Will We Make Contact With Aliens Soon?

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Strange lights have been seen in the skies for a long time. A common explanation is that they are optical illusions (mirage) or simply missile tests done by the government.

I believe that our first public contact with aliens or extraterrestrials will take place soon. This belief is based on the messages that I have been receiving from the Spirit World, messages that are eerily supported by a number of events that have taken place within this year.

What triggered me to discuss this matter is the strange light seen by numerous witnesses over the skies of San Diego and the rest of Southern California, on November 7, 2015.

Here’s what NBC San Diego had to say about what happened:

Viewers across California and parts of the West Coast reported seeing a strange, large flash of light across the Pacific Ocean Saturday night as the U.S. Navy was conducting a missile test.

Many viewers called NBC San Diego, NBC Southern California and NBC Bay Area reporting a green and blue colored streak of bright light through the sky, reported as far south as Mexico and as far north as the Bay Area. Some viewers even reported seeing it in Nevada, Colorado and Arizona.

Here’s an eyewitness video posted in YouTube by user Bryan Holman.  You’ll note how the people observing the strange lights were discussing how authorities have claimed that the lights were the result of a missile test flight.

But were the lights really caused by missiles?

I’m not convinced.

And there are strong reasons behind what I believe.

Mysterious Lights in the Sky Over the Past Months

Here’s a sampling of different reports concerning mysterious lights in the sky that were made public, just this year alone.

On the 21st of April 2015, there was an eyewitness account posted online, with visual documentation (video and image). Here’s what the eyewitness of the “strange,  blinking lights” had to say:

I was staying at the Valley Motel in Room 24 on the end. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and saw a blinking light floating towards the road. I got my phone camera. I started the first video on the side of Jacksboro high to film the one.

Then I noticed as it went across the street there were a lot more. I saw one man walking across street and asked him what those were. He said they were satellites, but he didn’t know and walked off. I filmed the one that hovered above the street light. Halfway through the 12 minute video I got a chance to run across street and film the other half. I only filmed there that long because I was being yelled at by manager asking what I was doing.

Meanwhile, on the 22nd of June in Indiana, another set of strange lights were seen in the sky.

According to the Daily Mail, the unusual dancing lights were caused by a natural phenomenon:

A mysterious band of light has been spotted high in a cloud, appearing to look like something that is out of this world.

In reality the rare event is a ‘jumping sundog’, a remarkable phenomenon that sees rapid light changes in clouds.

The cause of the phenomenon is not entirely clear, but a leading theory is that it might be caused by lightning discharge in a thundercloud.

Here’s a video of the dancing lights, and the WCCB Charlotte (parent corporations: CBS and Warner Bros.), while acknowledging for its audience what happened, also quickly did its best to dispel any thoughts about the lights originating from UFOs through several clips edited-in to their news item.

If you like Shakespeare, I’m sure you’re familiar with this quotation which really hits the spot as far the efforts to disprove a possible UFO sighting have gone: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” 

In other words, “a person’s overly frequent or adamant attempts to convince others that one thing is true, ironically, makes others believe that the opposite is true”

After all, there wouldn’t be any smoke without fire!

But wait, there’s more!

What about the lights in the sky seen this past September 2, 2015 over Eastern Florida?

Here’s a video of those lights, courtesy of YouTube user Community Broadcast Network.

In the video description, it was supposedly an Atlas rocket.

There’s always a logical reason given for all the lights being seen.

But contrast those claims with what dedicated UFO spotters have to say:

Most of these beams of light shot up from the clouds as if a battery of gigantic searchlights are searching the landscape, and are identical to a vertical band of light, like the famous beam of light emanating from the peak of the Kukulkan Pyramid, photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009, while on vacation in Mexico.

It seems unlikely that all these beams are just natural phenomena, camera malfunction or a digital cam glitch.

Could it be that the sun’s solar radiation interacts deep within the Earth’s magnetic field is adhering to the planet’s magnetic lines? And what we see as a beam of light is in fact the ionized particles charged from the sun’s solar wind, or is there something going on?

That last sentence is very interesting “is there something going on?”

Listen to the Experts

Even while ordinary citizens and those from the mainstream media give conflicting reactions and opinions regarding the strange lights that have been making themselves seen in the sky, there are OTHER, MORE INTERESTING pieces of information that are being given out to the public in gradual doses.

