Your Past Life – How To Discover Who You Were


It might be interesting to know that you had a lot of lifetimes. Your past life and reincarnation are linked to each other. Before we probe into past lives we need to first understand reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the process whereby your soul, upon death of your body, comes back to be reborn in another body. This cycle is repeated many times, until such a time that your soul has learned all the earthly lessons that it needs to in order to advance.

Past lives and reincarnation are accepted concepts in many societies worldwide, especially in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Many ancient civilizations also believed in reincarnation and an afterlife, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Roman Empire.

We will learn from this article about your past lives, how they affect your present life, and how a past life reading can help you.

What Are Past Lives Past Life 1

Past Life is the life you have lived before in a different body which affects your present life.


Your past life is a previously lived life in another body. We all have lived before in a different time, in a different body.

In your previous lifetimes, your soul experienced the physical world in a different physical body, at a time period earlier than this present one. Your soul remains constant, only your physical body and personality changes from one lifetime to the next. Your soul learns new lessons with each incarnation.

You Could Have Been Anyone Before


You could have been anyone in your past lives. Some people who know their past lives will tell that they were some historical figure, such as Queen Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Napoleon, and so forth.

For instance, someone who was Queen Elizabeth I may feel an affinity with England from that period, because of their past life connection. A certain affinity, or unexplainable attraction for certain cultures, time periods, or environment are signs of past life that your soul may have experienced in a previous lifetime.

How Events In Your Past Life Can Affect You Past Life 2

The fears or phobias and other unexplained physical ailments you have now may be a result of some unresolved issues in your past life.

Your present life is often affected by your past lives, because our souls are impressed with the wisdom and wounds from many of our past lifetimes. Your current feelings, personality traits, and behavior, were shaped by the events you have been through in your past lifetimes.

When we have an experience in the past that was never fully resolved, it will continue to affect our current life until it has been recognized, processed, and then released. These unresolved experiences may come out as emotions, attachments, physical ailments, unusual fears, or perplexing patterns that cannot be readily explained.

A strange phobia, an unfounded terror, or a frustrating pattern, which has no explainable reason, can be a symptom of a possible past life condition that has leaked into the present day. And they will continuously persist, despite your efforts to stop them.

For instance, if you were drowned in a past life, then you will have an irrational fear of water or swimming in this life. By knowing where these fears and challenges originated from will help you understand them, release them and move beyond them, to create the life you want.

It often helps to revisit your past lives, where these experiences originated from, to get an understanding into the series of events that developed into this problem. You can then use this fresh perspective to wrap up unfinished business, so you can get on with your life.

How Past Life Information Can Benefit You In This Life


Recalling your past life experiences can help you resolve issues that are preventing you from living your life fully in the present.

Past life gives you insights and revelations about the journey of your soul. The knowledge you received from your past experiences can help you make better choices in life.

Looking at your past lives can also help in physical and emotional healing. It allows you to deal with the underlying causes of your problems, such as compulsions, headaches, physical problems, and even emotional problems.

Mysterious pains and physical ailments may be a result of subconscious memories from a past life. Guilt also plays a major role in our lives. If fear, anger, and grief, are suppressed, they can create feelings of guilt. Past life information can help you let go of guilt that was created in previous incarnations.

Recalling a past life relationship with someone that you are involved with now, can help you to recognize negative patterns in the relationship. It allows you to break or heal these patterns, especially in a love-hate type of relationship.

Techniques You Can Try For Discovering Who You Were In Your Past Life


If you want to learn more about who you were in your past life, you can take a look at these things to find out more.

Dreams, Nightmares and Déjà vu

Dreams and nightmares that reoccur may offer clues to your past lives. Your dreams and nightmares are the output of the subliminal or unconscious mind.

If a place feels familiar, even if you have not been there before, you likely lived there during another lifetime. This déjà vu is also a clue to who you were.

Always follow your intuition when you have dreams or experience déjà vu.

Historical and Personal Preferences

Another way to find out who you were is by examining historical and personal preferences. For example, you may have a great affinity to Asian culture, Celtic artifacts, or the 19th century. These maybe clues to your past life identities.

A Past Life Regression and Psychic Readings

A past life regression is a way to tap into the unconscious mind to reveal a previous life. The therapist will put you into a hypnotic state and take you back to a previous life. You may discover issues that need to be healed, or strengths that you can tap into during the session.

Psychic readings, when done with an experienced psychic, can also tell you who you were. A psychic can access your Akashic Records, which hold information about your soul, and everything about your past lifetimes, including your present one.

How A Past Life Reading Can Help You Discover More About Your Past Lives Past Life 3

A past life reading can give you insights about your previous life and can help you resolve your phobias and give you physical and emotional healing.

During a past life reading, a psychic uses his ability to access your Akashic records, and tell you many things about your past lives, such as who you were, what you did, why do you have certain fears and phobias, and also your life purpose in this lifetime.

It will reveal the past life events, karmic debt, and soul contracts, affecting your present day journey. Any past life circumstances and information revealed to you during your reading can help you to emotionally heal and move forward with your life.

By gaining access to who you were can unleash your hidden skills and talents, clear mental blocks, and even increase your ability to love and cherish relationships.

The Importance Of Choosing An Experienced Psychic When Learning About Your Past Lives


Research should be done carefully when choosing a psychic for your past life reading. Not all psychics are honest, skilled, or trustworthy. It is important to only work with a reputable psychic because he or she will probe into the deepest parts of who you are, by reading your Akashic Records. Choose someone who is kind and caring, has a loving spirit, and a good reputation.

Past lives seem very mysterious, but finding out who you were in the past can give you a better understanding of who you are now, and help you also discover who you want to be.

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