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I have been receiving many emails lately from people telling me about their experiences after having their readings. One in particular stood out to me because it illustrates a point about free will and taking action.

What does that mean” It proves a point about free will and action?” It means that when you have a reading, you next need to take action, otherwise, if you don’t take action, nothing will happen. Read on to see what I mean. I love this email, God bless her heart!

“I Stayed Home Waiting, But He Never Came…”

Dear Tana,

I had a psychic reading with you about 2 years ago.

You told me I was going to meet my soulmate within 8 months, and you even described to me what he would look like. You told me I would meet him between August and November of that year. Well, he never came! I sat in my home every night after our reading, waiting on someone that looked like him to either call me, knock on my door, or somehow find his way to my front door!

I am someone who prefers being alone and not being bothered by others, and the Universe should have known that. So the Universe should have brought him to me in my home!! But he never came. I am so lonely, and I really wanted to meet him. So why did he never come?
A.G. ­ Amarillo, Texas

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Dear A.G.,

It would be nice if Tana could bring someone to your door, but in order to meet someone, you need to go out and take action to meet others. This means, you need to go to places such as dances, community events, local events, or whatever you enjoy doing. But it needs to be out in public, where you will find someone with similar interests.

By going out and about, the Universe will arrange for the two of you to “run into” each other. But the Universe will not bring a stranger knocking on your front door! The Universe could, but that is highly unlikely. So the reason you never met him, was because the Universe had no way of having the two of you run into each other. Go out more over the next 8 months, and if you do, you will meet him.

Thanks for the email.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

The Universe Works Hard For You The truth is that the Universe has to do major planning to get to people to meet. With people having different lives and different schedules, imagine all the work your angels have to do to get two people, at the same place, at the same time!! So the more out and about you are, the more you help the Universe to put you both at the same place where you can meet! This is the key to meeting your soulmate! To get “out and about”!!

Here was another email I received that shows someone who went out and about.

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“I Went Out And About And Met My True Love”

Dear Tana,

During our reading you told me about a guy I would meet. You also told me to be out and about as much as I could between January and March of 2014. Well, I got busy and started being a social butterfly!

One night at an auction for kids with disabilities, a man came up to me and complimented me on my outfit. When I looked at him, I felt a spark shot through me, just like you said I would. AND he looked exactly like you said, clear down to the cute dimple you described that would be on his left cheek! You told me it would be more noticeable on his left cheek, and when he smiled, it definitely was!

We talked and talked, and that was over 8 months ago. We have been getting closer and closer, and he feels as happy with me, as I feel with him. He is also very romantic, just like you said he would be!

I believe after the one year mark of knowing each other that he is going to propose to me!

He has already hinted about that!

Thank you so much Tana, because if you hadn’t explained to me the importance of getting out to meet people, I would have continued staying hime, and never have met him at all!

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Sandra L. Cleveland Ohio

So as you can see, when wanting to meet someone, it is important to take action towards whatever goal you are wanting to achieve! The reason this is important is because it is impossible for the Universe to introduce you to someone, if you aren’t out for the Universe to arrange that special, Cosmic meeting!

I hope you enjoyed reading this email, and thanks again for being my friend!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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