For example, here’s an excerpt of a news item published in Forbes on May 24, 2014  about how scientists were definitively saying that aliens exist and are about to be found soon:

“It is not hyperbolic to suggest that scientists could very well discover extraterrestrial intelligence within two decades’ time or less, given resources to conduct the search,” Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute, said in testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

So there you have it. Aliens by 2034. That’s actually a few decades earlier from the date of first contact in the fictional “Star Trek” series — April 5, 2063.

It is worth noting that in the last decade, Shostak was floating the date 2025 as a likely end to our apparent cosmic isolation, and as recently as February he was talking about a date “two dozen years out.” So, clearly Shostak isn’t trying to win any bets by calling the specific date we find E.T., but rather the point is, the current rate of technological advancement makes it likely that we’ll be able to find that evidence within a single generation.

2063? Seems far off enough to make the possibility of an alien encounter happening remote.

But on April 7, 2015  Space.com had this to report about how NASA’s Chief has predicted that signs of alien life will be found by the year 2023:

That’s not the clincher of this post, though.

Report: Alien Life Form in Woman’s Backyard

Opposing Views reported how a woman’s social media about what she found in her backyard had gone viral.

Photos of a half-developed creature found by a California woman went viral, prompting speculation that it was an alien life form.

The slimy, pink body was found by resident Gianna Peponis, who shared the photos on her Facebook wall.

“’I wasn’t gunna [sic] post this but I can’t stop trying to figure out wtf this thing is,” Peponis wrote.

“I heard something scream at like 11.30 last night and went out on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it… Share with your friends.”

This is what Gianna Peponis saw and posted. What do you think? Does it look alien to you?

tanahoy.com Gianna Pepponis alien in backyard

Is this an alien’s body? Or, as some would have you believe, simply the carcass of an unknown animal?

Could the strange lights that have been seen in many, different places, not just in the USA, but in other parts of the world over the years be related to this stranger remains of an as-of-yet unknown creature?

Or is it easier to believe that these photos are simply showing the remains of a deer fetus that was birthed unexpectedly?

Will you be seeing alien life forms soon, as scientists have finally come out to predict?

I feel that the time is near. Are you prepared to meet your first extraterrestrials soon?

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6 Responses

  1. ACA says:

    Interesting article Mr. Hoy!

  2. Jeremy Angeles says:

    hello i feel the same way i almost feel like a alien, just stuck here on earth were no one will love me are wont to be my friend, i try to fit in but its real hard to do it. i have more of my life stores to share.
    I am Jeremy from the UK and I would like to share my alien encounters with you and would like to get some help with contacting my aliens back, here are most of my experiences.
    Early this year I kept on getting flash backs from my baby hood seeing a big bright white light coming from my bedroom slain, when I was a baby.
    before I got regressed I had I dreams of seeing tall zeta grey aliens in a filed with a silver ship with the door open, the zeta aliens side to me: every things going to be OK: so I went to get regressed to see more.
    In my regression I sure the aliens and the aliens showed me things, like of my future and the past and they showed me what my soul purpuras and earth mission is and much, much, more. The even told me my alien name Owain, and my old baby memories came back too at the regression.
    After I had the regression I sure 3 UFOs
    Dreams I have had till now: I have dreams of being on there ship and seeing over alien and humans on there, I always have dreams of helping the alien fight the US military,
    3 weeks after the regression: I wake up feeling like I was taken some were and they just put me back in my bed.
    4 weeks after the regression: the sexual encounter: I remember the alien’s skinny body over me and I could see it’s beg head looking at me, I felt like I was controlled by it, and it didn’t happen on a ship it was in my room- also blurry vision.
    This one was about two months after the regression: I sure a little grey alien standing next to my draws in my bedroom but it was blurry I could not see it properly this memory came back 4 hours later that day.
    Later this year: I’ve been having more dream like states every so often:
    when I go to bed I lay on my side and I drift off to sleep, Sometimes I wake up paralyzed laying on my back, not been able to move my body, my head is stuck in the someplace, my eye site goes all blurry. But am in a truants like state. It was almost like daydreaming but being paralyzed at the sometime; I see tall zeta grey sometimes one, I can see its skinny body with its long arms and big long head, just standing by my door, it stands there looking at me with its big eyes.
    I get dreams still and flashers of thunder like light in and around my home. So that all I have, and I just want to contact them back to see their face a gen, steed of going to get regressed to see their face.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you for sharing that Jeremy. You can talk freely and openly here. All the people on my blog will all be your friends. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing you story with me.

  3. Jeremy Angeles says:

    and i have drawn some pictures of the tall zeta greys i have seen.

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