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Hi there,

Someone emailed me the other day asking me if it was possible to take their money with them into the afterlife. As a matter of fact, this person emailed me the following email:

“Dear Mr. Hoy, 

I have heard about you from my friends, and am well aware of your fantastic reputation, and how good you are at what you do. I was told you are the best out there. So this is why I have decided to contact you about a proposition I have. 

If you can help me devise a way to take my money with me when I die, I will pay you handsomely in the sum of $1,000,000. ”

Needless to say, I was a little taken back when I received that email. As a matter of fact, I was a bit in shock…

I Already Knew Him By Name

His email went on to explain he is a billionaire, that he loves his money so much that he doesn’t want to leave it behind because he wants to take it with him to enjoy on the other side. He even went on to explain how he has already hired the best architect in the world to design plans for his “house in heaven” as he referred to it.

He didn’t need to tell me he was a billionaire, because I knew who he was by his name. As a matter of fact, almost anyone in the world would know who he is by his name. He even went as far as to call my office to speak with me about this matter. He was very insistent on taking his money with him.

I called him back, and his assistant placed my call through to him. He was very kind to me and thanked me for calling him back. When I explained to him that it was impossible to take his money with him to enjoy on the other side, he didn’t believe me. He went on to tell me that someone of my caliber should be able to help him devise a way to do this.

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He Offered Me $3,000,000

He then upped his offer to $3,000,000, as if he thought I was holding back some esoteric secret on how to do this, acting as if the money was going to change my mind.

I explained that taking money with you when you die just isn’t possible! And even if it is, I would gladly teach him during a regular psychic reading. I then informed him that a reading would cost him a lot less than $3,000,000. But if he scheduled a reading with me, this wasn’t something I could reach him, or anyone how to do. I tried to explain to him that doing that is simply just impossible!

Then he insisted on scheduling a reading with me so that he could learn how to do this. He just wasn’t willing to hear “it’s impossible” as an answer…

Finally, after a few minutes of letting him know this was impossible to teach anyone how to do, he thanked me. But he sounded very disappointed that he couldn’t take his money with him when he died.

I told him it would be better to leave it to his loved ones so they could enjoy it, allowing it to bless their lives the same way it has hopefully blessed his. He then told me he would somehow figure out a way to do this, with or without my help!

I guess some people just don’t want to hear what they don’t want to hear… 

He Really Got Me Thinking!

This really got me to thinking. As a society, many people place so much importance on things that they can’t take with them when they die. Money, houses, cars, jewelry, clothes, watches, and other fancy things. Many people, not just only the billionaire who contacted me, live as if they will be here on earth forever, collecting “things” and acting “as if” they can take it all with them.

Yet many of these same people neglect the important things in their lives, such as making quality time for the ones they love, enriching their souls spiritually, taking care of their weight and health so they can live a long, healthy life, and working to become kind people.

It’s important to remember as Light Seekers that life passes in the flash of an eye. And if you don’t believe me, then ask any old person how fast does time fly? They will all tell you it passed them by in an instant! They will tell you how they wish they were young again. And the sick ones will tell you they wish they had taken better care of their health.

I wanted to share this story with you as a reminder to take the time to enjoy each day, cherish the people you love, and to make sure to take care of your health. Because your health is the most precious gift you have. Without your health, you won’t be able to enjoy anything. Especially not even one of the many “things” you may have accumulated in your life.

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Do One Of These Things Daily

I want to encourage you to take time today to tell someone how important they are to you. Tell a friend how much you cherish their friendship.

Give money to a homeless person without worrying if they are going to spend it on alcohol or not. Just give them a dollar – it’s only a dollar! It will make them feel better, and it will enrich your soul from the mere act of giving without expectation or trying to control the outcome of where the money goes.

Visit an animal shelter and make a small donation of $10. You spend almost that much on a meal at McDonald’s, more than that on a single movie ticket, and more than that on two Latte’s at Starbucks. Yet, that $10 will help an animal that has been neglected or needs a home.

You can do any good deed that is a way to give back. Because the more you give, the more you will receive. If you have money problems, give more money to help others. If you have love problems, give more love to people who need it, such as the elderly, troubled children, etc. If you have health problems, help and encourage other people who are sicker than you. You always get back more than you give. 

A Priceless Secret To Solving Any Problem, Struggle, Or Challenge In Your Life

The problem is, when most people have a struggle, they only think of themselves and their struggle. But this way of thinking keeps them stuck in their struggle. The quickest way to resolve any struggle, problem or concern, is to seek out others who need help, and then start helping them. The more you give, the more you will receive.

There is also one more thing I know for sure…

You can never relive one single moment that has passed, nor repeat one single moment in time, or even go back in time – even for just two little seconds. So please cherish each moment, stay present in the moment as much as possible, help others, and live life to the fullest and happiest that you can, each and every moment of your life!

Practice this priceless, sage advise, and watch how your life magically changes around for the better!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Take a moment RIGHT NOW and just smile! Even if no one is there to see you! Just do it right now! You’ll instantly feel better!

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  1. Lee Ann Hettrick says:

    Beautiful inspiration! I cannot wait to have my session with you on June 3. Love and light, Lee Ann!

  2. Darnell Reed says:

    Thank u for that feedback i try to live that always just the way u said it. Just need to do more of course and i will . Thank u for that much needed encouragement. Also to know that i am doing the right things My mom instilled that in me since i was a child. Thanks again Greatly appreciated!!

  3. Irma Guzman says:

    TANA , thank you for the email. I need to spend more time with my family. My parents are old and I don’t visit as much as I should. I need to have more time with my friends too.

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