Clairaudient – Hearing Voices From The Spirit World

Clairaudient. It's a term you may have heard, but you may not be sure what it means. So what does it mean to be clairaudient?

Clairaudient comes from the french word meaning "clear hearing". A person who has this psychic ability developed has the ability to hear voices from the spirit realms.


Hearing Spirit Voices

A Clairaudience Definition

The way I can describe clairaudience is to think of it as hearing voices as clearly as if someone is standing in front of you, but no one else can hear those voices. The voices you are hearing are the voices, of Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Master, Fairies, Elves, and Loved Ones on the other side.

I Met An Angel The Other Day

I was born with the gift of clairaudience, so I have been able to hear these voices as long as I can remember. Just the other day, when I arrived at my home, I was walking down the hallway in my and I heard a voice say "Hey Tana!" When I turned around, I thought it was my partner, but he was not in the house. Then I looked again, and a beautiful angel was standing there in front of me!

Then me and the angel talked for awhile, and then she disappeared. She said she had come to tell me that more and more angels are going to make themselves known on the earth.

I was so happy she came to visit me, and I told her to stop by anytime she wanted, because she was always welcome! Her name was Arisiella! What a beautiful, angelic name!

Now that you have a definition of clairaudience, their are clairaudience signs to look for to know if you also have this ability.

Signs Of Clairaudience

Here are some common signs that you are clairaudient:

- Hearing voices others cannot hear - either as your inner voice, or an external one
- Having heard a loud warning sign that came outside of yourself
- As you are drifting in and out of sleep,, hearing voices talk to you
- Hearing an inner voice that talks different than you do
- Being alone and hearing someone call your name
- Hearing the "voices" of animals when you are near them

If you have experienced any of the above signs, you are definitely clairaudient, or you have this ability and can learn to develop it more. Not everyone has this ability, although most people can learn to develop it!

The best way to develop it is to start "listening" with your inner ears. Pay close attention to the "voices inside your head" and write down the messages you receive. As you do this more and more, you will eventually start hearing voices outside of yourself! When this happened, it is an exciting experience!

Please share with me in the comment section below, any clairaudience experiences you may have had, or simply share your thoughts with me!

If you would like to learn the messages your guides and angles have for you, I can use my clairaudient ability during a psychic reading, and tell you the messages from your guides and angels.

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  1. Marja-Liisa says:

    Hi Tana again!

    I forget to ask something, my beloved man who I love so much, he dont have any smell…or I dont smell him at all, even he is with me???…why so? My twinsoul.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Hmmm.. I can hear the voices of animals fairly clear but I don’t hear anything else you mentioned…

  3. Aisha says:

    I hear voices normally my angels all the time. I do hear someone call my name when I may be all alone or even if I am out somewhere. I will pay closer attention

  4. Laura Wilson says:

    Approximately 20 years ago and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking into the kitchen to make coffee…..and then right behind my ear as if it was in the bone….I heard a voice say “Things will be better soon” that voice was not male or female but most definitely I heard it and did not imagine words in my head. It was loud enough and very clearly stated. and I could feel the vibration behind my ear. What was that? and yes I was not at all happy at the time but I don’t imagine voices. Within I would say 2 weeks I was in Denver Colorado and indeed things were much better. This has never happened again. I’m not sure who or why but I’ve always wanted to thank them for giving me a sense of hope at that time. Is there anyway that I can learn to hear them?

  5. Psychic Chris says:

    just starting to develop these abilitys – who needs a ouija board anymore. Im hoping what that voice told me during trance meditation Thursday Morning comes true.

