How To Change Any Negative Energy Pattern

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In my last email I talk to about negative energy patterns. Hopefully you’ve read my last email no how to be able to indemnify some negative energy patterns in your own life! You can read that email by clicking here! 

If you haven’t read my last email, make sure to read it! The information in that email, along with the technique that I’ve included in this one, is going to change your life forever if you use the information that I teach you!

I can help you identify all of the negative energy patterns in your life, and I can also show you how to change them forever! Click here to let me help you!

How To Change A Negative Psychic Energy Pattern

Here is a powerful technique you can use to change a negative energy pattern in your life:

When you first use this technique, you may not see any changes right away, but little by little, with patience and persistence, your psychic energy patterns will start to change. 

The key is to be patient! and persistent with the technique below!

Soon you will have created new positive psychic energy patterns which will move you beyond your present situation, and place you on the path to success in that area of your life!

Learn how to change the negative energy patterns in your life now! Otherwise, they will become the weights that hold you back from accomplishing the things that you desire. Click here and let me help you!

4 Steps You Need To Follow To Change A Negative Energy Pattern

1. Identify what your negative energy patterns are

2. Close your eyes and imagine it changing to the way you want it to be. (For example, see yourself meeting the kind of person you want to have a relationship with. Imagine yourself making long term friendships with the types of friends you would like to have. See yourself losing the weight you want to lose, etc.)

3. Repeat this for 5 minutes everyday, at the same time, for one month.

4. Watch your life start to change!

You should start seeing results within the next 60 to 90 days, if not sooner!

I hope you found this helpful!

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    I’m changing my negative energy patterns starting today 🙂

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    Your guides once again have given us the message we needed to hear.

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