How Your Dreams Can Reveal Answers


We all dream! But how much of what you dream do you remember when you wake up?

Dream interpretation has been a common fascination since the history of man.

Dreams can help us in many ways, including providing guidance when making decisions. Dreams reveal 1

Dreams can show us the answers we are looking for, all we need to do is ponder what these dreams are trying to tell us.


We make decisions in every aspect of our lives, some mundane and some more critical. According to Dr. Phillip McGraw (Dr. Phil), Ph.D., the most critical decisions we make have something to do with our seven basic needs, from the most basic to the most complex:

  • Survival
  • Emotional security
  • Love
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-expression
  • Intellectual fulfilment
  • Spiritual fulfilment

Each time a decision is made, thinking is required.

Unfortunately, people don’t contemplate or weigh the risks of their decisions. That’s when people become vulnerable to making the wrong choices, or heading in the wrong direction.


Why Do We Dream?


For many people, dreams give them hope and inspiration.

According to Walt Disney, one of the biggest dreamer among us all, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”.

According to sciences, our dreams are merely the result of brain activity. Some even theorize that dreams are the result of our thoughts or emotions during sleep.


Do Dreams Have Meaning?


Life as we know it exists only in the physical realm, but the truth is, there are other realms that exist parallel to ours. This realm exists only as consciousness and energy and is revealed to us after we lose our physical bodies.

Beings exist beyond our world — angels, spirit guides, and even the souls of our ancestors — and we are able to most effectively tune into their frequencies when we are asleep.


Signs That Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You Something Dreams reveal 1

Dreams also influenced some great people in history to create important decisions in their life.


One of the most famous apparitions recorded in history is the Chi-Rho symbol, which was said to have appeared in the sky, written with the Latin phrase, “In hoc signo vinces”, which can be literally translated as “By this sign, conquer”.

History reveals the meaning of the apparition was later revealed in a dream, to the Roman Emperor, Constantine, the night before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge.

Right after the dream, Constantine immediately ordered his soldiers to place this symbol on the shields and flags of his army. He won the battle.


14 Important Dream Symbols And Their Meanings


  1. Giving birth

It can be mean a new member of the household will be arriving soon. Otherwise, it symbolizes new beginnings or affirming a decision you are about to make.

  1. Flying

You freed yourself from an emotional or professional bondage in real life that has been holding you back from carrying out your life mission.

  1. Falling

Depends on where you are falling from. If your dream pushes you to fall from your bed, it may mean that you are losing control of peace in your life. Falling from a mountain can mean you are taking huge risks. If you see yourself alive and well after your fall, it is a sign that you are taking the right risks.

  1. Spirit visitation

These dreams often seem as if they truly happened. Loved ones sit on the side of your bed and talks to you, for instance. They can use words, images, or a combination of these, to warn you about an aspect of your life they want you to focus on more.

It could be your neglected relationship with your parents or a mission you haven’t yet fulfilled. Most of the time, these dreams are direct, and the message can be taken literally.

  1. A person you know dying

It means your relationship with this person needs attention and more constant nurturing.

  1. Uttering prayers

This is to remind you of your need to be more closely associated with a higher power. Dreams reveal 1

Your dreams symbolize something significant in your life and once you understand their meanings, they can help you make the right choice.

  1.  Receiving jewelry

It depends on who you are receiving from. If it is someone you don’t know, it means material blessings are on the way. If it is from a departed family member, it means you have their blessing to pursue something new in your life, like marriage, or moving to another state. If it is an angel, it means you are being gifted with higher spiritual awareness, perhaps psychic ability.

  1.  Being rescued from danger or dangerous people

It means not to be afraid to make the decision you are about to make, or not to be scared of change.

  1. Receiving money

It means power and serves as a reminder of your growing responsibilities, most especially your responsibility to your coworkers and bosses in the office.

  1.  Taking money

You may be overstepping other people’s boundaries. It also reminds you to respect authority.

  1.  A scene from your past

It means you have unresolved issues that you need to reconcile with and release.

  1. Religious artifacts

This is a sign that you need to meditate or reflect more often.

  1.  Becoming paralyzed

Your job, your marriage, or a business venture, may be holding you back from what you ought to be doing. One or more aspects of your life may be suffering because of this.

  1. Bathing in a lake

If you are bathing in a lake, this means you are at the peak of your potential and in control of every aspect of your life. If the lake is dirty, you may be keeping secrets, or pursuing things that are not for your best intentions. A dirty lake could also mean you may be deceiving somebody, so you are being warned of dangerous times ahead if you don’t stop the deception.


Advantages Of Dream-informed Decision-making


Life is a grand of an experience.

And your dreams can be a powerful tool to help you navigate through life with relative ease.

So here are a few last important things to know about your dreams:

  • Your unconscious makes sense of perceptions and information while you sleep. Dreaming, in a way, is a form of planning and strategizing.
  • Your spirit guides, angels, and departed loved ones are with you through your dreams. They help you discern between right and wrong and weigh risks versus opportunities.
  • Through dreams, your intuitions, intentions, and decisions, are validated.
  • By receiving signs, you become more confident in the choices you make on matters requiring decisions.


If you’d like to know more about your dreams and their meanings, you can schedule a Dream Analysis Session with me, by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page.


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