How To Do Powerful Psychic Divination Using Candles– by Tana Hoy

Candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, and they’re widely used for special events, as well as for creating the right ambience for romantic dinners. Candles are also used for spiritual healing, rituals, séances, meditation, and of course, divination.


Candle Divination

But why are candles so popular? Well, other than giving off light, they’re a powerful spiritual tool that helps people focus their psychic energies.

Candles help you in focusing on your desires, allowing you to more effectively send your intentions out into the universe. This is why candles are lit and blown when making birthday wishes, and are used in prayer or meditation.
Candles have a way of making the atmosphere soothing as they release positive energy, creating a calmer, more positive feeling. This is why the atmosphere feels different when you walk into a candlelit restaurant, or when you light candles in your home.

Because candles are also powerful tools for focusing your mind, they can help you become more sensitive to the metaphysical world, to psychic insights, and to the spirit world.

Furthermore, candles can help you get into a deeper state of psychic awareness. They also greatly help during psychic readings, making it easier to see the past, the present, as well as the future.

How To Give A Reading Using A Candle

Looking into the future using a candle can be done in a number of ways:

Reading the flame

Also called pyromancy, fire gazing is an age-old way of looking into the future. When you light a candle, you should observe the red core, the blue halo, and the orange and yellow outer portion of the flame. Also take note of the flame’s size, the way it sways (even with no wind), if it splits into two flames, and if it flickers, leaps, or blazes up and down. As you stare in the flame, all of these things, along with the images that form in your mind’s eye, are interpreted for their meanings.

o Reading the smoke

Smoke reading is also called capnomancy, and this is done in one of two ways:

1. By observing the wisps of smoke as the wick burns

The amount of smoke the candle emits, as well as the color, shape, and the images the smoke creates, are relevant when you interpret the meanings.

2. By reading the smoke residues left on the candle holder

A candle inside a glass container usually leaves residues, soot, and burns on the side of the holder. These marks are read and interpreted according to the amount of soot on the glass.

o Reading the wax drippings

The art of reading a candle’s melted (and hardened) wax is called ceromancy. This can be done in two ways:
1. By observing the wax as the candle naturally burns.

The way the wax drips on the sides, the way it pools when the candle burns down, or if the wax “drowns” the wick – all these have their meanings.

2. By tipping a candle in a bowl of water

When you drip candle wax in water, it hardens and forms images. These images are interpreted accordingly, akin to tea leaf reading.

While these are all excellent ways of divining the future, it is best to use a combination of any of the above, because this allows you to validate your readings.

Furthermore, you need to take into consideration other signs, such as, does the candle burns unnaturally fast or slow, if the candle goes out for no apparent reason, or if it tips over, bends, or burns mostly on one side.

How To Do A Candle Reading

Before you start divining psychic predictions using a candle, you first need to choose what candle to use. Select the color and scent that suits you best, and if you can’t decide, a scentless white one is always advisable. Always use a new candle each time!

Prepare the items that you need: the candle of your choice, a lighter, and, if you’re doing ceromancy, place water in a ceramic or glass container (don’t use plastic).

• Choose a quiet room with no wind or draft.
• Turn down the lights.
• Sit in a comfortable position, and begin to meditate. Allow your body to relax, and free your mind of all negative thoughts and emotions, concerns, or worries.
• Once you’re rleaxed, light your candle. As you light it, think of your question, or if you don’t have a specific question, focus on your intent to see what’s ahead for you. You may also ask your spirit guides to help you in getting the insights that you need.
• Observe the candle as it burns. Depending on the method that you’re using, you can either watch the flame, the smoke, or the wax. Take note of what you see and sense. If certain insights “jump out” in your mind, you need to take note of these, because those are most likely important messages for you.
• When your candle burns out, or when you feel that you’re done, ask your guides to help you in interpreting the signs. Thank them and the universe for the revelations.
• Now relax and bring yourself out of meditation.

Interpreting What You See

While there are many references and books, which provide the meanings of the images you’ll see when you do a candle reading, the most important source of interpretation is still within yourself. You need to tap into your awareness, and find what a particular image means to you.

For example, a flower can mean different things to different people – it can be a happy image representing love, or it can be a sad image representing loss. So if you see a flower in, let’s say, your wax drippings, then you should go inside yourself to know what it means to you, personally.

Try not to dismiss your interpretations as “improbable” or “silly”. However, you need to be watchful that you don’t inject meanings that come from your desires.

If you need help in interpreting the signs that you see in your candle divination, you can contact a psychic medium, who can help you go deeper into the meanings you observed. To schedule a psychic reading, you can contact me by clicking here!

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  1. sunny says:

    Thank you for these nice text!

    I have some problems on emotional level, can I please ask you for advice how to try to do candle divination and candle healing to try to solve my problem?

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    Suny. from Novi Sad

  2. Rafaela says:

    What does a woman’s face mean?
    what does an arrow mean?
    can u recommend a book of definitions of shapes with meanings.

  3. Jody says:

    Hey what does it mean when wax drips and forms a arrow looking shape at the side then falls of by itself

  4. Bobby Crossan says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this is the place to ask this but I’m very curious. I was sitting in my room with two candles lit that were sat on the windowsill next to my bed. The flames from the candles were very dim and looking as if they were about to go out. Then my girlfriend came over and lay with me on my bed to watch a film, half way through the film I looked at the candles and both of their flames were higher and brighter than they were when I first lit them. I was wondering if this has a meaning and if so what the meaning is, thanks

  5. Diane says:

    I had burned two vigil candles a pull pull, and attraction…….the guide told me to burn three of each back to back, so I did. They burned clean, a pop one or two time, the flame was strong,and at times rose higher then others. No soot observe light or dark. The last candle the metal piece that held th wick was curved up…there was barely any wax left but a second flame was off the metal. It was only small for short period. I guess my question would be how long til there is action? Because reading the smoke the flame and the wax, it would indicate an all go? Thanks for your help! Blessings

  6. Laura dorego says:

    Hi. I have 2 heart shapes on my wax one on each side. The candle was for attractopn /love.

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  8. Julia says:

    I bought a psychic candle to help open up my 3rd eye as well as psychic oil. How do you burn the candle? Do you burn it in one shot? Do you pray over it each time? As well as the oil?

  9. Heidi says:

    Can this be done for others? Or for distance readings?

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