  6. stacie says:

    Many times I had woke up hearing my husband clear as day talking about “I’m about to call the wife” or talk at work about something. Then I wake up to his call. I ask him if he said what I heard before he called and I’m always right. He told his friends and it is crazy to us, it always happens before I wake up.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Very interesting. You have strongly developed clairaudient ability. If you want to learn to develop it more, let me know, because I have a private one-on-one psychic training program where I could teach you to develop this even more, and all of your other psychic gifts. Thanks for sharing that Stacie 🙂

  7. Denise McCormack says:

    my brother died on 10/16/2015
    the very next day he spoke to me in my mind i though i was losing my mind from the saddness i was feeling from is death.I have always seemed wiser than i should be.He and i were very very close all our lives he had dreams or primanitions i guess you would call them when he was alive.I didnt even know there was a name for this.I only hear him and someone named Roy.My brother is always telling me hes fine and at peace and that hes never gonna leave me and when im really upset he becomes really clear.I have his ashes here at my house and when i stand near them hes really loud and clear.I have another brother and he told me he has seen him in a couple of dreams sence his death.But he has not talked to anyone else but me.He told me it was my gift for believing.I miss him so bad i cry a lot by myself and he says for me to stop that im am strong.Am i losing my mind. Denise

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Seems like you two had a beautiful connection. Here, and while he is on the Other Side too. Thanks for sharing your story with me.

  8. Kathleen says:

    My dominant clair is clairaudient. I have a high pitched tone in my ears almost all of the time. Sounds like a dog whistle. I hear them externally as if someone is in front of me and voices are also mixed in with the noise in my ears at times. I can see them to an extent. Not well enough to describe them in detail. Although I have had few instances where I was able too. Amazing. They attract to me like magnets. I asked someone a question the other day, and her husband that had passed answered it before she could. I just smiled. He Told me thank you for visiting his wife as she was lonely and he hugged me. He now comes to me if there is something wrong concerning her. Its what my gifts are for. Spirit guides have gave warning of negative energy and to be very careful. I would like to work on advancing my Clairs but I’m hesitant because of the warning.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Just make sure you have a good mentor to work with! That is important! Also, if you desire to develop this further, I’d love to work with you privately in my one-on-one 6 week psychic development certification course. You can get more details about this by contacting my office directly.

  9. Angelee says:

    I can hear voices in my head some are my spirit guides. They are always nice and they try to protect me but I had had voices that wasn’t bad but wasn’t good. My guides a trying to teach me how to no when it’s them talking to me. I’m afraid of bring bad things to. I can talk to people that is dead just like talking to a real person all I have to do is think about who I want to talk to. But I’m afraid this has only been going on about a year I just got my abilities. I really don’t no everything I can do. I see spirits like lookin at a picture and I can see them like a real person.

  10. dani says:

    how do u know if it’s real or imaginary

  11. Ross Joseph Cooper says:

    I am 58 years old. My entire family has passed away. I have no children, never married. I live in my childhood home, I hear my family spirits all the time. Even at work, some refer to them selves as Angel’s I sing to them and visa versa. Sometimes it can be a burden, I pray alot to the deceased and living relatives they often thank me for my prayer’s.

  12. Michele says:

    Often I people talking wake me up from sleep, I cannot make out what they are saying. Last night, I was up temporarily to sip water when I suddenly heard someone weeping. I seriously thought it was my youngest son and hurried to his room. It was not anyone. I wonder if you can tell me why a spirit would be crying, should I pray for them? PS I often hear someone saying mom or mommy. I also hear someone whistling occasionally. I’ve never heard crying. Thank you.

  13. Anutejaswy says:

    I have heard the voice of angel 1 year ago saying that I will be paid of for my hard work and will get married . I have seen the vision as well

  14. Dawn says:

    I was at work down in the basement of the building when I clearly heard my dad call my name , he is still living but I have not seen him in years. His voice was as so clear. I have also had dead relatives come to me in my dreams warning me of something that is about to happen in the family.

