How To Summon Your Guardian Angels Using An Angel Mantra (Use this!)

Hi there,

I talked about the Cosmic Earthquake that’s going to rock the planet in my last email. If you didn’t read it, You NEED to read it. Otherwise, you can’t say warn you!  It also included your Love Horoscope for February 2016. You can read it by clicking here!

Did you know that learning to communicate with your Guardian Angels is one of the most powerful skills a person can possess. Imagine being able to call on them at anytime, and receive crystal clear answers to any problem you face!

People often ask me if I read for myself when I have a problem I am faced with. The answer is that don’t read for myself – what I do is talk to my angels, using an Angel Mantra my mentor formulated for me, making it easy for me to talk to them – just like we are talking on the telephone together. It’s that simple!! It’s my Angel Mantra that makes the connection with my Guardian Angels very clear!

What Is An Angel Mantra

An Angel Mantra contains the energetic power that makes this communication possible. An Angel Mantra acts like sticking a “universal plug”  into a “cosmic electrical outlet”! And it’s this connection that makes it possible to have crystal clear conversations with your Guardian Angels. Your Angel Mantra acts just like a psychic antenna on a spiritual cell phone, connecting you to the invisible communication waves in the Universe, again, making it possible to have a crystal clear conversation with your Guardian Angels…

This is why having an Angel Mantra is so important!

6 Things You Need To Know About An Angel Mantra

1. An Angel Mantra is formulated by using an ancient technique that is over 2,000 years old. This formulation technique has been passed down from the Mystery Schools that were in existence when Cleopatra was queen. I was taught how to formulate Angel Mantras by my mentor, when I was just 12 years old.

2. Very few psychics in the world today have the training or knowledge to formulate an angel Mantra. This is why I feel so blessed to have been trained how to do this, before my mentor (God rest his soul) passed into spirit.

3. An Angel Mantra is what makes connecting with your Guardian Angels happen. Many psychics talk to angels, but none that I am aware of, use an Angel Mantra. Therefore, anyone possessing an Angel Mantra, will automatically be able to connect with their Guardian Angels, better than any psychic out there today – including one of the well-know angel communicators who has written several books. I know for sure this person does not even know about the Angel Mantras I am telling you about.

4. An Angel Mantra unplugs and opens your “psychic ears”. This is why you will be able to hear the voices of your Guardian Angels so clearly after using your Angel Mantra.

5. An Angel Mantra acts like a strong connection magnet, and it literally attracts the most powerful angels in the entire universe into your vibrational existence. Meaning they will be standing right beside you when you chant it.

6. You have what are called 5 Master Guardian angels, and they can only be summoned using an Angel Mantra. There is no other way to connect with them, due to their high vibrational energies!

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5 Important Facts You Need To Know About Guardian Angels

Fact 1: You Have 5 Master Guardian Angels That Are Very Important To Know About.

Everyone has Guardian Angels who are assigned to work with them during this lifetime. What most people don’t know, including the so-called “Angel Experts”, is that every living person has 5 Guardian Angels that are more important than all the rest. So among all of your Guardian Angels assigned to help you when you were born, 5 of them are more important than all the others. Think of them as Master Guardian Angels, because they have special powers they can use to help make magic and miracles happen in your life! And you can only connect to them by using the power of your Angel Mantra to summon them and access their special powers..

Fact 1: Your Guardian Angels talk to you all the time.

Unfortunately, most people can’t hear their angels speaking to them because they are not plugged into this comic conversation. An Angel Mantra makes it possible for you to hear their voices when they speak to you.

Fact 2: Your Guardian Angels are behind your right this very moment! 

Go ahead…turn around right now, and see if you can sense their presence behind you! Turn around and say out loud “Angels, are you here with me?”An Angel Mantra will strengthen your Angel Vision, allowing you to sense and feel their presence, And if your desire is strong enough, they will materialize themselves so you will be able to see them!

Fact 3: Your Guardian Angels are able to see into the future. 

Since they reside in the Spirit World, they are able to see along Dimensional Time Lines. These timelines run parallel to our earthly timelines, so your Guardian Angels use them to see ahead into your future. Having an Angel Mantra gives you access to the psychic insights of your Guardian Angels, allowing you to also see into your future, and even the future of anyone you want to know about.

Fact 4: Your Guardian Angels are healers.

If you really stop and think about this, it makes perfect sense. Since Guardian Angels are spiritual beings living in what we call The Heavenly Realms, they have the inborn power to heal anyone, anything – at any time! They can heal you physically, spiritually, AND emotionally! Most of our wounds as humans are spiritual and emotional, which when left unhealed, lead to physical problems. Your Guardian Angels can heal you instantly – with just the touch of their wings!

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I’m Glad I Shared This Important Information With You!

As a spiritual light seeker yourself, It’s important you know about Master Guardian Angels, and Angel Mantras. I have never spoken about Master Guardian Angels before, nor Angel Mantras, and the reason being is because I only release highly spiritual information when I am told by Band of Guides (I work with over 200 of them now) that people are ready to know this information.

So when I share this powerful and important spiritual information, it’s for a reason. Sometimes the reason may not be apparent at first, but it becomes very apparent at a later date. So please be aware that I don’t just share information randomly, or without important reasons. Just know there is a reason for everything, even if I do not always reveal the reason. All things will be revealed in their proper and correct timing.

