Crystals And Their Meaning – Everything You Need To Know – by Tana Hoy

Crystals are solid, inorganic minerals whose internal makeup is arranged in well-ordered patterns.

crystals and their meaning

Different Crystals

The word “crystal” comes from the Greek word “krystallos”, which means “cold as ice.” During ancient times, crystals such as quartz were called `ice’, due to their transparent appearance and solid feel.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals vibrate using their own energetic frequencies. Each crystal blends with the energy of the person who uses it. Crystals have the ability to increase your energy by rebalancing your body on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

The geometric patterns present in crystals can also be seen in your organs and biological systems. So crystals possess metaphysical and energetic qualities that can balance your body’s vibrations.

Types Of Crystals And Their Meanings

There are hundreds of crystals available in nature. Below are a few types, and their corresponding crystal meanings. You can use different crystals to solve a physical ailment you’re experiencing, or enhance your energetic frequencies.

Single Terminated Wands

These crystals possess a single point at one end, and a rounded or rough end at the other. These are usually used for healing, meditation, and cleansing.


These crystals possess no distinct characteristic. They are ideal to be used when you want to energize a room.


Clusters are crystals that appear clumped together. These are great to use if you want to increase the positive vibrations in your home, or place of work.

Cut Crystals

These crystals are polished and cut in specific shapes, such as wands, pyramids, or spheres. When crystals are cut, their energy is usually amplified. They can also help increase your vibrational energy.

Tumblestone Crystals

These crystals are small in size, and are usually tumbled together with other crystals, thus producing a smooth texture. Tumblestones are perfect to use if you want to feel protected the entire day. Carry one with you in your pocket to keep your positive vibrations humming.

How To Choose The Right Healing Crystal For You

When you are looking for a crystal that is right for you, make sure to take your time going through them.

Pay attention to the crystal that you feel attracted to. Is there a crystal that seems to draw you in? Pay attention to the crystal’s color and shape.

Take the crystals that you feel attached to. Then, lay them all out on a table. Pass your hand over every crystal, and feel each crystal’s energy.

Do you feel heat or some form of buzzing? Do you feel as if a specific crystal is pulling you? Then choose the crystal that resonates with you the most.

Crystals Are Nature’s Gift To Us

Since crystals are produced and formed from the earth, they have the power to hold and absorb energy. So you can use crystals with the intention of healing yourself and other people. Crystals can neutralize negative energy, and help you feel healthy, alive, and more free.

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