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I remember several nights a few years back when I enjoyed being the proud owner of a very active Cosmic Energy And Your Petspuppy. Though the days with him were nothing short of charming, the nights I spent with him were usually restless. He would run around, bark at the walls of the house, and jump all over my living room. It was not a pleasant experience.

I went through this for a while, until I figured out something that I could have done many years back. The concept is so simple, yet extremely effective. After I have practiced this, my nights have been a lot calmer.

Let me share this little discovery with you right now.

Why Are Pets Extremely Active?

Pets are extremely active simply because their little bodies absorb and hold so much energy. This is because pets’ auras do not discriminate when it comes to energy. Chakras, whether they belong to humans or animals, have thin, but extremely dense layers of energy located at the chakras’ outer openings.

These thin layers act like filters, determining which energies your body absorbs and which ones your body rejects. Among humans, this layer is very noticeable. This is why humans are naturally good at regulating the flow of energy in their bodies.

This does not happen at all when it comes to pets.

For pets, all the energies in the environment are fully absorbed by their chakras, exposing them to an almost unlimited flow of energy. As a result, their energy centers activate, making them really hyperactive. This usually happens during nighttime, since this is the time when the spirit world is fully awake and active.

Which Types Of Energy Are Known For Their Calming Effect?

There are certain colors of energy that have a natural, calming effect. In my experience, there are two colors of energy which I have found to be very effective to initiate the calming down of any pet – the colors green and blue.

  • Being a color that traditionally pertains to the start of new beginnings, the color green has the natural effect of calming down wild energies. This color has a natural soothing effect. Have you noticed that you can relax more when you are in the middle of nature? That’s green energy doing its work.
  • Blue is another color which helps energies to settle down, for it is a color that directly corresponds to the idea of finding inner peace. The great thing about blue energy is the fact that it can easily be projected, and chakras are usually very open to absorbing it immediately.

Practical ways you can use energy to calm down your pets

Projecting colored energy from your hand chakras is a very practical way to calm down your pets whenever they turn hyperactive. This could be done by following these three simple steps:

  • Step One: Try to observe the right breathing. Take note that your energy flows more smoothly if you observe your breathing. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This is called Pranic Breathing, a technique used by energy healers to improve the flow of their enrgy when healing.
  • Step Two: Activate your hand chakras. Apply some pressure to the center of your palm using your thumb for around ten seconds. The energy in your thumb causes your hand chakra to activate. This is extremely important since the energies that you will project to your pet would be projected using your hand chakras.
  • Step Three:  Project the colored energy to your pet, aiming directly for the space between their eyes. This space is where your pet’s version of the Ajna Chakra is located. It is therefore the energy center that initiates an immediate effect on your pet’s behavior. Make sure you include thought forms of calmness and serenity while doing this.

I have tried this technique a number of times ever since I came up with this concept, and I must say that it has been quite effective. Actually, a part of me even thinks that this particular technique has had the unintended side effect of making my pet even smarter. But that part is saved for another blog.

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