Clairaudient Powers: How To Improve Them In Ten Minutes

Clairaudients can hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear.

The voice in your head might be on to something important. Instead of simply talking to yourself, you might actually be clairaudient.

Throughout history, a number of clairaudients – people who can hear the psychic voices of guides, angels, and other invisible beings have changed the course of the world.

Most people who have been gifted with clairaudience talk about being able to hear the voices of godlike or divine beings. They talk about how these divine beings are able to give them instructions or information, which gives them the power to accomplish unbelievable tasks.

In the past, there were clairaudients who overturned the tides of war. Some left cultural legacies so precious and vast that these traditions are still cherished around the world today.

However great the contributions of the clairaudients gave to the world, clairaudience still remains as one of the lesser known psychic abilities, even to this day.

In a few moments, I will share with you some of the mysteries surrounding clairaudience, which were passed from one psychic master to another, throughout the millennia. I will share with you, hidden information, which can help you harness your own clairaudient powers and bring wonderful changes to your own life.


The Truth About Clairaudience 


A lot of people have the gift of clairaudience.

Clairaudience falls under a group of psychic abilities, which include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. It hails from the French word “clair” and “audience”, which means “ hearing”.

Therefore, the word translates to mean “clear hearing”.

It’s an intuitive ability, which can be experienced at any moment of your life, starting from birth – until you take your last breath.

Have you ever seen a baby conversing or interacting with no one?  Other people might brush it off as a regular childhood experience but there are babies who have been known to utter new words or phrases they’ve never uttered before, while in the presence of these invisible beings.

People who spend time in moments of continuous silence, such as in the library or meditation also report hearing words or sounds with no explainable source. Yet the information they receive from what they hear, checks out, or can be validated by future events.

One client of mine, Leslie, was diagnosed with a reproductive problem at a very early age. She consulted handful of specialists throughout her life and was told the same thing over and over again – “You won’t be able to bear children.”

So, she went on about her life believing that she wouldn’t get pregnant. Eventually, she got married to a childhood friend who knew all about her reproductive troubles, so they were considering adoption.

One morning, as she was stepping out of the house for work, a voice – clear as if from a person standing right next to her – said, “You’re pregnant and it’s a girl.” Leslie was shaken! So shaken, she went straight to the pharmacy and purchased a pregnancy kit.

It turned out positive. voice

The voice that claiaudients hear is usually gentle and compassionate and gives useful information.

A few months after, they discovered the gender of the baby was a girl.

She couldn’t explain what happened! Her doctors couldn’t explain what happened! Nobody who knew her could offer an explanation.

The “voice”, as Leslie called her invisible informant, would pop up every now and then to give her important bits of information or advice. She knew well enough to keep the magical information to heart and follow its instructions because it had never failed her yet.

Her case is a demonstration of what clairaudience truly is. It’s the ability to hear clearly those in Spirit, either externally or internally.

You can hear the voices of these spiritual beings within your environment or within your own mind.

When a Spirit talks to you externally, you will hear them as if you were talking to an actual person. When a Spirit tells you something internally, you will hear it like a voice inside your head.

In fact, you might not be aware that you’re clairaudient. Ask yourself, how many times have you heard a sound or a voice but paid no attention to it?

You might be missing out on a world of very useful information!


Recognizing The Voice Of The Spirits


Most clairaudients are totally unaware that they’re already using their abilities, and that spirits are actually giving them information on a regular basis.

To help clairaudients use their gifts better, I put together a guide on how to recognize spirit voices.

The first thing you should remember is that spirit voices are gentle and compassionate. Their voices are more rational and logical, even more than your own way of thinking.

Spirits also want to have a true dialogue with you. They want to be able to give you answers to your questions, as well as give you feedback on your thoughts and actions.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that spirit would never try to get you in trouble or suggest harmful behavior. They wouldn’t stop you from working out a solution on your own or from being productive.


Improving Your Clairaudience In 10 Minutes


Clairaudience is an innate psychic ability, meaning all humans have this gift. It’s just a matter of channeling it and improving your skills.

Would you believe that with a few minutes each day, you can develop powerful clairaudient skills and maximize the benefits of this psychic gift?

Let me show you this quick and easy meditation technique that will open your psychic ears so you can hear the voices from other realms.

  1. Make it your intention to increase your psychic hearing. You can state it aloud before you start your meditation to keep you focused on your goal.
  2. Sit comfortably.
  3. Close your eyes and feel your entire body relax.
  4. Quiet your mind and let your hearing become your dominant sense.
  5. Slowly concentrate on the sounds you don’t usually focus on. Some examples of these sounds are your own breathing, the gentle trickling of water, or the humming on an electric appliance.
  6. While listening, breathe in and out gently. You will gradually notice that these small sounds will eventually get louder, until you begin to hear sounds that are not from your immediate environment.


This 10-minute exercise has helped many of my clients develop and embrace their clairaudience. You too, can start using this same exercise to receive invaluable help and a wealth of information.


Clues And Cues Of Having Clairaudience


Being aware of the signs of having clairaudience will help you understand some of the experiences you’ve been going through. I listed some of the most common clairaudient clues below: advice

A cue that you have clairaudience is people always come to seek your sound advice.

People rely on your advice 

You give profound advice and everyone comes to you to get sound advice. People feel comfortable telling you about their secrets because you’re able to console and reassure them during their time of need.

Spontaneous inspiration

You suddenly have ideas or inspiration come to you while you’re doing daily tasks, like showering or driving. These ideas usually come in complete detail and are the perfect solution to tasks or problems that you need to overcome.

Hypersensitive or unusual hearing 

A lot of people with clairaudience experience ringing or buzzing in their ears. You can also hear creaking noises, footsteps, or knockings – even if there is no apparent source for these kinds of sounds.

If you’ve been experiencing these things, then the clairaudient meditation technique I noted above will be very beneficial.

Some clairaudients who are just starting to explore their psychic abilities have some difficulties in understanding messages or the things they hear. Remember, this is normal and you will get better in using your clairaudience in time and with training.

I help many of my clients understand the deeper meanings of their psychic messages. If you need help decoding the sounds and the voices you’ve been hearing, I can provide guidance and information, and reveal to you the deeper meanings found in these messages, which beginners often miss.

So, let’s talk!

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