Develop your psychic abilities? (Taking new students)

Hi there,

As you know, I have been having many interesting astral travels recently. And it seems like lately that each time I astral travel, I have been having more and more information, realms, dimensions, and Spiritual Beings revealed to me, along with being taught many new teachings, techniques, and new and exciting spiritual information.

Up until now, as a result of all of my combined astral experiences, along with constant exposure to the highest vibrational frequencies in the entire universe, such as the vibrations found on the 299th Dimension, especially The Paradise Of Zylon, I am discovering myself psychically and spiritually evolving at an accelerated rate.

Interesting Psychic Experiences I’ve Been Having

Just the other day, as I was sitting alone in my home meditating, after about 30 minutes, I unexpectedly started levitating off of my couch! I was so startled by this, that when I suddenly opened my eyes, I quickly fell back down! Luckily I only lifted off the couch around 6 inches or so!

I have also been developing the area of spontaneous mind reading. For example, I was in the mall the other day and heard the thoughts of a woman beside me. At first, I thought I was losing my mind, but after I heard her repeat the almost  “exact words” I heard in my head, I realized, I was actually reading her mind!

What happened was, I was sitting at the mall enjoying an iced coffee, when a woman sat down beside me. Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice in my head saying “Valerio, I wish you’d hurry up and finish your shopping! I’m tired of waiting on you”

Then a few minutes later, a tall European-looking man carrying bags, walked out of one of the stores. Right then, the woman said in a loud voice “Valerio, are you finally finished shopping? I’m tired of sitting around waiting! Let’s go!” I almost fell over!!

That mind-reading experience even shocked me a little! And this ability has been getting even stronger now!

The other day, I looked at my husband and said “Why are you thinking about Sonny Bono? He died a long time ago!” Right then, his mouth dropped open as if he’d seen a ghost! In 11 years together, I don’t ever remember us ever talking about Sonny Bono before!

He then explained how an older lady at his work that day, had told him how she missed Sonny and Cher and mentioned what a shame it was Sonny Bono died the way he did! When my husband explained that story to me – then my mouth dropped open too!!

Are you looking to develop your psychic abilities? If so, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and someone will contact you with more information!

The Fascinating World Of Psychic Powers!

Psychic ability is a fascinating ability to possess. And anyone who has the correct understanding and training on how to use theirs, experiences things most people imagine to be impossible!

I mean, how many people have ever levitated, or been able to read minds? How many people know how to talk to their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, and also hear their voices when they reply back to them? How many people know how to see and read auras? How many people know how to give a psychic reading to another person?

Why You Are More Special Than You Know

To you and me, these abilities may not seem so unusual, but to the everyday person, they seem like something out of a science fiction magazine! Because the truth is, most of the world’s minds are closed to these things. Or they are more concerned with watching the Kardashians than they are learning about the “real” magic in the world, like developing their psychic powers, that can change their lives forever! This is sad – but true!

So what’s my point in talking about all of this? My point is since you are reading my emails, it means you are not one of those close-minded people I am talking about!

It means you are someone interested in learning about and understanding the higher truths of the universe, and its real inner workings. It also means your mind is more open than 90% of the people out there! And this, my Light Seeking friend, makes you VERY special! 

I’m Ready To Pass On My Knowledge

I have been bursting at the seems to pass my knowledge on and mentor a few people who have the real desire to learn how to develop their psychic abilities to the fullest. But I’m not interested in passing on my knowledge to people who are just going to learn it, and then do nothing with it! No! I want to pass it on to serious Light Seekers. People who have a true passion to help the world. People who want to use this gift to help others.

Because honestly, if the person is not really interested in applying this sacred knowledge and using it to help others or improve their own life, then I’d rather not waste their time nor mine mentoring them with the years and years of past-lifetime knowledge I have to share.

Something to understand is, being able to develop one’s psychic ability doesn’t happen overnight. If it did, everyone would be psychic!! t’s not just learning a few techniques, and then expecting to be able to “be psychic” instantly!

As a matter of fact, some abilities could take months, or even years to get results. For example, a person who thinks they can learn to levitate in a few sessions has a very unrealistic expectation of developing these particular psychic powers. Buddhist monks practice this for years before they can even levitate half an inch!

Moving objects with your mind won’t happen overnight either! So if you have the expectations to be able to levitate, or move objects with your mind in just a few sessions, this private mentoring is not for you! 

What You Can Expect

Now learning to develop your clairvoyance (having psychic visions of the past, present, or future), see and read the aura of another person, or develop your clairsentient ability (hearing voices others cannot hear – such as the voices of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels) or learning to develop your clairsentience (feeling the feelings and emotions of others, or feeling the presence of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels) can all be learned in a relatively short amount of time.

As a matter of fact, during my one-on-one private psychic development classes, which I teach remotely over the phone, my students learn how to do all of these things in just a half-hour training session for each one! As a matter of fact, by the end of only one-half hour, they are even able to do an accurate psychic reading on me using whatever psychic ability they just learned. 

For example, if a student just learned clairvoyance, they can see psychic visions of my life and tell me things about myself! 

If they just learned clairaudience, they can hear their Guides and Angels tell them things about me! 

And if they just learned clairsentience, they can feel psychic feelings about me that are extremely accurate! 

They are even able to see and read auras after just one 30-minute private class!

If this sounds impossible, well, it isn’t! I have many, many successful students to prove otherwise!

And during your one-on-one mentoring, you will have direct access to me during our classes, so you will be able to pick my brain about any of the topics I teach you. Giving you even deeper insights and enriching information about developing your psychic abilities!!

