Clairvoyance And Second Sight

As a psychic, clairvoyance is a gift I use often during my psychic readings. I found this to be an interesting video.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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  1. shawn travis mcnabb says:

    the only thing i can relate to this is when i had the strongest psychic connection ive ever experienced. it was with my friend wendy. and it was just almost a burning where the third eye is said to be. and an odd pressure almost? not sure how to word it. but in those moments, she could feel everything i was experiencing. my physical pain. my sorrow. my stress from work, everything people had said to me regarding my injury, etc. it was like she was me. she understood everything through my eyes. it was INSANE. and she started crying, so upset at everything i was dealing with, and i had to tell her no i’m fine–i’ll be fine! don’t worry about me!!! anyway, i am surprised no one has commented on this post

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