Soul Age – How To Determine The Age Of Your Soul


Have you ever met a person who seems to be mature for their age?

Or a person who acts much younger than their years?

Perhaps you’ve talked to a young person about a certain problem, just for the sake of talking about it, but surprisingly discover that person gives you sound advice which has helped you a lot.

Have you ever wondered why some young people are sometimes wise beyond their years? Or why some older people act like children?

These behaviors are often a manifestation of their soul age.

What is Soul Age? Signs Soul Age 1

Your soul has undergone a lot of lifetimes. Your soul age determines the number of reincarnations you had.


Your present life on earth is but a speck of your destiny.

Our souls are meant to undergo the process of birth and rebirth – a cycle that goes on until you reach the perfection of your soul, and this cycle is commonly known as reincarnation.

As your soul reincarnates from one physical body to another, you carry with you the experiences and lessons learned in each lifetime.

Each lifetime you live is intended to help you grow, learn, mature, and accumulate life so you can reach the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose – even if it takes countless reincarnations.

Simply put, the age of your soul is determined by the number of reincarnations you have had. Soul age also refers to how many lifetimes you have previously lived.

The 4 Soul Ages and Their Personalities Signs Soul Age 3.

Each soul age has different and unique personalities.

Through the process of what seems to be an endless cycle of incarnations, your soul goes through four stages: young soul, medium-aged soul, old soul and advanced soul.

Each stage is unique, as your soul will exhibit different personalities and characteristics, as you pass on from one stage to another.

Each soul stage possesses unique characteristics that will help your soul to search for perfection. Your soul age affects how you live your life, how you think, act, and interact with others.

Young Souls


Young souls are also known as teenage souls.

They are in the early stages of their lives.

Young souls typically lived through 1-150 lives.

The characteristics of a young soul are similar to that of a young person entering adulthood. A young adult is in the stage wherein he tries to establish himself in his new environment – away from the comforts of home and tries to make a mark in the world. Signs Soul Age 2.

Young souls’ inherent characteristic is being independent. These souls are ambitious and want to establish a mark for themselves.

The same is said for young souls. These souls are generally concerned about worldly success – fame, glory, wealth, and riches.

The primary focus of young souls is survival and independence.

These souls actively exercise their free will. This soul stage has a lot to do with exploring and expressing oneself. But at the same time, young souls have a tendency to be insecure, often needing to compare themselves to others.

Young souls are also ambitious, and they have a strong vision of themselves.

They want to succeed in life and be on top of the ladder. So naturally, when one is ambitious, they will also be competitive.

Young souls often think that their opinions are always right. They cling hard to what they think is right, and they often think their opinions are better than everyone else’s.

Since young souls are more involved in these aspects, they usually are not concerned about the emotional and spiritual aspects of their life’s journey.

Middle Aged Souls


When the young soul stage is about to come to an end, these souls will start to ponder about what’s missing in their lives.

They come to realize that fame, fortune, and all the worldly successes they have acquired are meaningless and have little value.

Middle aged souls are keen on exploring the essence themselves, along with life’s purpose, and the meaning of existence. The focus of this soul stage is to live in harmony with other people, rather than proving individuality.

You could say that the characteristics of the middle-aged soul stage are quite the opposite of that of a young soul.

Instead of being focused on making a mark and being on top of the ladder, middle-aged souls tend to focus on being sensitive to other people’s thoughts and feelings; instead of insisting that their opinions are the best.

Middle aged souls are often considerate, and they admit that other people’s opinions are valid as well.

Instead of being rash and hot-blooded, they are more diplomatic and cooperative. This is the soul stage where they value relationships more than success.

They are conscious about forming right relationships with the right people, and they tend to be drawn towards other middle-aged are souls, seeking the company of like-minded individuals.

Middle aged souls are at the peak of their lives – having escaped the bonds of youth, and right before entering the old soul stage age.

This stage is where ‘soul searching’ literally happens. They are inquisitive and will normally question everything that happens in their lives.

By this stage, the souls have lived 150-300 lives at most.

Old Souls


In this soul stage, these souls have reached the final leg of the journey.

Having lived through 300-500 lives, they are now on the quest of searching for perfection, and the completion of their souls.

After having established independence and interrelationships, old souls now search for the higher order of the universe.

Old souls have completed their soul-searching, and have found a sense of inner peace and contentment. They no longer question everything, as opposed to middle-aged souls, since they have already acquired answers from their previous lifetimes before.

The old soul’s primary focus is spiritual fulfillment.

This soul knows many things since his or her soul has been through a lot at this point. They often find the world uninteresting and mundane.

This soul is not easily surprised by the events happening around them. They focus more on teaching mature souls and young souls, or those who are willing to listen to the lessons he or she has learned in life.

Old souls tend to be philosophical and relaxed, therefore radiating peace, calmness, and great wisdom. Being an old soul is a balance between the young nature and the mature nature.

Realizing the importance of the people around them, but also not forgetting the importance of oneself – in the sense that they are self-aware, rather than being self-centered. They realize that every living being has his or her own purpose in life and is a part of one great plan.

Advanced Souls


So what happens after we have reached the end of our old soul’s journey?

After completing the last soul stage cycle, your soul becomes an advanced soul, or as the world often refers to them as, the enlightened or spiritual masters.

Advanced souls have realized their essence of being, and have no need to reincarnate back to earth. In this stage, the soul has reached perfection and is therefore, embodying their true divine nature.

This soul is the one that reunites you with the Creator, allowing it to now become a spirit guide for those still living and learning on earth

By studying the three soul stages, you will have a clearer understanding between each soul stage, and you may be able to identify where you, or someone you know, is in their soul stage

As your soul progresses from one stage to the other, these characteristics and traits will overlap, and seamlessly blend together until the elements of the next stage fully emerge.

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