Reincarnation 101: Choosing When and How To Come Back coming from the spirit world

A soul can always choose when and how to come back, to be reincarnated on earth, and to experience life as a human being again.

In many institutions of higher learning, a “101” is attached to the end of a subject name (example: History 101) to refer to an introductory course, which is definitive in scope. Taken in this sense, the title of this article Reincarnation 101:Choosing When and How To Come Back  will have as its focus, details on what reincarnation is truly about, and what it involves.


Reincarnation was Known to the Ancients Druids_celebrating_at_Stonehenge

The Ancient Celts were among the many societies and cultures from the past who strongly believed in reincarnation (image: reenactment of Druid celebration at Stonehenge via WikiCommons]

Reincarnation and past lives are not topics which have only sprung up in modern times.

They were topics known since ancient times, in different cultures, and acknowledged as a part of life in many belief systems all over the world.

There’s a theory about why reincarnation has achieved a good foothold in the minds of many people. It seems to be because people’s fear of death and dying is tied up with their fear of the unknown.

I discussed this specific concern in my article titled Is Death Only An Illusion?.

Here’s an excerpt:

Your soul is eternal. The real you never dies.

That’s why death is only an illusion.

You, the real you, which is your soul, doesn’t really die.

Only your human form dies.

The death that many people know of, that is not real.

The so-called “death” that happens is simply a transition; you move from this material plane of existence, to the real world, which is the Spirit World.

Do not believe the illusion that your life ends with death. It is only your human form and material life that ends.

Your soul goes on. There is life after death.

Your soul is eternal. The real you never dies.

Do you find the thought of the eternal quality of your soul comforting?

Do you believe in life after death?

If “yes”, do you know you can come back to this world even after death, again and again… by choice?


Why Would You Choose to Come Back to this World?


Many people often complain about their lives. They complain about their cheating partners, their boss, the quality of their health, the bills they have to pay, the rude salesclerk at one of the shops they frequent, politicians, and so on.

The number of things many people complain about is huge. The list is long.

It’s therefore sensible to wonder why in the world anyone would want to come back and go through life again?

But the thing is, it’s not just “anyone” who wants to live life again on earth. It’s a soul who wants to undergo a human experience again… and again… and again. And the reason is to learn lessons, which would help a soul progress spiritually. group of souls reincarnating

Souls learn the lessons they need as individual creatures. But, they earn best and fastest when they are with a group of other souls.

What Kinds of Lessons Need to be Learned?


There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to lessons to be learned by souls.Each soul learns at its own pace, and learns about truths that could help it the most.

For example, one soul may need to learn about speaking the truth, and removing all forms of deceptiveness from its life.

Another soul may need to learn the value of appreciating others sincerely, instead of simply paying lip service to their qualities.

And still another soul may need to learn about the importance of becoming detached from the material world.

Souls learn the lessons they need as individual creatures.

But, souls do not have to learn on their own. In fact, souls learn best and fastest when they are with a group of other souls. This is because every soul needs help from other souls, if they are to actualize lesson learning on earth.

Consequently, souls need to reincarnate and assume a physical body.


Why Do Souls Need to Learn Their Lessons On Earth?


The world is a huge classroom for souls who need to learn. But it is not only here on earth where souls can learn their lessons.

They can also do their learning in the Spirit World, of course. Simply conversing with Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters is already a wonderful education in itself!

Still, reincarnating into a new body, which lives a fresh existence, is important for the spiritual growth of a soul. It’s important because the challenges of living in a physical world can sometimes be overwhelming or demoralizing for a soul.

However, it is those same difficulties, which make for fertile learning. To use an analogy, a toddler learning to walk has to fall and experience standing up again, even if wobbly at first, in order to succeed at walking.

If its parents forever carry around the toddler to spare it from painful falls, the likelihood of the toddler learning to walk becomes small, or even non-existent.


Setting the Scenario and Choosing Your Reincarnated Life spirits helping in planning

Making a Soul Script entails planning under the guidance of spiritual mentors, also known as your Spirit Guides.

Assume you are a soul in the Spirit World planning, at this very moment, your next reincarnation. Your planning takes place under the guidance of spiritual mentors, also known as your Spirit Guides.

It’s not just you, though, and the Guides, who are involved in planning. Other souls are also consulted. Some souls you already know from a past life. Some souls are new to you.

Whatever lessons you need to learn will necessarily involve other souls and their own reincarnation. This is because no one becomes reincarnated as a grown-up right away. Every reincarnating soul re-enters the material world, or earth, as a baby.