Nothing I share is just “thrown out there randomly”…there is always a reason…

I sincerely hope you take this information to heart, and I hope I have been able to reveal more insights to you, to help you become a more informed and aware spiritual seeker.

My emails are for the purpose of helping to elevate the awareness of the Light Seekers who read them, one step at a time. I hope they have been helpful to you, up to this point…

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I would sincerely appreciate receiving an email from you, letting me know how reading these emails has helped you as a Light Seeker, and I’d also like to hear topics you’d like me to write about. If enough people want to learn about the same topic, I WILL write about it. You inout is important, because my emails are for YOUR spiritual growth and evolution.

P.S.S. Say these words 3 times each day, and see what happens. Say them once in the morning, one in the afternoon, and once in the evening .Then email me back in 3 days, and share with me the results you experienced in your life. Be prepared to be amazed! Here are the words to say: Bah. Doma. Dow. Shing. She. Make sure to email me back in 3 days, or their power will be lost.

P.S.S. To schedule a psychic reading click here now or call me at my office at 614-444-6334

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  1. Avery says:

    Tana, these emails have helped enormously in broadening knowledge of metaphysical concepts. It is not easy to identify which have been the most interesting since you touch on such a wide variety of instructive topics. I love when you write about your astral travels, your conversations with spiritual guides and what is coming in the future, like 12/18/16. To be forewarned and prepared is critical. I also like emails about how to increase luck and advance spiritually; spiritual practices; anything about how to transform our lives and live magically; gemstones, angels, talisman, karma, how to become more intuitive. And of course your monthly and annual predictions, including stock market, celebrities, politics….Greatly enjoyed today’s email about calling on angels with the mantra. I will faithfully follow the instructions and report back. Your emails , predictions, and channeled teachings are a gift. Just adore you!!!!!

  2. Stephanie Cass says:

    I said them this morning. Is it safe to assume these five words are the guardian angel mantra?

    For topics, do cats have a natural affinity toward the spiritual world?

  3. Jane Barnes says:

    Tana, last yr, I asked my angels if I was on the right track with my life, doing the right thungs, etc., & could I please have confirmation from them in some way….I felt sort of foolish, but really wanted some sort of answer. A couple days later, was lookimg at leaves aound the deck in the front yard thinking since it was March, I better get busy & get the last of them raked up…that’s when I saw the point if pencil sticking out from under the leaves- I picked it up, cleaened it off, tuned it over & stood there with my mouh hanging open….it said “Powell Panther Cubs”……Guess where I went to HS & college? Powell, Wyo. I called my sister, still in Powell & asked her what the “Cubs” were? Well, that was the name of the school team there. I put a picture of the pencil on my FB page because she just really didn’t believe me…& I was having a hard time with it myself!
    So was that my answer? I think so…Talk about hand delivered from Wyo to my yard in Wa state was really mind blowing to say the least….! I also get pics of relatives that have passed just by asking them to show up – if I could write a book it would be titled “Just ask & they will come”…I would say yes, Ask if you want answers & be akert to “any unexpected things that show up” or pictures you get…..;)

  4. Jim Otulana says:

    I enjoy your reading your blogs, they are very informative and spiritually uplifting.
    Ever thought about starting an online class to train interested people in basic metaphysics?
    Where is the Angel Mantra?


    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Jim,

      I will be teaching online classes very soon 🙂 Your Angel Mantra needs to be formatted for you. You can contact my office to set up a time to have an Angel Mantra Formulation session.

  5. Carol says:

    I’m on my first day of trying this angel mantra. As I’ve felt before the need to connect to my angels but I don’t know how. That is why I learned Reiki healing. May I ask what language is this angel mantra? Is this Latin? Thanks


  6. Black Wolf says:

    My left ear was able to pick up messages for me for future use. After saying Bah. Doma. Dow. Shing. She. This will help me stay focused for better secure situations ref. jobs. I was able to connect to the COSMOS just for a second…I am tired of liars and this helps me annoy them just like to cause trouble…for people like me.

  7. Lalita says:

    I just said the words tonight, but I must admit, I don’t think I’m connected enough to to get any results. But I will continue to try and email u at the end of the three days. Thank hun! ????????

  8. Violeta says:

    I just started these mantra but I cannot completed in 3 consecutive days. But I will repeat again tonight. Is it okay.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Mark says:

    Thanks for this powerful information… 🙂

  10. Leonard says:

    Very informative

  11. Alexander mbachu says:

    Commenti need my guiding angel

  12. adedapo says:

    hi tana .thanks man. have being looking for this type of opportunity,
    i will try it and give you feedback. God will give you more wisdom .

  13. Owen says:

    Pls, how do i get the angel mantra? I really want to knw n connect with my guardian angel. Thanks.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      You can go to my Schedule A Reading page and set up a time for us to have a session together. Looking forward to speaking again soon!

  14. lizzy says:

    i really enjoy ur teaching and appreciate for letting me know more about angels, as am talking to imedately after reading i felt my guardian angel sitting at my right hand speaking with me and smiling with luv

  15. Mohan Thomas says:

    I read the article about Angel mantra, I am just going to try it. Hope I will get connected to the cosmic world , thank you for the help.

  16. Ikenna says:

    I used. angel mantra I suprise my body is shacking I began to speak with my mouth

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