Coloring –What It Can Tell You About Your Chakras


What is it about coloring that is making adults pick coloring books and art pencils over their gadgets and hanging out at the club? You may have heard that coloring various geometric patterns, animal designs, and landscapes can provide relief from stress, and an escape into solitude.

If someone told you adult coloring books can tell you something about your chakras, would you think it’s true? coloring_and_chakras1

Coloring books will not only provide you stress relief but can also tell you the state of your chakras.

What’s astonishing is the act of coloring can also determine whether or not your chakras are balanced. You will be surprised to know how the colors you use can reveal the state of your chakras, which are the energy centers in your body.

Your seven chakra centers play a huge role in keeping your energy levels healthy and are located along your spine. Your chakras start at the very bottom of your spine, or the Root Chakra, and go all the way up to the tip of your head, to what is known as the Crown Chakra.

When the seven chakras are aligned with one another, they function optimally and work together to ensure that your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing is maintained.

The colors of your chakras follow the traditional seven colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. However, some of these colors may vary according to the current state of your chakras. The colors also change when your chakras are damaged by unhealthy living conditions or lifestyle choices.


A Coloring Technique For Checking Your Chakras


Working with colors is a great way to know more about the condition of your chakras. Coloring can help you determine whether something in your chakras needs to be fixed so that you will have a smoother flow of energy in your chakras.

The following exercise can help you check your chakras:

The first thing to do is get yourself a coloring book, and some colored pencils or crayons.

Then, imagine your body is radiating a bright white light that is flowing naturally around you.

Feel its warmth as the energy flows around your body. Feel it flowing all around your limbs, especially your hands and fingers.

Imagine this energy surrounding your hands and fingers, and imagine it being a bit brighter than the energy around your body. Doing this infuses your hands with the proper energy needed for this exercise.

You should then imagine spreading this light around your colored pencils and coloring book.

You may also want to create a mantra while doing this. For instance, you can say, “These materials will help me become healthier.” or, “These materials will help me improve myself.”

The next step is the easiest, and that is to color away.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you a few minutes or a few hours. You can be clean or messy, and you can even choose not to finish coloring the entire page. What matters is that you do this step in a way that feels very natural to you.

When you have finished coloring, slowly release the bright light around your body. This feeling should be like releasing steam from a boiling kettle. Doing this will also help your chakras release the energy you used in this exercise.

Now, take a few deep breaths, as this helps positive energy in your body flow easier.


Interpreting Your Coloring


Interpreting your creation is in two steps. The first step is to find out the way you colored the page, as this can help determine a few things. To interpret your creation, consider the following:

  • Feeling: The first, and perhaps most important, is what you are feeling while doing the activity. If you are feeling some sort of physical release, then you may be physically tired or overworking yourself.

If there are moments that your head hurts your mind may be overloaded with stress because you can’t focus or concentrate.

There might be an emotional issue if you are feeling sad or depressed for no reason while coloring.

If you are happy or energetic, then something good is happening or you’re feeling extra positive.

This phase is important as it reveals the way others may see you since these are sets of behaviors or feelings that you unconsciously release to everyone. 

  • Time: How much time did it take you to do the artwork? If there’s a feeling of unrest attached to the activity, then this is a good sign that you should take a break from things that stress you.

One way of interpreting your coloring is through the strokes. Strokes can be inconsistent or follow a pattern and these things can indicate something about your personality.


If you took your time, then this means you are in a place where rushing things is not needed.

  • Strokes: Are the strokes inconsistent, or are you following a pattern? If you unconsciously follow a certain stroking pattern, this may indicate that you prefer order over change. This is a good thing if you have a knack for organizing, but this is not good if you react negatively to change.

If you unconsciously stroke the way you like to, even if you miss from time to time, then you may be carefree and happy-go-lucky.

  • Completion: If you finished coloring the page, then you have an attitude of finishing things that you started. This can be a good thing, but this can also be a sign that you have trouble resting because you want to do things immediately. This kind of pressure can be bad for your well-being. If you left a few spaces for the sake of aesthetics, or if you simply didn’t want to finish it, then you may have a trouble with closure. Regardless, this can also be a sign, showing you can accept that not everything in the universe has answers.

