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What is YOLO?

YOLO or ‘You Only Live Once’ is a term you usually hear from people taking a leap of faith that can alter the course of their lives. You read about it in articles, the news, and even hear about it from your next door neighbor. “You only live once…”

Or do you?

Reincarnation and past lives are terms that have existed since ancient times. And many people believe in reincarnation, acknowledging the idea of having past lives.

So what is the difference between past lives and reincarnation?

Think of your life as a book with many chapters. Each chapter represents the past lives that you have lived on earth.

Before each chapter begins, you reincarnate. This is where your soul is reborn into another physical body.

Although you cannot recall them, your past lives have shaped the way you are living in the present. The decisions you make in your everyday life is largely influenced by your experiences in the past, whether they were good or bad.

If you are encountering problems that are unexplainable, it may be because of who you were in your past life, and that issues from the past have resurfaced in your current life.

Therefore it is important to uncover facts about your previous existences, so you may gain knowledge about why they are happening to you, and how to combat them. In order to do so, this is where a past life reading can help!

What Is A Past Life Reading? Discover Past Lives 1

Discovering more about your past life will help you live your current life by having a better understanding of who you are.


A past life reading is when a psychic delves into your past lives and relays this information to you. This is usually done by a psychic who is gifted with the talent of reading your Akashic Records.

These records exist in the higher realms and contain detailed information about all of your past lives.

When having your Akashic Records read, make sure to choose a psychic who is reputable, loving, and sympathetic.

What Are The Pieces Of Information You Get After A Past Life Reading? Discover Past Lives 2

Some of your fears have originated from your past life. Knowing what caused these in the past may help you understand and move beyond these fears.

In a past life reading, you will have the chance to find out who you were; your name, your career, your relationships, and other interesting details about your past livesl.

Past Life reading will reveal the experiences and lessons you learned in your previous lives so you can apply them for the betterment of your current life.

Also, a Past Life reading aids you in obtaining information that can unlock certain mysteries in your current life.

For example, you may have a fear of driving cars. During your Past Life reading, you may find out this is due to the fact that you had an accident in one of your past lives, and died in a car crash in your thirties. Past life readings will help you clear out the baggage that you still carry over from your past lives.

When a psychic reads your past lives, they often focus on the most relevant past life – the past life that greatly affects your present one.

Ask your psychic to show you only the relevant information, so you will not feel overwhelmed with unnecessary pain or sorrow.

You can be sure that with the right psychic, your reading will be guided and conducted in a gentle environment, helping you pinpoint and better understand your experiences today.

What Are The Benefits Of Past Life Reading? Discover Past Lives 3

A past life reading can help you deal with the problems you have now and understand the things that are happening in your current life.

Most people say there is a reason for everything – and there is definitely a reason why you experienced all you did in your past lives.

Those experiences will one day be of good use to you, and help you overcome problems you will encounter in this life.  But there are some problems you may find recurring, relationships patterns that just do not work, habits that are hard to break, and certain issues that have no basis in your current lifetime.

Past Life readings help you break through all these problems once and for all.

A Past Life reading will help you:

  • You Discover Your Life Theme

During a Past Life reading, you can discover your current life themes.

Life themes are what drive or motivate you to continue living life. Simply put, your life themes help you find your purpose in life. When you identify your life theme, your life is given meaning and inspiration.

Recognizing your life theme gives you a better understanding as to why you behave or react in a certain way.

For example, through a Past Life reading, you may discover that your life theme is a quest for acceptance. So you will then be aware of why you feel lonely or why you are aloof.

By identifying the root of the problem, it is easier to provide a solution.

  • Free You From The Negative Energies From Past Lives

The negative energies from your past life often cling to your present one, which then influences the way you deal with life.

Past Life readings can eliminate negative energies, and pave the way to a life full of clarity.

When you are no longer bound by these negative energies, you will realize you are capable and more powerful than you knew.

  • Reconnect with Past Abilities and Skills

Past life readings also help you awaken any abilities and skills you developed in your previous life. For example, you may find yourself struggling financially, and after a past life reading, you discover you were a business tycoon in one of your past lives.

Having this knowledge from your reading, will help you believe in yourself more, and steer away from self-limiting beliefs.

  • Letting Go of Old Patterns And Habits

Old patterns and bad habits from your previous lives, may sometimes resurface in your current life. Laziness, procrastination, and disbelief, may be a result of past life characteristics.

Knowing your old habits will help you to improve your life immensely. And if these habits reoccur in this life, it will be easier to identify and correct them in this one.

In conclusion, Past Life readings will give you useful insights on how to live your current life, so you can live this life the fullest, and well as heal and transform your life for the better.

Whether it is out of curiosity, or because you want to dig deep and find the roots to your problems, getting a Past Life reading can make it easier for you to step into your journey with a new perspective.

A Past Life reading gives you a glimpse into who you were, and what you were capable of.


If you’d like to know more about your past lives, and what kind of karmic debts you have, you can get in touch with me for a psychic reading and I’ll be happy to help you. Click here to schedule a psychic reading with me.


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