Is Death Only An Illusion? grim reaper

Death has often been represented in the form of a “Grim Reaper.”
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The instinct for self-preservation – to cling on to life – is very strong among many people. If you are like the majority, you also find the idea of death or dying scary, and not desirable at all.

Yet, there are also people who do not see death as negative.

They see death as simply an unavoidable part of life, the part where existence ends.

But is it really? Is that all that death is? Is death simply the end of living?

Or is death only an illusion?

The Spirit World Does Not Fear Death


Spiritual beings do not fear death.

The reason is simple: those who live in the Spirit World already know that there is life beyond the earthly or material plane.

For the most part, people are scared of death because they don’t understand what it is.

Death is something that is an unknown factor to the majority.

Fear of the unknown is common, and even typical, of human nature, because many people fear what they don’t understand.

Yet, death is not something that you should fear. Dying is a natural, biological process.

At the same time, though, death is also not real.

But how can that be? If something is a natural, biological process, then it should be real.

Therefore, since the answer is “yes,” a natural and biological process such as death is real,” why am I saying in the same breath that death is not real?

Many Things in Life are Simply Illusions


There is a Hindu belief that a god can make humans believe in something that isn’t true.

In such a belief system, matter has deceived the soul, and the result is the soul being trapped by matter. As a slave of matter, the soul identifies itself with the matter trapping it.

For example, if your physical appearance is that of a woman, your age is 57, and you are divorced from your spouse, then your soul, being trapped, would identify with what is material.

Your soul could then tell itself, “I am a sad and lonely person, who is growing old alone. I am a loser.”

That, of course, is only an illusion.

In fact, it is not too farfetched to say that everything material is simply an illusion.

That’s because the real you, the integral or essential you, is not your material body.  The real you is not your gender, your job, your economic status, your political stand, your religious beliefs. soul

The so-called “death” that happens is simply a transition; you move from this material plane of existence, to the real world, which is the Spirit World.

The real you is your soul. The spiritual side of you.

You are not your body. You are not whatever role you are performing or living out in this life. Whatever it is that you, in your material self, are doing in this earthly life…is only an illusion.

That being the case, when death comes, death is also only an illusion.

What is an Illusion?

To understand this better, think of what gave you pleasure some years back. Was it a fat bank balance? Or was it some new designer clothes? How about a flashy car?

Now think ahead. In your advanced years, would you still choose to have a fat bank balance that kept you worried about what will happen to it once you have passed on? Or would you prefer to have that fat bank balance to be used to spread happiness, or to keep you healthy?

As for designer clothes, you know that fashion is not forever. In fact, it is very fleeting. What’s accepted as trendy today is tomorrow’s funny, or even laughable attire. You just have to recall the bell-bottom pants of the 1970s. Are they still desirable to you now?

And the flashy car – no car can withstand the test of time. Even the most expensive car will rust eventually. Only the most dedicated and expensive care can preserve the design and function of a car. But then again, for what? There will always be newer models. There will always be other well-maintained or well-restored cars.

The fact is, no one can take anything from this world into the next life.

You cannot take beauty, strength, intelligence, and your material possessions.

They all get left behind here on earth, once you are ready to move on.

That is why they are illusions. They only seem real while you, as a soul trapped in a human form, here on earth.

In the Spirit World, beauty, strength, intelligence, your material possessions, and anything that is of matter, mean nothing.

Everything on earth is an illusion. That includes death.

But if Everything is an Illusion, What is the Purpose of Striving?

At this point, you may wondering what life is for, if everything is just an illusion?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that this life that you are living right now is not your real life. Your soul is what is real.

This life, and all your other lives that came before, and all your other lives that will come after this one – they are all illusions.

They are illusions that are in place to help your soul learn lessons.

Your Soul Script is what Your Life Turns Out to be, unless…


Before your birth into this world as a human being, your soul “wrote out” a soul script for you to follow.

All the striving that you do in this life is all a part of your soul script.

Your soul script has written in it what kind of life you would lead – who your parents would be, what kind of upbringing you would have, which friends you would make, what kind of education you would go through, what jobs you would hold, if any,and what kind of death you would have.

Yes, it’s a complete working script from conception to death.

The people you meet and interact with in this life are souls who agreed to take part in your soul script, because you all had lessons to learn that could help each other out while on earth.

That’s the only purpose behind your life: to learn lessons that will bring you closer to a more evolved spiritual state.

Yet, your soul script will only be 100% followed if you do not use your free will to change the outcome of certain things or events in your life.

But, if your free will interferes with your pre-agreed soul script, then you won’t be able to learn your lessons completely.

You thus earn Karmic debt.

And you reincarnate… again… and again… and again… until you finally achieve a full understanding of the lessons that you, as your soul, need to understand.

Death is Only a Transition


Your soul is eternal. The real you never dies.

That’s why death is only an illusion.

You, the real you, which is your soul, doesn’t really die.

Only your human form dies.

The death that many people know of, that is not real.

The so-called “death” that happens is simply a transition; you move from this material plane of existence, to the real world, which is the Spirit World.

Do not believe the illusion that your life ends with death. It is only your human form and material life that ends.

Your soul goes on. There is life after death.

Your soul is eternal. The real you never dies.


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