Deja Vu And Other Signs That You Have A Past Life

The idea that souls or spirits are able to reincarnate, dates back least 3,000 years ago. You’ll find a lot of discussions on the subject in the ancient writings from India, Greece, and from the Celtic Druids. A simple way to understand the concept of reincarnation and past lives is to think of your soul as energy that can live on, taking another physical body after death.

Reincarnation is a spiritual growth process that spans several lifetimes. When a person experiences certain moments that feel like they’ve already experienced it, or seen it before, this is called “deja vu”. Déjà vu happens as a result of having been somewhere, or seeing something once before, but in one of your past lifetimes.

How You Can Tell Your Soul Has Reincarnated

Some people have reincarnated more times than others. One sign of a past life is having recurring dreams about very realistic events involving specific people and places. If you have recurring dreams, then your soul must be reliving a past memory from a previous life.

I used to know someone who had recurring dreams of a 14th century castle that he had never seen before, yet the castle felt very familiar to him.

You can also tell if your child has reincarnated. If you hear your kids talk about things that are strangely accurate in detail, but this information couldn’t have possibly been known or picked up from someone else, then they may be sharing something from a previous life. Back when they were someone else and living in a different place.

Intuition, Deja Vu, and Past Lives

Professional psychics are well aware that a highly intuitive person is someone whose soul has gone through many cycles. If you have the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious very well, then you are an “old soul” and can tap into this powerful source of deep wisdom and innate knowledge.

At some point in your life, you may have experienced deja vu. Again, it’s the feeling that you’ve had a similar experience before. Smells, sounds, sights, and other sensations, are known to trigger this bizarre feeling.

For what it’s worth, deja vu experiences should not be dismissed as mere coincidences. They are messages from your higher self, and offer a miraculous glimpse into your own soul, letting you make wiser decisions that have a positive impact in your life.

Deja vu moments may very well be “clues” your soul is trying to send you, to help you handle your present challenges. The past offers a lot of wisdom. Our experiences from our past lives all serve to increase our understanding, and heighten our awareness of the current world we are living in.

Deja vu moments may very well be the clues your soul is sending you on how to make decisions, or handle your present challenges. The past offers a lot of wisdom, and our past life experiences all serve to increase our understanding, and heighten our awareness of the universe, so we must make use of them.

What To Do When You Experience Deja Vu

Some deja vu experiences can actually help with your life problems. They can help you deal with current love problems, fix bad relationships through spiritual counseling, and help you find your one true love. If you are a spiritually aware person, then you are open to accepting these messages from your higher self.

You don’t always need to act on your deja vu moments every time they happen. In fact, you are not obligated in any way to reform bonds with people in this life, simply because you shared a bond in a previous life.

Being aware and taking your deja vu moments into consideration are sometimes enough for you to make wiser decisions that can bring you happiness and prosperity in this life.


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5 Responses

  1. La Shanda R. Watkins says:

    I seem to always have deja’vu moments. Sometimes they are so strong, yet I can’t see to figure them out. I would love to be able to tap into that as well as other things. I am spiritually aware, however, I don’t know how to awaken certain things.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi La Shanda,

      During a psychic reading, I can teach you how to tap into it, once I know your psychic gifts.

  2. NF Woo says:

    May I know is it avoidable for going past life again..? I would like to acquire to control the psychic scenrio.

  3. Shawn Lord says:

    Years ago I would have the same dream every single night to the it was real unnerving. It was always the same thing. I was stuck in the medieval age n I was inside this round stone Coliseum with people cheering around me as I was battling in a sword battle with a knight dressed in black armour n next thing I knew he drew his sword right through my stomach n I would wake up suddenly. This went on for months till I finally went to a palm reader in Miami Beach Florida. She told me I lived a past life back in the middle ages as The First Female Gladiator!

  4. Kaye says:

    I have had a few instances of visiting a place (like Havasupai Falls) for the first time and knowing very vivid details about the area, like “right around that corner the sand is going to be deeper and harder to walk through,” or “Down that way is a little chapel.” And my “predictions” were 100% accurate, I had never been there before. But it felt like I had returned home… and makes me wonder if maybe I lived there once upon a time, in a past life. I had a similar experience when I visited Pisa, Italy (my paternal great-grandparents grew up not too far away from Pisa). Or dreams as a kid of being in a car accident and having vivid feelings of pain, though I’d never been in an accident in this lifetime…. A lot of clues to me that may indicate past lives (I grew up in a “Christian” environment where reincarnation is considered to not be true), but I’m definitely a lot more curious about it…

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