Would you like your angel’s names? (Here’s How)

One of the biggest obstacles people often run into is they feel like they are all alone, and no one is there to listen to them.

Feeling lonely is a terrible feeling, and you can feel very sad inside when you feel like you are all alone!

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But the truth is, you are never alone! As a matter of fact, you have been surrounded by spirit guides and guardian angels since the day you were born!

That’s right! You came into this world with a group of invisible friends, helpers, and beings who will protect you!

The Big Problem

The problem is, if you are like most people, you had no idea they were there, so you have been ignoring them all of your life!

They’ve been there everyday trying to get your attention, and this email may be the first time they have been able to get you to acknowledge them!

Right now, either out loud or in your mind, say “I realize that you are all surrounding me. Please make your presence known to me by showing me a sign that I will know is from you!”

Don’t tell them the sign to show you, just ask them to show you a sign that you will know is from them!

Then see what happens over the next few weeks or so! A sign may come right away, or it may take awhile! Just be patient!

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Letters I Received

Dear Tana, 

After our Angel Reading, I was in awe. You told me the names of 22 of my guides, and then you told me how each one could help me! 

Would you believe that when I called on my Doctor Guide named Mr. Wilson, that my arthritis went away completely! 

I am so amazed! 

Margaret C. Austin Tx 

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Dear Tana, 

After our reading, I knew the names of all 19 of my guides and angels. I have been calling on them like you taught me, and my Indian Guide Black Wolf actually saved me from being robbed two nights ago! 

I am now a TRUE believer! 

Paula G. Johannesburg, South Africa


Dear Tana, 

After my reading, I learned all the names of my 26 guides! You taught me how each one could help me! After calling on my Professor Guide Dr. Carlton, I passed my bar with a score of almost 96%! I had failed it 3 times before that! 

Simply amazing! 

Matt R. Pittsburg, PA


A Name Is Powerful

Knowing the names of your guides is so important, because a name holds the energy vibration of that guide within it!

This is why I offer a special reading to learn the names of your guides, their special powers, and how to utilize their help in your life!

As you can see, by knowing the names of your guides, what they can help you with, and how to call on them, your life can change almost instantly!

I hope this was helpful to you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. I just got a chill down my spine as I was writing this email, so it means someone who is reading it right now, just made a connection with their guides! Fantastic!! Great job!!

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