Earth Spirits – How White Dwarfs Can Bring You Good Luck – by Tana Hoy

Among the Earth Spirits, I find the Dwarves to be one of the most fascinating. In a lot of cultures, they are the spirits who are known to initiate contact with human beings the most.

White Dwarfs - Earth Spirits

White Dwarfs – Earth Spirits

In fact, in a lot of Asian traditions, it is not uncommon to see people paying respects to their dwarf friends in their house, right after they get home.

What fascinates me so much is the fact that there are a lot of different types of dwarves, each with an interesting set of characteristics which can be very beneficial for you and your family.

Let me introduce to you the humble, powerful White Dwarf.

White Dwarves

Among the types of dwarves that I studied, I found the White Dwarves to be the friendliest to humans. In some parts of the Philippines for example, their presence is so commonplace that houses are usually designed with a dwarf sanctuary built in.

This is because people actually invite the presence of White Dwarves into their home, since they are known to produce a sudden boost in luck to the household they currently stay in.

White dwarves are extremely friendly, and their disposition is almost always happy. They are also very comfortable in the presence of humans, which makes them fairly easy to invite.

Why Are White Dwarves Known To Bring Luck?

White Dwarves are known to bring luck to the people they are close with, and this is because they are one of the most pure among the Earth Spirits. Their bodies vibrate at an extremely high frequency, making their auras extremely light.

Their auras are also very clean, and their energies are always positive. This, in turn, makes them have a very positive effect to anyone close to them.

How Do You Invite White Dwarves To Your Household?

Inviting White Dwarves to your household is a pretty easy task, but this depends on your house’s location. If your house is located in an area close to nature, then you’re in luck. They probably already live there. so Inviting them in just becomes a matter of letting them know that they are welcome in your place.

The easiest way to invite them in is to start talking to them and giving them little offerings. Talking to them does not mean that you hold long conversations with them. It just means that you acknowledge their presence.

For example, when you throw your trash outside, utter a brief “Excuse me” right before you dump the bag in the dumpster. This shows the White Dwarves that you are respectful of their space, and they really appreciate that.

Giving them offerings require very little effort as well. Every time you and your family eats, give a portion of the food to them. You don’t need to do anything elaborate. You just need to put the food in a saucer and place it on a windowsill, or on the porch.

They love this, and chances are, they will start staying in and around your place more often. And once they do, then you can enjoy the benefits of having them there as well.

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  1. Chris Ray says:

    I would love to have one

  2. Chona says:

    My mom at the age of 88 just started seeing at 1st small lights form dwarfs and eventually she saw them playing with a ball in a transparent plate;and when my mom started to stand coz she can urinate they all stopped playing and sat by her window.Good my mom is not afraid of them.One time they visited her in her bedroom for four days.Twas indeed a happy new to hear coz i know from several stories that i`ts a sign of goodluck! I pray and hope so!

  3. morgan says:

    I will like to read or know more about this I really love it :

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    I love them and would love to have one in my room, I do not have a house but i rent so i need them in my room

  5. Solomon says:

    I wish to have one what about if my area is not a natural place

  6. Anita Tare says:

    is there a dwarf at home. I wondered why the covered food on the table was used to be opened. There was a food in tge bowl covered with a saucer. I closed it then twice i saw it open.

  7. andy imatong says:

    I would like to know if really there is a black dwarf and what could be done for them to bring luck as well? I met someone who has six sense and she told me that the lot i purchase has a tree where 1 white and 3 black dwarf stay

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  9. JOSELITO E CHAN says:

    Good to hear about this advices, im so interested to know more about this dwarfs,just rented a store and incidentally they are stayin in the bodega .
    Good thing is we got this friendly ones, not yet see them but my wife found cash three sucessive times this month 22, 24, 26th this month,

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    I will like to have them in my house

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    I love Dwarves and what will I do before getting some please, I want one beside me.

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    I really won’t to have one..apart from paying respects and leaving there any other way to contact them

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