Finger Dowsing: How To Tell If Your Partner Is Faithful – by Tana Hoy

Did you know that you can use a secret psychic method of divination to tell if your partner is faithful? You don’t have to use a pendulum, or other psychic tools such as Tarot cards to get this information. All you need is your mind, your will, and your index finger, to get an answer!


Finger Dowsing

Finger Dowsing – An Excellent Method To Find Answers

To dowse is when you try to search for hidden objects, like water or treasures, with the use of instruments such as pendulums and dowsing rods. When you dowse with your finger, your finger becomes like a human dowsing rod. Instead of lusing it to look for objects, you can use it to find answers to questions, especially questions about love and relationships.

Learning to dowse with your finger is actually very convenient because you can do it very discreetly. For example, while you’re sitting across from your date in a restaurant, waiting for your food to be served, you can secretly divine an answer to find out if he or she is really interested in having a relationship with you. Or when you are standing in line behind your partner, you can use it to see if they are being faithful, or telling the truth about something!

How To Be A Finger Dowser

Certain preparation is needed if you’re going to use this finger technique to dowse, especially when it’s your first time. But the most important advice I can give is, always try clear your mind of jealousy, vengeful thoughts, self-doubt, and other negative emotions, when using this method, as this will greatly affect the answer you will get.

Here are the steps you need to do to prepare yourself for using this method:

1. Every day for several days, spend time in a quiet room.
2. Focus your attention on the tip of your index finger – if you’re right-handed, use your left index finger, and if you’re left-handed, use your right one.
3. Visualize in your mind that the tip of your finger is like an antenna for receiving psychic energy. Imagine it becoming hyper sensitive to the energy of your surroundings.
4. Be clear in your mind that your index finger is for receiving vibrations, not sending them out, because you don’t want to accidentally zap someone with your focused energy.
5. Point it at different objects in the room, and try to sense their energy through your finger.

How To Calibrate Your Finger

After a few minutes of doing this, you will need to calibrate your finger:

1. First, point your index finger at nothing in particular, and hold it steady for a few moments, and then start moving it up and down. Affirm in youe mind that this up and down movement means “yes.” Keep practicing this until you feel comfortable associating this finger movement with a “yes” answer.
2. Next, point your finger steadily forward again, and move it from side to side, allowing yourself to accept that this means “no.” Repeat this until you feel comfortable knowing that this is a “no” answer!
3. Now, point your finger steadily forward again but this time move it in a circular finger movement. Program your mind to know that this means “uncertain.”

Now, practice asking yes or no questions that you know the answer to. For example, point your finger at the lamp and ask yourself, “Is the lamp turned on?”, etc. See if you can get a response.

You will need to practice this exercise several times a day, whenever possible. Don’t fret if you don’t get a response right away. It takes lots of practice and patience.

Once you’re confident of your ability at getting answers using finger dowsing, you are ready to use this technique to answer your question about your partner.

How To Finger Dowse

• Before you meet your partner, spend some time meditating. You need to clear your mind of negative emotions, and be as relaxed as possible.
• As you meditate, focus your mind on this person. Try to see him or her objectively – as a person. Imperfect, yet perfect in his or her own right.
• After a while, form the question you want to ask. Remember, it has to be answerable by yes or no, and it needs to be objective so your personal emotions won’t influence the outcome.
• Ask your question several times inside your mind. Then let it go.
• Relax your mind for another few minutes, then slowly bring yourself out of your meditative state.

Finger Dowsing is really simple to do!

1. Look for an opportunity where you can discreetly use your finger dowsing. You can do it under the table, or while you’re watching a movie. Just make sure that you do it discreetly, since no one enjoys being pointed at.
2. Point your finger discreetly at your partner.
3. Ask your question inside your head.
4. Wait for your finger to give you an answer.

Now, remember, if you get an answer you don’t particularly like, it’s not good manners to start a fight or storm out. It’s always best to talk it over, and settle the score.

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