The signs noted above don’t necessarily relate to specific unbalanced chakras, because the condition of one chakra can negatively or positively affect its neighboring chakra centers.

This means every condition in the human body can have an initial positive and negative response when it comes to our wellbeing. However, other signs should also be noticed, especially with the way you colored the pages.

  • The “Right” Way: If you colored the pages the way they “should be colored”, then this means you have a very grounded personality.

However, this can also be an indication that you have trouble expressing your creativity and imagination.

This might be a problem for expressive and emotional chakras such as the Throat and the Heart.

  • “Any” Way: If you colored the pages the way you wanted to, regardless if they are “right” or “wrong”, then you have no trouble expressing your creative side.

However, this can be a hindrance when it comes to grounding yourself to reality. This means you may have a hard time being more practical and objective, as you are born to express yourself freely.

This may also indicate that issues with the Root, Sacral, and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

  • Warm Colors: An abundance of warm colors is a sign of one’s dependence on creativity and raw energy. This is good for artists or those in the business of expressing themselves through various means, such as journalism or customer service. This indicates that you are passionate about things, and rely on your emotions.

While this can indicate very healthy emotional chakras, there might be potential problems if you’re overworking your chakras.

  • Cold Colors: An abundance of cold colors is a sign of one’s dependence on hard logic and objectivity. This is good for those in the business of practical solutions, such as programming, marketing and production. This indicates that you know how and why certain data is used.

While this can indicate very healthy chakras that rely on being grounded, this can also hamper the natural flow of your emotional chakras.

Since chakras are represented by colors, then it stands to reason that they can be placed in a seven-portion color wheel. You can easily find an example of a color wheel online. This following step is important for more intricate assessments by a professional psychic.

In the chart below, you can ignore the “Primary,” “Secondary” and “Tertiary” markers, as artists mostly use these. Some color wheels also tend to have more than seven “shades” or color. Coloring and chakras3

A color wheel can be used by psychics to interpret your chakras better.


On a psychic level, this helps a psychic interpret your chakras better as the colors of your energy center do not stick to one shade.

  • Complements: An abundance of one shade of color means a certain dependence on this chakra. You can read the above article on chakras to read more on specific chakras and the colors assigned to them.

However, if you chose a specific color for no reason, then chances are this is the chakra you are using the most.

If you look at the color wheel, the color opposite your abundant color may more or less be an unbalanced chakra. For example, a reliance on orange (the Solar Plexus Chakra) means the color blue is neglected (the Throat Chakra) since it is found opposite the color orange.

  • Analogous/Supplements: Remember your abundant “shade”? If you look at the two colors beside it (to the left, and to the right), these are called their “supplements.” These are colors that work best when blended with this color.

When talking about chakras, these are chakras that work best with your most active chakra. When talking about complements, then the two colors besides your active chakra’s complement may indicate other unbalanced chakras as well.

  • Neutral Colors: Neutral shades such as white, black, and grey means you are not particularly overusing or underusing your chakras. This can be a good thing as they are not overloaded, but this can be a bad sign for certain aspects of your life.

 A particular reliance on neutral colors is a sign of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual turmoil. It doesn’t have to be “too big” a turmoil to be resolved, but these are signs of repressed problems that do not help you activate your chakras properly.

Of course, it will be helpful to remember that this is not a surefire way to determine whether or not your chakras are unbalanced. Everyone has different personalities, which means signs of unbalanced chakras in one person can differ from the other. This is why it takes a trained psychic in order to interpret the signs of true imbalances in your chakras.

However, the above methods are still helpful to determine whether you have things to look out for regarding your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Remember that chakras also need care and attention, just like other organs in your body. You should try your best not to be overwhelmed by stress, and to relax every now and then.

You can click on this link to schedule an appointment and get your unbalanced chakras fixed. You will feel so much better than before afterwards.

We can also have a talk about how to take care of your chakras better in order to better influence the flow of good health, luck, and positive energy in your life.


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