Do You Have Good Or Bad Love Karma?

Most people don’t realize that the attitude with which you approach love, determines the type of love relationship you will have with the other person.

Your thoughts are expressed by using words! So it is important to pause for a moment before speaking to someone you love, especially when in the heat of anger.

Many people spend days, months, and even years, building a relationship, and then with just a few thoughtless words, actions, or deeds, they can destroy the love that took so long to build.

But why does this happen?

The answers are found in your past lives! 

About Your Past Lives

Your past lives affect everything in your current life! They are the reasons you have the love experiences you have, meet the people you meet, and have the relationship experiences that you do!

People you meet, are attracted to, and/or fall in love within this life, are all people you have met before in one of your past lives!

When it comes to relationships in this life, the love experiences you have are determined largely by the things you did, or didn’t do, in one of your past lives!

So in some ways, your love life is already predestined to happen in a certain way, due to your love karma, which is determined by the interactions you had with people you loved in a past life long ago!

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The Good News!

The good news is, regardless of your past life love karma, you can take control, and change your love past life love karma into loving relationship experiences in this life. By changing your love karma, you can stop the repeating of the same bad love experiences, and start having the love experiences you want to have.

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What Most People Don’t Realize About Love Karma!

Most people wonder why they never seem to find anyone! Or why they never have a successful love relationship. Or why the relationships they do have, never seem to work out! Or why the person they felt was their soulmate – left!

Most people never realize that the answers to these questions have to do with their past life love karma!

In my mind, you are very fortunate to be reading this, because it means you are open and aware of things most people never give a second thought to!

Many people don’t believe in past lives, let alone reincarnation, love karma, or any type of spiritual ideas like these! So when they do have problems in love, they never seem to find an answer to why they have the love problems they do, so they go through their lives always having relationships that end and leave them miserable and unhappy!

Why There Is No Such Thing As Bad Luck!

They often think it is just “bad luck’, when the truth is, there is no such thing as “bad luck”! Bad luck comes from what you did, or didn’t do, in one of your many past lives!

The other sad truth is, because of their closed-mindedness, they don’t even realize that they can change their love life into “good luck”, if they would only be willing to explore their past lives, in order to find what caused their love karma problems in the first place!

So if you are having problems in love, the first thing to do is to look at your Love Karma to understand where your bad love karma started, and then I will know what you can do to change it!

A Few Examples Of Past Life Love Karma

For example, I remember doing a Love Karma reading for one woman. I saw very clearly how her past life Love Karma was causing all of her relationship problems in this life! And it was easily fixable!

She was 54 years old, had already had three divorces, and could not understand why she could never get love right! I helped her fix the problem with a simple mantra, and 8 months later, she met the man she would marry! They have been together, and very happy, for over 20 years now!

I remember another girl, around 28 years old, and she had already had 3 boyfriends cheat on her. One even cheated with her own sister! She was devastated, and couldn’t understand why this was always happening to her! So she had me perform a Love Karma reading for her.

Well, I found she had done the same things in one of her past lives, to all three of the men who cheated on her in this one! So they were repaying her karma back to her!! This situation took a little work for me to repair her past life love karma, but I was able to do it for her!

Afterward, less than 6 months later, she met a guy, fell in love with him, and they have now been married for over 7 years. We have had several readings since then, and she always tells me how happy they are together!

Emotional Masochists – A Sad Reality

So as you can see, past life love karma is powerful, and it will prevent you from having a happy relationship if it doesn’t get corrected! The good news is, it is correctable, and once it gets corrected, the love you have always dreamed of will eventually appear in your life!

I am so happy I am able to teach so many people about this so that they can change their Love Karma if they want to! Some people actually enjoy getting emotionally hurt, believe it or not? They are called Emotional Masochists, and they derive a kind of “sick” pleasure from emotional pain!

So a Love Karma reading would not help an Emotional Masochist, because this type of person wouldn’t want to stop getting emotionally hurt! Believe it or not, they subconsciously seek out others (Emotional Sadists) who will emotionally hurt them!

How To Change Your Love Karma 

Let’s face it, unless you’re an Emotional Masochist, feeling the emotional pain of a failed relationship hurts clear to the core of your soul! Some psychologists say the pain from a serious breakup is comparable to the pain a person feels when someone they love dies! Because even though the other person didn’t die, they “died” in your life, because eventually, you will probably never see them again!

So no one wants to keep experiencing that kind of pain – except an Emotional Masochist!

If you have repeated love karma problems, I recommend a Love Karma reading. This is a new type of reading I am now offering people. This reading will show you why you have any of the love problems you do and what you can do to fix them! Once your love karma has been fixed, your love problems will fade away like dust in the wind!!

A Love Karma reading has been described to me as being “worth more than its weight in gold!” Because how can anyone place a value on finding a true love that will last forever?

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I hope this sheds some light on why you have been having the relationship problems you may have had, or are still having!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. You now know something most people never discover? They never discover that love doesn’t have to be so painful! Because when you understand what your love karma is from your past lives, you can then take the steps to change it immediately!

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