What Are Chakras? by Tana Hoy

Chakras are your body’s energy centers. Tasked with the function of serving as the channels and receptors of the energy that flows in your aura, chakras play a huge part in keeping a person’s energy levels healthy.

what are chakras

Your Chakras

However, chakras may be prone to damage depending on how well the person is aligned with the Earth’s spiritual energy. There are some people whom I have met with chakras that are extremely healthy, but there have also been times when I have seen people with chakras that are also heavily damaged.

What Makes A Healthy Chakra?

A chakra can be considered healthy if it rotates at a very fast pace and if its appearance is very clean and sleek. Chakras are funnel-shaped, their energy moving at such a rapid pace that they almost seem solid to the eyes of a clairvoyant.

A chakra has three main parts: the Filter, which acts as a way for your chakras to resist negative energy, the Body, which features the iconic cone shape that make chakras so familiar, and the Root, which is the chakra’s connection to the body’s Prime Meridian, the main conduit of energy located at the center of your aura.

The mark of a healthy chakra lies in whether the energy in the chakra is able to flow freely or not. Healthy chakras have luminous bodies, their surfaces even shimmering due to the purity of its energy. Their filters are very thick, and their roots are very clear.

What Makes A Chakra Unhealthy?

There are times however, when chakras get damaged. This usually happens to those who are not very well-aligned with the spiritual world. I have seen a number of these, and I did not like their appearance one bit. Balancing the energy in your chakra after all, is no small feat.

Unhealthy chakras are, quite simply, horribly distorted and malformed. Their filters usually show signs of damage, causing in a significant surplus of energy escaping from the chakra.

The chakra’s body is also opaque instead of luminous, which is caused by a significant amount of negative energy fermenting in the chakra’s body.

The root of the chakra becomes blocked by negative energy as well, causing the flow of energy and the rotation of the chakra to become highly irregular. In some extreme cases, the flow of energy stops altogether.

How To Clear Your Chakras

If you feel that your chakras have been functioning below their optimum state, make sure that you immediately do something to remedy it – such as a Chakra Balancing. Chakras that are left unhealthy have a tendency to get worse over time, as more and more negative energy gets built up in the chakra’s body.

A Chakra balancing is a very good idea to clear up the blocks in your chakras. Usually, one sessions is all it takes to clear up the negative energy in your chakras.

Using crystals like quartz is a very simple remedy as well, though crystals and self-healing work well when the negative energies have just started to build up.

Remember that you only have one set of chakras. Just like the organs in your physical body, they need constant care, maintenance, and attention. Hence, you should take care of them as best as you can!

If you feel your chakras are unbalanced, then click here and fill out this form to schedule a Chakra Balancing. You’ll feel better immediately after the session!

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