Why does it have to be as a baby?


A Blank Slate to Start Writing On reincarnating spirit

No one becomes reincarnated as a grown-up right away. Every reincarnating soul re-enters the material world, or earth, as a baby.

Reincarnating souls start off as babies because of the nature of a baby – it has no biases or preconceived notions about anything.

It is a blank slate, which a soul can “write on”. Meaning, the baby can grow up in circumstances favorable to the learning of lessons by the soul.

For example, while in the Spirit World, a soul determines it needs to learn the lesson of being charitable.

Discussions are made among the other souls set to reincarnate, along with many Spirit Guides, who are helping these souls come up with their soul scripts.

Let’s assume two choices of a life to live are presented to a soul.

The first option allows the soul to be born as the youngest child into a comfortable, middle class family of 4 siblings, with parents who are attentive and responsible. Everyone in the family is in good health, and for the most part, everyone gets along well with each other. Aside from the occasional bickering among siblings, life in the household flows easily.

The second option allows the soul to be born as the eldest child into a low-income single parent family of soon-to-be 5 siblings, with the youngest child being hard to care for, because of a congenital health problem.

To effectively learn the lesson of charity, which family setting could the soul thrive in as a learner?

Would it be in the first family where things proceed in a routine way nearly everyday?

Or would it be in the second family,which is already faced with many challenges from the very start?

Of course, it would be the second family as the preferred option for having opportunities for cultivating spiritual growth.

A soul eager to learn will choose that family and reincarnate into a life that may be burdened with many hardships. Rising above those hardships, that is what the soul expects to be able to achieve. If not, well there will be other opportunities in other lifetimes, of course.

After all, a soul can always choose when and how to come back.

Everything related to planning takes place in the Spirit World. The actualization of the plans takes place on earth.

However, the success or failure of such kind of planning will only be successful if the Soul Script is followed. If not followed because of the excessive use of free will, then it’s back to the drawing board for the soul.

How about you? Would you like to learn more about what the most recent Soul Script you agreed to have for your current life entails? If yes, you can schedule a psychic reading with me by going to this page.

What did you think about this article? Let me know in the comments below.


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9 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Here’s a question. This is for anyone including Tana:
    In general, if you’re a psychic medium who mainly deals with the afterlife an a person requests mediumship ofa dea loved one, say 30 years after thy initially died, if that soul decided to reincarnate before a spirit reading hapened, how would they be able to communicate? Would it be via spirit guides or other means like part of their soul remains in the spirit realm?

    Also, this still doesn’t asnwer the amnesia question. Would it not be better that we had our previous memories which could aid us in learning these lessons or does the universe think “you know what? I’m going to take away your memories”? Even with the notion of starting fresh as babies:
    “Reincarnating souls start off as babies because of the nature of a baby – it has no biases or preconceived notions about anything. It is a blank slate, which a soul can “write on”. Meaning, the baby can grow up in circumstances favorable to the learning of lessons by the soul.”
    This is somewhat a contoversy between old and new experiences. Old experiences allow you to learn from past mistakes more effectively while new experiences teach you new things and new ways. Of course there’s a balancing act to be taken into consideration.
    For example, the senario where the souls needs to learn to be more charitable, in order to stay on track, it would likely be more effective for them to have kept their memories of what that life lesson was supposed to be. Where as being unbiased still holds it’s own advantages but probably nowhere near as effective.
    “the success or failure of such kind of planning will only be successful if the Soul Script is followed. If not followed because of the excessive use of free will, then it’s back to the drawing board for the soul.”
    This is what I mean, even with the inclusion of free wil and all, the only apparent contingency is another try, but during the lifetime in question, there is not at least something to keep you on track in an effective way. Sure you could ask your guides for help, if you are able to contact them and recieve their messages. However the other side is that it has to be “your” experience to learn “your” way. “your” choose your own path.
    But it’s not that though. If we wanted to know our path and wilingly want help from our mentors, why are we stripped of our psychic capabilities to do so? You could give me any reason, but I’ll then say “why?” “Why is it set like that?” You could say “Because of the negative energy” or any otehr reason. What dictates this in the first place? The universe itself? If it’s set by enlightened beings like the Elohim or angels, ascended masters. What gives them the the the right to do so if it’s down to “our” free will? of course in order to keep balance it would be under their duristiction or some such. I am going to stop there though before it turns into a rant which is not the purpose here. I understand and to some degree comprehend there are reasons which I cannot put into words but again, it’s still down to the “why.” I could go on into a deep arguement but on this subtopic, I’ll leave it at that.

