Which Would You Choose – Today’s Free Psychic Quiz – by Tana Hoy

I created this free Psychic Quiz because I am always curious what people think about when it comes to being able to possess certain psychic powers! So I started to wonder “If you could develop one psychic power, which of the following would you choose?”

Free psychic quiz

Which Would You Choose?

Which Psychic Power Would You Choose?

Would you choose have the ability to:

A. The psychic power to touch a human and heal them instantly?


B. The psychic power to touch an animal and heal them instantly?

Something To Think About

We know that Man has done some great things throughout time, and Man has also been very cruel and evil.

Some people say that animals have an innocence that some humans don’t possess, or have lost as they grow up. They say that animals are always innocent, and that Man has a lot to learn from animals.

BEFORE answering this question, think about each of them and then decide: which would you choose AND how would you use it to benefit yourself, and others?

Please comment below and share your thoughts with everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my free psychic quiz!

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