Are You Being Cursed And Don’t Even Know It? – by Tana Hoy

You have probably heard, at one time or another, someone cussing at or about another person, perhaps out of annoyance or frustration. But did you know that those profane words so carelessly uttered have the power to act as curses towards the other person., causing them to be cursed?


Cuss is another word for curse; and it’s scary that, in these modern times, curses are spoken so carelessly, and the person doing it isn’t evene aware they are sending out such negative energy towards the other person! It is like impulsively punching or stabbing someone, only psychically instead of physically!

What Is A Curse?

A curse is negative energy unleashed as words. It is usually directed at a person, place, or object, with the intention of doing harm, but it can also be released out into the universe without a specific target. It may be said aloud, or under your breath, but regardless of how it is spoken, it’s still a very strong force, as it is powered by deep seated emotions of anger, retribution, revenge, jealousy, envy, hatred, or other negative emotions.

One doesn’t necessarily have to know how to curse someone using spells – it’s not the incantation that empowers it, but the amount of angry emotion put into it.

The Different Kinds Of Curses

While all curses are dark energy, the effects of some are more readily felt than others. As mentioned above, there are: curses that are released out into the universe, such as cursing a situation or life in general; and curses that are directed towards a specific target.

Further, there are curses that are cast using rituals and incantations, and others that are cast in an offhanded way. Those that are cast with rituals can be quite powerful, since they are planned, deeply intended, and performed with determination and resolve. And usually, the one who does the casting has abilities that enable him or her to enhance the negative energies already present.

Again, the true power of a curse lies on how deep the caster’s intention is to do harm on the target.
A curse can also be cast through objects (for example, tombs that must never be opened, lest bad things happen to the one who opens it). The caster does this by lodging the dark energy into the object, to be released onto the person to whom it is directed. It can also be a curse passed on for generations within one family line.

The Signs That A Perosn Has Been Cursed

A curse usually results in a sudden downturn in your life, either on your health, your relationships, your career, or a combination. Sometimes, it can be viewed as a string of “bad luck.”

To initially determine if you’ve been hexed, you can ask the following questions:

• Are there no other possible reasons to explain your predicament?
• Did you purchase or receive any object, at or about the time your life took a downturn?
• Do you think you have upset, angered, or offended anyone (it could be a friend, a relative, an acquaintance, or even a stranger)?
• Do you think that that person is capable of throwing such a huge amount of dark energy your way, or has the ability to direct energy that’s powerful enough to affect you?

Your answers to the above questions can help you deicde if you’ve been on the receiving end of a curse.
What Can You Do If You Think You’ve Been Cursed?

The most important thing you need to remember if you think that you’ve been hexed is NEVER curse back. Don’t even think of trying to learn how to curse someone. Negative thoughts and intentions will only set bad karma in motion (law of cause and effect), and it always has a way of catching up to you – if not in this life, then in the next.

Keep in mind that just by figuring out if you’ve been the victim of curses, you’ve already taken your first step in getting rid of whatever is causing you misery.

How To Remove A Curse

Your next step now is to cleanse yourself of the possible curse energies that are weighing you down.
One cleansing process you can do is:

1. Immerse yourself in a tub of warm water mixed with several ounces of salt.
2. As you bath, visualize the negative energy as grey mist coming out of the pores of your skin, being drawn out by the salty water.
3. Sense your body feeling lighter as all the negativity is drawn out of you.
4. After several minutes, when you think you’ve purged yourself of all the grey mist, rinse yourself thoroughly with fresh water.
5. Make sure that all the salt water on your body – including all residue of the grey mist – is washed away.
6. The curse should now be removed.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself From Curses?

To make sure that you are protected from any further curses or hexes that might be thrown your way, you can do the following:

• Create a protective shield. Your protective shield is created using the positive energy from your mind. Relax, close your eyes, and visualize yourself encased in a powerful force field of psychic energy, one that is so strong that it prevents negative energy from coming through. Do this every morning, and reinforce it several times during the day as necessary, and again, before you go to bed.

• You can further enhance your protection by working with gemstones that are particularly powerful against negative energies, such as black onyx, obsidian, or quartz crystals. You can wear them as jewelry, or you can keep them in your pocket or purse, so you can touch them anytime you need to strengthen your protection.

If you feel you have been cursed, I highly advise that you consult with a psychic to determine if you have been cursed, and if so, how powerful it is. The psychic can give you insight on the nature of the hex, how to totally break free from it (as some negative energies can “hook” themselves onto you), and enforce an even stronger psychic protective shield around you.

Warning- Be Carefuil What Psychic You Choose To Help You Remove A Curse!

Do Not go to a street corner psychic who has a neon sign out front! They tell people there are curses around them just to scam them out of their money! Go to a reputable psychic that you know is honest, and that you can trust!

There should be no extra fees involved to remove a curse, because it should be something the psycic can do in just one session, and often times a reputable psychic can even remove it during your reading with him or her.

If you feel like you might have been cursed, please contact me by clicking here, and I can easily let you know if you have, and if so, I can easily help you remove it!

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