How To Hear Your Spirit Guides Talk To You – by Tana Hoy

You may not be aware of it, but you have companions in the spirit realm who are around you at this very moment. From the moment you were born, your own band of spirit guides have been with you.

how to hear your spirit guides

Spirit Guides

Everyone has a spirit guide who has been with him or her before they were born, and this guide will stay with them for the rest of their life, along with other guides that come and go. Some of these “non-permanent” guides stay for a certain period, such as during your childhood, while others are present for either shorter or longer durations, like when you are learning a new skill.

What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides, as the name suggests, are spirits whose primary duty is to give guidance. Spirit Guides once lived in a human form, and through many reincarnations, they reached the point where they no longer needed to be reborn in a physical body. So they then go on to work as Spirit Guides with those of us still living on the earth..

How Your Spirit Guides Help You

Spirit guides use many methods to provide guidance, including sending you signs, in your dreams, or your gut feelings. But one of the most fascinating ways to receive guidance is to when you understand how to hear your spirit guides. In order to do this, you need to awaken your psychic ability and learn how to develop your psychic hearing – this ability is called clairaudience.

What Is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear sounds in the spirit realm. Literally translated as “clear hearing,” clairaudient individuals can hear voices, songs, music, and other sounds that are not of “this world.” This means if you are clairaudient, you can hear the voices of angels, spirit guides, and other invisible beings.

Everyone was born with psychic hearing. However, unlike your physical ears that were “ready-to-use” when you were born, your psychic ears need to be “awakened” and “developed.” But if you’ve ever heard voices that no one else heard, or you turned because “you thought someone called your name,” then it was because you were hearing spirit voices with your psychic ears. It was your spirit guides talking to you.

Examples Of Clairaudience

By developing your clairaudience, you will be able to listen to the voices of your spirit guides In fact, you may have already heard them speak to you, although you may not have been aware of it at the time.

Here are some expample of psychic hearing:

• Hearing a voice inside your head that you know isn’t your own
• Having heard a clear audible warning that didn’t come from anyone around you
• Hearing someone call out to you when no one else is around
• Hearing conversations or music playing while you are drifting in and out of sleep

How To Develop Your Psychic Hearing

While everyone has the innate ability to hear sounds in the spirit realm, it takes practice to be able to listen at will. Development differs from person-to-person, and some people will naturally develop it faster than others. To develop your own clairaudient ability, you can start by doing the following things each day:

Spend some quiet time every day

You need to clear your mind of the sounds of everyday life, including vehicles, radio and television, people talking, machinery, etc. Spend some time in complete silence, or listen to the sound of a fountain, or the breeze in a quiet garden. This will help to attune your ears to other sounds.

Learn to become more aware

Ambient noise is so common that we hardly notice it anymore. But when you’re learning to develop your clairaudience, you need to be aware of these physical sounds. For instance, while you’re eating out, practise separating the sounds of pattering feet , the tinkering of utensils, and the whispered voices of other people eating. This will fine tune your psychic ears to hear sou nds most people don’t pay attention to.

Learn to become more sensitive

As you practice being aware of sounds around you, you will learn to distinguish sounds that are not of the physical realm. This includes the conversation you’re having inside your head, those sounds when you’re half-asleep, and even the tone or message that jumps out as you’re reading. Soon you will find that you start naturally hearing voices others can’t hear!

With constant practice and discipline, you will learn to be in tune to the sounds of the spirit realm, and this increasing psychic sensitivity will open up the way for you to hear your spirit guides more clearly.

6 Responses

  1. Psychic Chris says:

    this is actually working….however im having difficulty picking up what the spirits are trying to say. Most of the time its a mumbling enigma and i have to decrypt it to the best of my ability….however when in meditation especially at night it seems to work stronger than during the day.

  2. Brenda says:

    what I’m experiencing is answers coming to me in my mind to questions I’m asking the universe or being addressed to my spirit guides. The answers come so fast I hardly have time to ask the question. I know the voice isn’t mine. The answers aren’t mine. Am I just hearing what I want to hear, or am I hearing communication from my guide(s)?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Sounds like as close a connection as one can get. The only way I would know for sure would be to have a reading together so I can tune in and know 100% for sure. But sounds like you are hearing them from what you described.

  3. Sheri Weber says:

    My husband passed away 14 months ago as of 2-13-17. Quite often I have a ringing in one ear or the other along with a feeling that my husband is in my presents. Am I correct in the feeling that this could be my husband coming to spend time with me. I did hear his voice plain as day the night prior to his service, It said exactly this ” I am so sorry “. My husband had a very unmistakable deep voice and I KNOW that it was him. He passed unexpected and I pray every day to go be with him.
    I have an EVP recorder, and I do get exact answers to questions I ask him through it. I have always been more sensitive to the spirit world I do believe but am I just making myself believe that this ringing and the feelings are him, or could it be his way to let me know that YES I am really feeling this.
    Prior to his death, we had our home cleansed, due to experiences with not so nice spirits. I was actually thrown up my stairs and broke 2 vertebra. This happened on November 12th into the 13th in the middle of the night. During that same time, as I would be drifting off, my husband would tell me I would be having full conversations with no one. He said it was like I was asking and answering questions with someone.
    Directly prior to my husband passing he was doing the same thing as I did, speaking to someone while he was falling asleep. He passed on December 12th into the 13th in the same time span, I found him deceased in the morning. I know he was still alive at 4;30 am, but found him at 9;15am after he passed.
    I do feel the difference between when I feel bad energy and when I believe I am feeling him.
    Can I actually learn to listen closer for him. I do hear growls and mumbled voices at times and I know that is not him. When I feel him, I don’t feel the fear like the other times I hear the disturbing noises.
    Please help me understand what I am feeling and is it possible I have the ability to learn how to channel my experiences to become more intuitive. Since I was a child I have felt more then most.
    Thank you Sheri


  4. Tracy says:

    I don’t hear them in my head, i can hear them next to me. Its like they are miles away but beside me. sometimes a only can make out a few words but sometimes i will get a full sentences like”Its ur auld granda”. And songs word for word. When i hear voices in my head its usually negative ones telling me negative things. Took me years and years (hard times) to know the difference.

  5. kat says:

    I’ve been going through a lot recently and have always felt connected to something helping me. Tonight I asked my spirit guides to allow me to speak what they want me to know and to give me clarity. i closed my eyes and relaxed my mind and i was whispering tons to myself, it just spilled out of me. I was crying a little with my eyes closed. It felt so unlike anything i’ve ever experienced, calm and safe. Was I telling myself what I wanted to hear for comfort, or was it them?

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