen it on TV where people who have had a near death experience share their experiences of crossing to the “other side”.

A lot of people say that those who’ve had a near death experience were given a glimpse of the afterlife; the place where our spirit goes to when we die. In other words, people who’ve had a near death experience were taken to the spirit world.


What Is The Spirit World?


The Spirit World is a place where our spirit goes to after we die.

The Spirit Realm serves as a buffer between the higher and lower spiritual realms.

Most people would think that the Spirit World is located in the sky, or somewhere far away from Earth, but in truth the Spiritual Realm is actually closer than you think.


Where Is This Realm Located?


It’s so close to you that you can even reach it with your own hands!

To be more concise, the World of Spirits exists simultaneously with the physical world, meaning the World of Spirit is within arm’s reach.

Despite being within arm’s reach, this realm is inaccessible to some people… 


Can You Enter The Spirit World Even If You’re Alive? spirit_world

The spirit world is where your spirit goes when you die and it is located in the astral plane.

Technically the World of Spirits is a place for spiritual entities who have discarded their physical body. In other words, you will enter this world once you have died.

But there is a way for you to enter the spirit world while you are still alive and we call it astral projection. Astral projection will allow you to travel to the spirit world using your astral body. And with your astral body you will discover a brand new world filled with mystery and wonder.


What Is Astral Projection?


Astral projection is a technique, which allows us to separate our astral bodies from our physical bodies.

People often say that the feeling of astral projection is very similar to that of having a near death experience. The only difference is that since you’re not dead. You have complete control of your astral body to travel anywhere in the universe, including the Spirit World.

Before I proceed to teaching you how to astrally project using your physical body, you’ll need to know the difference between The Astral Planes and the world where we go after we die.


The Difference Between The Astral Plane And The Realm Of Spirits


The realm of spirits is a very large place and it is as big as or even bigger than the physical world. However, the realm of spirits is part of the Astral Plane. This just shows how big and vast the Astral Plane is.

Imagine all the amazing things you could discover exploring the Astral Plane! But before you can even go to the realm of spirits, which is just one of the many planes in the Astral World, you must first know how to Astral Project. 


Astral Projection For Beginners astral_projection

Astral projection allows you to go to the spirit world using astral body.

Astral projection is an advanced psychic ability, but it is still a skill. And as with any skill, astral projection can be learned and you will get better at it with practice and time.

Here are some steps for beginners to start astrally projecting right now:

  1. Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.
  1. Set an alarm or have someone wake you up after 30 minutes.
  1. Relax and find a comfortable position to meditate. Since you’re just starting out I advise that you lie down on your back as if you were sleeping.
  1. Enter a meditative state and clear your mind.
  1. Visualize your astral body starting to separate from your physical body. If you don’t know what your astral body looks like, then imagine a ghost like figure that looks exactly like you.
  1. Visualize your astral body completely separated from your physical body. Imagine seeing your physical body lying there while your astral body is floating around the room.
  1. Try to move around with your astral body. If you can’t it on your first try, then don’t worry because it will take time and practice before you can move it.
  1. If you can move your astral body, then go back to your physical body and wake up. But if you can’t move you’ll eventually wake up after your physical body hears the alarm that you’ve set up.


Congratulations! You’ve just performed your first astral projection. Now that you know how to separate your astral body from your physical body, it’s time for you to practice moving with your astral body.


How To Move With Your Astral Body


Moving with your astral body is easier said than done. Unlike your physical body you don’t use your legs or your muscles, instead you move your astral body with your mind.

Here’s a simple exercise to practice movement with your astral body:

  1. Separate your astral body from your physical body.
  1. Determine where you want to go and imagine your astral body getting closer and closer to your destination. If it helps, you can imagine pulling up which slowly moves you with towards your destination with each pull. Or you could even try swimming or paddling towards your destination.
  1. Remember to take baby steps and take to take it slow. Don’t strain your mental muscles. If you fail the first time, then take a break and try again.
  1. Keep doing this until you’ve managed to move at a decent pace.
  1. That’s it. Pat yourself on the back for job well done!


Now that you know that it is possible to go the spirit world and that astral projection can take you there, the only thing left for you to do is to travel to the World of Spirits yourself and enjoy a whole new world that you’ve never experienced before. So, now you are ready to go on exciting adventures with your astral body!

If you would like to learn more advanced ways to astral travel, click here to set up a session and I can personally mentor you and help you have success at this, along with amazing astral experiences.


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