  15. Jess says:

    I’m actually researching for my boyfriend who has had two recent events of what I believe to be clairaudience and trance channeling. This all started after his first tarot card reading that I talked him into going too. One of the events was him hearing me saying I’ll be OK but he also heard a voice communicating with me that he couldn’t make out he said he didn’t think he was sleeping because he was slightly aware at this time but wasn’t really awake either. Later that night before telling me what he heard, we met up for a date night dinner and he got in my car and I was playing a song that I had just found and it was called I’ll be OK, and just before he got there I was singing with the song and I was dealing with some extreme emotions in regards to our relationship because time and distance is an issue for us. When he got in the car I played the song again and told him how it made me feel so he listened to it because he is big into music and he broke down a bit and I was confused at first till he told me what he had heard and how he was needing to feel close to me at that time when hearing it. I personally have abilities of my own and have the ability to feel energy above the normal frequency. So I’m hoping I’m on the right path with my research for helping him understand why these events keep happening to him and he is interested in hearing again. Although I think at times he is a little nervous about wanting to dig deeper, because he was what I call a hardheaded skeptic at one time. He has opened up a lot with his beliefs and allowing himself to feel more including energy frequencies.

  16. Heather Gilreath says:

    Yesterday, I woke up around 2 or 3 am and heard a man voice say my name very loudly and no one was around. I couldn’t move for a few seconds as I was scared to death. I couldn’t imagine who in the world it could be. Now my house is haunted but I have never heard a voice before. My best friend past away last month but it wasn’t his voice. The voice sounded like He was scolding at me like I was doing something that he didn’t like. I’m terrified now that I will hear it again.

  17. Grace says:

    I sometimes hear someone calling me when Im just about to fall asleep but I sometimes also hear 3 knocks … I also tend to get like gut feelings and I really do follow my gut that generally leads to me knowing things before they are even said or done or saving me from very complicated situations I really dont know if all this is in my mind …

  18. Missy says:

    I had something strange happen after i woke uo around 3am. I tried to go back to sleep and as I started drifting off i heard a loud screeching that almost woke me then my husband was at my bed (we are having problems and may be seperating) I was pretending to sleep and he was standing over me cursing me and telling me to wake up. I ignored him but finally yelled out leave me alone. I looked over and he was fast asleep. I layed back down and was very scared. Again i started falling asleep and heard voices so faint i couldn’t make out what they were saying at first. I was very scared and looked up to see two dark figures i heard them whispering she will be asleep soon. I built up the courage to sit up and scream leave me alone! I looked at the clock and it wad 444 am. I haven’t had many paranormal experiences but i do have a few stories but nothing like this. I was scared and im not sure what to make of this.

  19. I do this all day everyday without even trying. I have many spirits that follow me around.

  20. Rob says:

    Recently, twice within minutes, I heard a voice call my name. The first calling woke me from my sleep. The second time I realised it was not a figment of my imagination. I responded by asking “What do you want?” There was no response unfortunately, which is why I’d like to know the significance of this. Can you help?

  21. Brianne says:

    I remember when i was in the woods very far in i heard an old man say my name then shortly after the voice said “dont look back”, i didnt respond because i wasnt sure what it meant but i was very creeped out about it. I hear my name every time when i go into those woods.

    always thinking of how should i respond.

  22. Nikki says:

    Is it possible to hear a voice that sounds like talking but doesn’t seem to be forming any words that you can understand? When I am alone (this only happens at home and in the same room) I have heard a woman’s laughter, always the same way, followed by what sounds like her speaking a sentence but no matter how loud it is, I can’t make out the words which sounds odd but is true. It has all the ups and downs of a voice speaking but no words forming. I have also heard a female voice humming a tune which sounds almost gospel like but quite honestly sounded beautiful and – I have no idea what the tune was. Also, the odd little sighs and cries. My name is never called but I just hear these sounds…there is no one in the flat above me (it’s been vacant for a while since the previous tenant, an old woman, passed away). It’s hard to tell where they are coming from – they are in various spots, sometimes sounding close, sometimes further away and mostly at night. The other day I was washing dishes and I started to hum a tune which then became a song that I was singing with words which went on for 5 minutes whilst I was doing other things. Again, I didn’t know the song or tune, I was just singing it but with such conviction and it sounded almost gospel/hymn like. I felt compelled to write some of the words down i.e. ‘Come on, come on, just you….’ and ‘we’ve got to find a way’ etc. This sounds pretty crazy but all true and a bit scary as it’s not something that has ever happened to me i.e. I don’t just sing random songs to myself for no reason. What could this all mean? Is this a spirit message?

