Connecting With A Loved Who Has Died Can Bring Inner Peace connecting_with_deceased_loved_one_1

The death of loved ones is never easy to accept. Deceased loved ones sometimes try to connect with the living to give them comfort and that they are just around.

Those who we love never leave us when they are on the Othe Side.

For as long as we remember them, they will be alive in our memories.

People who have experienced losing a loved one are familiar with the stages of grieving and the feeling of being lost that follows. Grief overcomes even the strongest person, and even after a long time has passed.

Some individuals can never accept the loss of their loved one.

Carl Fredrik Backman, a bestselling author, once wrote:

“The mightiest power of death is not that it can make people die, but that it can make the people you left behind want to stop living.”

To bring inner peace, there are times when it’s the spirit of the departed who comforts the living.


A Loved One Wants To Talk To You


There are plenty of reasons why a loved one may want to talk to you from the Other Side of the veil, but these are the most common ones:

  • Your loved one may have unfinished business
  • Your loved one wants to say hello
  • Your loved one wants to say goodbye
  • Your loved one wants to let you know they’re okay
  • Your loved one wants to relay funeral wishes

There are also instances when loved ones connect with us because they want us to know they’re around when we’re experiencing life’s ups and downs.

You may be going through a rough time, especially during the grieving period, and they want to reach out to encourage you to move forward when you’re feeling lonely.


Loved Ones Want Us To Know We’re Remembered And Loved


You might feel the presence of a loved one on a significant date, such as an anniversary or birthday, or your loved one might reach out to you when you’re celebrating a new baby in the family or having a wedding.


Signs That A Loved One Is Connecting With You


Spirits of loved ones usually reach out immediately after death and for a short period of time after. This is especially true in cases of unexpected or accidental deaths because no goodbyes were said, leaving a lot of things left unspoken.

Most people will hesitate to actively reach out to their loved ones because of fear or uncertainty, so they will often take the initiative in making their presence known to relay their messages to us.

Here are some ways used by loved one on the Other Side to reach out to us:

  1. Dream Appearances

Your barriers are down when you dream, so it is easier for loved ones to connect with you during this time.

When a loved one appears to you in dreams, the setting is often one you’re very familiar with. It may be your house, a restaurant you used to frequent, or a place you loved as a child. connecting_with_deceased_loved_one_2

Sometimes we have vivid dreams with deceased loved ones. This is one sign that they want to connect with you.

The reason for this is your loved one wants you to have a feeling of familiarity and security, so you can identify this dream as meaningful. Your loved one may also want to surround you with places or objects, which would have meaning to you, particularly if he or she wants to send you a message.

Oftentimes, dream encounters with loved ones are vivid dreams. The sensation of being touched, embraced, or kissed, feels very real. The emotions you feel genuine with some people even waking up crying or smiling.

To help your loved ones reach you, start paying attention to your dreams. Make a dream journal and when you wake up, immediately write down anything you remember from your dreams.

A dream journal will help you analyze your dreams with fresh eyes and understand more clearly what your loved one is trying to say.

  1. Phantom Scents

Scents have the strongest connection to memory recall than any of our other senses. A smell can remind you of a person, a place, or an experience.

When a loved one uses scent to communicate with the living, this is called a phantom scent. To show you they’re nearby, a loved one may put out a scent, which you can automatically associate with them.

Some of the usual scents reported by individuals are perfumes worn by loved ones or tobacco smell for those who used to smoke.

  1. Electrical Disruption

In this time and age, disrupting electrical gadgets is the best way to get anyone’s attention!

Flickering lights, radio station being changed, or a television set being turned on or off, these electrical disruptions may be caused by loved one who wants to make their presence known.

  1. Songs

You might suddenly hear your loved one’s favorite song or a song you identify with him or her. Some people hear singing or music being played even when there’s no physical source for the music around them.

  1. Thoughts That Aren’t Your Own

You may also have thoughts which surprise you, such as things that your loved one used to say or thoughts about stuff which interested your loved one.

  1. Sensing Their Presence

Sometimes, a sign that a loved one is reaching out to you may be as simple as sensing their presence. You might feel as if you’re not alone in the room or someone is watching you.

Other people feel a breeze, even feel a touch, when there’s no physical source.

If you’ve experienced one or several of these signs, it’s time to help your loved one connect with you. In a few moments, you will be reading an exercise designed to assist you in communicating with your loved one.


How To Connect With A Loved One


While there are a number of ways you can connect with a loved one, writing a Spirit Letter is recommended for those who haven’t tried Spirit communication before.

Writing a Spirit letter is one of the simplest ways to communicate with a loved and it is a very effective technique. You can do this at home.

All you need is a quiet room where you can focus on what you want to say to your loved one and write your letter. Here are the steps you should follow when writing a Spirit letter.

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

  1. Choose the space you are most comfortable with. You can write it in your home office or in your bedroom. The most important thing is for you to have a quiet place where you can write comfortably.
  2. Embrace the idea that your loved one is already inside the room with you. You can also use a picture of your loved one to help you focus.
  3. Sit comfortably.
  4. Take 3 deep breaths
  5. Imagine you are feeling the Spirit world right at your fingertips.
  6. Visualize a room inside your mind, where you can invite your loved one in to enable them to place their thoughts inside the room.


Step 2: Make An Appointment With Your Loved One

 Mentally choose a time and date to have a meeting with your loved one.

  1. Make the meeting official by setting the appointment in your calendar.
  2. Then, think of your loved one and mentally extend the invitation to him or her.
  3. When the time for your meeting comes, meditate for a few minutes beforehand.
  4. Invite your loved one to join you.
  5. Using a pen and paper write a letter to your loved one.
  6. Write whatever you want to communicate to your loved one.
  7. Once you’re finished writing, seal the letter and place your loved one’s name on the envelope.
  8. Now place the letter in a place which has a special meaning to you, such as beside a picture of the two of you together.


Channeling A Response From Your Loved One Through Writing connecting_with_deceased_loved_one_3

Writing a spirit letter is one of the simplest ways to connect with a loved one who died.

 The same as in Step 2, make a second appointment with your loved one.

  1. Now take the time in between to go about your daily business.
  2. When the time for the second appointment comes, begin by visualizing your loved one connecting with you.
  3. Once you feel their presence, pick up your pen and invite your loved one to respond to your letter.
  4. Begin writing down anything and everything that comes to you. Just let the words flow.
  5. You will feel it when you’re done and the message has been given.
  6. Mentally express your thanks to your loved one and send feelings of love to him or her.
  7. Read what has been written for you.


Watch for special signs which your loved one might be using to connect with you, such as the signs previously discussed in this article.

If you want to improve your sensitivity to the presence of your loved one, you can repeat this exercise frequently, or you can consult a Psychic Medium. A Psychic Medium facilitates the communication.


Want To Talk To Your Loved One?


With the help of my gift of Mediumship, I can connect you with your loved one and bring you in together, once again, reuniting you with your loved one to bring you comfort and affirm the continuity of life.

To get more information about a powerful Connection Session, you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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