My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2016 (December Release) psychic predictions

It’s a mixed bag of events coming up very soon, with some which may be good for many people, while some may have adverse effects on certain sectors of society. The outlook is pretty positive overall, though.

Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for December 2016. These will be the last set of predictions for the year 2016. When you read my next set of predictions, it will already be for the upcoming New Year! Time has flown by in 2016!


Here are my psychic predictions for December 2016. I hope you enjoy them:




Three new Hollywood celebrities are going to come out this year! Many people will be surprised when they discover one of these celebrities are gay! And he will have been accidently outed, so his coming out will not have been by his choice. executive arrested

Executive being arrested [file photo used for illustrative purposes only; Creative Commons image license via:]

A large sex ring involving the exploitation of young, up and coming children, who are becoming famous, is going to be discovered in Hollywood. Several top studio executives, and a few well know actors, will be arrested and imprisoned when this cover up gets blown!

A new young male singer is going to be on the horizon. Many people will compare him to a young Michael Jackson. With the same talent Michael showed when he was a young boy.




With the New President in office, we are going to find the political climate on “the opposite side” will take some time to “cool down” over their defeat! Expect to see some underhanded tactics to make our new president seem incompetent. After the first of the year, once the dust has settled, things will get back to their normal flow. donald-trump

Trump’s supporters will feel betrayed.

A huge, hidden secret is going to surface about Donald Trump. Many of his supporters are going to feel betrayed when they discover this, and wish they had never given him all the support they did.


Donald Trump will be found to have connections with Russia, and it will be discovered the FBI was involved in a cover-up regarding the truth about this information. This cover-up won’t come to light for several years, but it will be read about in future history books.


World Events rainforest.

A new energy source will be discovered from a plant in the rainforest.


China will make an effort to take the international lead on self-driving cars. China will make an effort to be first in the world to have cities of self-driving vehicles.


The USA election is going to send waves throughout the entire world. Many countries will have strong opinions about the new President, and will hail their support.


A new energy source that can be created from a plant is going to be discovered in the depths of the rain forest. Research will begin immediately after this discovery, and a new energy source will be on the horizon within 20 years.


Medical pacemaker

Research on pacemakers such as this will be done to avoid future surgical repairs or updates.

A drug that cures the HIV virus will be released on the market within the next two years! People who currently have the HIV virus will be totally cured once they take this medication.


Promising research is going to be announced for re-growing human limbs, such as finger, arms, and legs. Many will refer to this new research as Frankenstein Research.


Research for a new type of pacemaker will be announced. It will allow people who have this new pacemaker implanted to walk up to a machine, and the machine will repair and update the current pacemaker, eliminating the need for future surgeries.



Financial gold-and-silver

The value of silver will appreciate, while gold will depreciate slightly.

The Stock Market is going to take a turn for the worse towards the end of the year, but will rebound rather quickly.


Silver is going to do well, as gold will see a slight temporary decrease in value.


Real estate investments will do well in many parts of the country. Although in 2017, many states will find real estate investments take a turn downward. Housing prices will not drop, but the government will change the rules on owning multiple properties, causing a financial loss for investors owning several of properties.



Miscellaneous self-employed

Positive energy will come in January and February next year, for those who are self-employed.

A well-known pastor of a large Christian congregation, who preaches against gay people, will be discovered to be gay himself. We will discover some bizarre secrets about his hidden homosexual lifestyle, and he will be forced to resign from his position.


A head government leader in Uganda will be outed as a closeted homosexual. He will end up being imprisoned by the same laws he helped to pass.


2017 is going to be a good financial year for many self-employed people. Due to the energy this year will bring in the months of January and February, these energies will give a financial boost to self-employed people.



I hope you enjoyed my last psychic predictions for 2016. These are my predictions to close the ending of another year, and to get us all ready for the New Year ahead!


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  1. Sam says:

    People feel betrayed by Trump? You don’t say… More people voted for Clinton than Trump and a lot of people didn’t like him anyway. he only got in because of the electoral college system despite more votes for Hilary. There has been a lot of uprising over Trump’s election but in the end people just need to deal with it. I’m not a fan of Trump at all but it was a (sort of) democratic election. More people voted for Hilary but thanks to the electoral college system, Trump won more states which apparently counts more., so instead of one vote per person it’s one vote per sate depending on the majority vote for a given candidate. I’m British so I don’t know by what logic that works by however a friend of mine who lives in the US said it’s more of a a republican democracy anyway or as he said it “a half democracy.” Ironically, even though Trump won through the EC system, he say’s he doesn’t like that system.

    Other than that, all seems pretty much the usual.

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