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth I’m very Spiritual I grew up going to Church with my Dad on Sundays in my 20′ I started to hear Spirit Voices of an Angel ‘My Guardian Angel’ ArchAngel Michael’ he speaks to me all the time, he Counsels me and comforts me too! he is so kind such an Amazing Angel i Love him dearly Just as much as I Love Jesus. i am grateful to be given the ability to her Angelic Voices I even hear My Mother Lydia and My Father Pedro they passed away My Father passed away December 2018, as me and my sister left from the Funeral Home I heard My Father Pedro speak to me to me being able to hear Angels speak it’s not a curse it’s a Blessing a Beautiful Feeling that let’s us know that we are not alone but Loved. we have a Amazing Angel that Care’s and Love’s us very much so don’t be scared if you hear a Angel speak to you

  24. Rachel says:

    I woke up to a little girl voice saying Mommy! I’ve always heard and seen things since I was a child that nobody else around me could hear or see. I’m wondering why this little kid or spirit is trying to communicate with me an what does it mean? My husband thinks I’m crazy

  25. Susan Cheney says:

    I can hear a male voice basically all day. He told me he is my spirit guide and he is a very famous person from the 15th century. He says things that are very true and he can recall many historical facts.

  26. Elise kellett says:

    My husband passed away in 2016, since then I have had letters from him continuously giving me help and advice I now have a full book with all of his letters, which are a great comfort to me ,to be clairaudient is a gift ,which to me is a joy, he did tell me not to open up to other voices from people that I don’t know,
    I have been able to write all of them down over almost three years,for which I am most grateful, ,they are a great comfort to me ,

  27. Gabriela says:

    I have always been hearing people around the house, like steps walking down the hallway. Most were very short, meaningless (to say so) episodes. It happens in random places.
    Over the past 1-2 years I have been hearing a lot more. I hear my name clearly being called, it happened couple times while I was at my sister’s place, and even when I am out in the city, despite nobody actually calling my name.
    Recently, I have heard clearly and loudly heard a woman’s voice calling my name as if the voice was “planted” in my head. I never respond to these calls and tend to only respond whenever my name is called after I make sure an actual person called my name, since I feel safer. Now, I heard my boyfriend’s voice calling me twice. It was clear as day, he was in the house with me, one time watching something in the living room and I heard him calling my name as I was walking out of the bathroom, he didn’t do it. Another time, also while walking out of the bathroom I heard him calling my name very loudly and clearly even though he was asleep in our bedroom.
    Last night, also when I was in the bathroom and he was asleep in our bedroom I heard his steps (you know how people just have a certain way of walking and each person’s steps are different) walking towards the bathroom and stopping by the door. I got out of the bathroom expecting to see him by the door, yet he was asleep in bed. This freaked me out because I clearly heard his bare feet on the floor, and as he stopped right outside the bathroom.

  28. Brie says:

    I often hear voices as I fall asleep. Sometimes it is very loud in my ear and most time it is only one or two words. I also often wake up at 11:11pm and 1:11am. I see numbers everywhere. For two weeks I would see 111, 555, and 1234 several times a day. After the two weeks my son told me him and is gf were expecting.

  29. Diane Morales says:

    I hear someone call my name quiet a bit, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I hear breathing in my closet at night. Early this morning I heard someone crying, but no one was around…. I don’t understand what’s going on. I feel like I’m going crazy.

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