Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 11-01-18


The psychic energy today is about change…


Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report: psychic energy report

Today, there could be a sudden change in the process that you’ve been used to. You might need to be patient in order to cope with people. If you are involved in production, make sure that you double check everything to be safe and sure.

Review and modify processes according to the new standard. Make sure that you understand the new processes and ask questions for clarifications.

The best way to deal with today’s energy is to be open. It will be easier to accept the change and press forward when you’re open to it.


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  1. This reading hit the nail right on the head! I recently started working with a new company. I love my team but don’t love the way things are done at the company and its been a daily struggle. I know I need to stop fighting the change and be more open. So reading this reminds me that in order to maintain a positive mind set and allow good things to come I need to be open to the change and this transition will be much smoother! thank you so much! i really feel like the universe and my angel is talking to me and giving me clues to let me know that they are really listening to me. so many positive things are happening right now i feel like i’m reaching cloud nine!

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