    I’ll also bring up starseeds again as this is still relevant, especialy on soul topics. As you said Tana, you don’t just learn on earth, but it’s not just the spirit world either, though this is where my knowledge ends.
    In blunt terms, starseeds are like any other souls, only at one time were born as offworld beings, or in a general definition, aliens, however not necessarily in your typical fashion. The topic of extraterrestrials are somewhat distant from the general in spirituality but the topic of starseeds seems to remain rather popular within the spiritual and psychic communities. For months I had done an extensive amount of research on this where I found there was a wealth of information, but nothing really definitive on the subject but still remains a fascinating topic. However, in order to not digress, starseeds were essentially born, or rather reincarnated on other planets. Just google “starseeds” or “what is a starseed” and you’ll find all relevant information.

    Here’s the basic definition:
    “Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.”

    This is where it gets complicated. If a soul is catagorized as a starseeds, they had previously incarnated somewhere other than earth. The purpose being to either learn life lessons or fufill a predesignated mission or life purpose. The confusing part is generally, it’s stated that most of these offworld beings and their civilizations live in the 5th dimension or another realm outside the physical one. It’s said that only enlightened souls can reach the 5th dimension. One example being the Arcturians. Most of them apparently being ascended masters being involved with the Brotherhood of The All or Ashtar or whatever they deal with.

    Back to souls.
    As you can see, this can get very indepth. However the main point I was trying to get to was, if most of these starseeds came from the 5th dimension, there would be little reason for them to return to learn life lessons being that only enlightened beings can go to the 5th. Then again, this is debunked by Tana being I can only assume, not yet enlightened but has managed to reach far beyond that. The only explanation I have is that Tana is to some degree, modern day Jesus. Who knows? Could be a reincarnation. It would actually explain a lot. Jesus or no, I have no clue. #ChurchOfTana.

  2. Sam B says:

    I did this in a rush so apologies for the many spelling mistakes.

  3. Sam B says:

    In fact, this is just generally disorganised. I should have done a better job overall. Ah well.

  4. So if souls go back to the spirit world after a worldy death, and this soul is choosing to come back on earth as a human to learn spiritual lessons for the spiritual world ,why this soul not working with other souls in the spirit world already, why come back on earth to learn since souls grow faster working together ?

  5. Oriana says:

    I have a question. My father passed 3 years ago and I was very heartbroken. Now my mother has a new boyfriend and i never liked him. Never gave him a chance. Always mean to him and encouraged my sisters to do the same. Lately, Ive come to notice things in him similar to my dad. Hes very quite and dont talk much only in greetings. Ive found out he often goes to my dads grave (like wth?) He cooks a lot for my family. My dad does the same too. Hes always pushing and nagging us to come over every Sunday for family feast. We havent done that since our father passed. I hated him for pushing those things that reminded me of my dad and I wanted to shout and yelled at him like an angry teenager that hes not our dad and stop trying so hard to replace him. I know its not fair but now Im wondering…You think theres a chance my father’s soul mightve come back? I know rebirth happens only as a baby but i dont know. I guess i just missed him a lot.

  6. scott grazia says:

    No he’s not your dad.. however, maybe he’s genuine and he really cares. Give him a chance. Just be his friend as he’s trying to be yours. If he’s nice, treats you and everyone else with respect, then what else can you ask for.

  7. Shirley Moore says:

    I reincarnated because a soul I know in our true home asked me to reincarnate with him to help him through a difficult situation he would face near the end of his life. That soul was my husband. I was born exactly four months before him. We went to school together, and had been aware of each other throughout childhood.

    When I realized the reason why I reincarnated, it was an epiphany to me. I realized that epiphany was actually me remembering many things, which was shocking to say the least. Since that epiphany, I continue to remember things about myself before I came here. I don’t have answers to all my questions, but I have remembered so much.

  8. Curtis Adams says:

    Can a soul choose a time period to reincarnate to or does it always have to be a progression of time itself?

    I.E. could I choose to reincarnate to the 1850s?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Curtis, You’re soul will not reincarnate backwards and I believe you are referring to parallels time lines. But your soul strives to progress each lifetime, so you reincarnate in the future. If you want to visit the 1850,s or see what it was like then, I would recommend having a past life reading, or learning how to astral travel, so you can go back in time. If you are interested in a past life reading, or learning how to astral travel back in time, contact my office at 614-444-6334. I can do a past life reading for you, and/or teach you how to astral travel. Thanks for the question!

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