Are you looking to develop your psychic abilities? If so, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and someone will contact you with more information!

I Am VERY Picky About Who I Mentor

But back to what I was saying. I am EXTREMELY picky about who I pass on my knowledge to! I don’t just pass it on to someone just because a person has the money for my private classes (Which aren’t cheap!)

Just because a person thinks it would be cool to learn how to be psychic is not enough! I will only mentor people who understand how truly priceless and powerful possessing this knowledge is.

And I only take on about 5 private students a year. That’s it! So having the opportunity to be mentored by me one-on-one, to learn to develop your psychic abilities, is a rare as a hen’s teeth!

And if you’re on a tight financial budget (even though there is a payment plan) then this isn’t for you! I set the cost of my teaching at a price point that weeds out the curiosity seekers, but is affordable for the serious student!

Besides, anyone who is mentored by me, knows that an average beginning psychic is able to charge $30 a half-hour for a reading. And they also know I turn out students that are so good, that when they have completed my entire mentoring program, they are able to charge between $50 and $75 a half-hour!

And it doesn’t take a mathematician to see that by being able to charge those prices, the cost of my one-on-one mentoring program is irrelevant in the overall picture. Because the money you spent will be earned back VERY quickly!

Here’s The Real Deal!

A person who uses what I teach them can easily earn back the cost of one of my courses in less than two months, by simply giving psychic readings on a semi part-time basis!

And can you think of anything more fun and exciting than earning good money giving psychic readings to other people ??

You will actually be able to tell people YOU are a psychic, and you will astound them with the accuracy of your psychic readings. Once you achieve the status level of calling yourself a Psychic, it’s at that moment, people will start looking at you differently! In their eyes, you will go from (say your name here) to an amazing person with incredible psychic powers and abilities! 

I mean honestly, how many people do you actually know, who make their living, either part-time or full-time, as a professional psychic, giving psychic readings to other people??? I’m sure you don’t know many if any at all!

And neither do most other people…

…so in their eyes, when you let them know you are a developed Psychic, you will instantly be seen as a Psychic Guru who has amazing, and incredible powers!”

But never let this go to your head!

Because remember, this is a gift to be used to help others along their path in life! And it will be your karmic responsibility to use your psychic powers to guide, predict, and counsel others onto their path of the highest good for their life!

What If You Want To Learn This To Improve Your Own Life

And if you are a person not interested in giving readings, but rather to use this knowledge to improve your life and help you get ahead spiritually, materially, and physically, then your life will be blessed in such a way that money couldn’t even measure!

I Am So Confident In My One-On-One Mentoring That

I Proudly Offer A Many-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in my teaching ability that, if you do ALL the required homework and do it on time each month, and you don’t feel you have learned anything at all, then I will give you every single cent of your money back!  No hard feelings, and we’ll still be friends!

And just so you know, you’d be the very FIRST person to ever ask for a refund, if this was the case for you!

So in other words, what I am trying to say is, this never happens because you will learn! You would only not learn IF you don’t practice what I teach you.

And I Forgot To Mention This!

Oh, and I forgot to mention. This is a certification course, so you will be certified at the end of the 6 months as a Level 1 Psychic. You will receive an actual certification you can display on your wall, in your office, or anywhere you please, to proudly show others you are a Certified Level 1 Psychic!

(There are 3 levels of mentoring and training for people who want to learn some very advanced techniques and go on to develop extremely rare and advanced psychic powers!!)

As a matter of fact, there is even a 6-month training where I teach you how to promote and build a successful Psychic Practice – if that’s the direction you want to go!

This training can be used and applied according to how you want to use and apply it. In other words, if you think it would be really cool (And it is really cool, believe me) to give psychic readings to others on a part-time or full-time basis, then you will be able to apply what you learned to give psychic readings.

If you want to learn this to deepen your own spiritual connection with others, your life, and the universe around you with all of its invisible Beings, you can use this to accomplish that too!

So as you can see, each of my amazing students has different reasons for mentoring with me. But they all have one thing in common: They all have amazingly developed psychic abilities! As a matter of fact, when I am through mentoring them, they are better than 90% of all psychics out there! 

Are You Ready To Apply?

So if this is something that interests you, and the cost is not a block for you (you can make payment arrangements with me) then shoot me an email, and explain why you’d like to be considered as someone I take under my wing and personally mentor to develop your psychic abilities.

Here’s a hint: Your email will determine if I personally interview you and see if I’d like to mentor you. So if you put little effort into telling me why I should choose you, you won’t receive a reply back.

Because thankfully and gratefully, I am very busy, so my time is very limited. And since I value my limited free time, I only choose who to work with and develop the 5 most serious students!

So if you’re not serious, please don’t waste your time and energy writing a half-serious email to me.

Please Include Your Phone Number

And please MAKE SURE to include a phone number in your email to contact you directly back at!. If you don’t include a number, you will automatically not be considered – no matter how great your email is!

Also, if you have any questions about this training, you first need to apply by submitting your email first. After I receive your serious email, I will gladly answer any questions.

So the best way to do this is to write your email letting me know why you should be one of the 5 people I will choose, and send it back by replying to this email, or by sending it to

I look forward to turning out 5 more amazing psychics for 2017! And good luck in your application process!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


Or call: 614-444-6334

P.S. If you get chosen to be one of the 5 people I mentor, you can be proud of yourself Because few people in the entire world will ever get this opportunity to work with me as their one-on-one private mentor!

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