Elementals And Fairies – Their Connections To Natural Disasters – by Tana Hoy

It doesn’t take a meteorologist to know that weather patterns are rapidly changing – and changing for the worse. Even your grandmother can tell you how muxh better the weather was during the “good ol’ days”!

elementals and fairies

Elementals and Fairies

Over the past years, the news all over the world has been filled with reports about extremely high or extremely low temperatures, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and a number of natural disasters.

As you are aware, this is primarily a result of careless human activities – chopping down trees relentlessly, killing animals for sport, burning whole forests for agriculture and city-building, use of fossil fuel and coal, and polluting the air, earth, and water.

But did you know that humans are polluting more than just the physical world? With all the negative energies such as anger, greed, and jealousy, that humans are emitting into the Universe, this world is rapidly becoming more and more “energy polluted” each day.

And the elementals really have their hands full cleaning up Mother Earth!

What Is An Elemental?

Elementals are the guardians of Earth. Also called nature spirits, they are the caretakers of the forces of nature, and they tend to all things natural, including the soil, volcanoes, trees, the air, and bodies of water.

Humans cannot normally see nature spirits because their energy vibrates at a higher frequency than what the normal human eye is capable of seeing. This is due to the same physical limitiation we have such as physical eyes can see colors from violet to red, but not ultraviolet or infrared. Or we can hear sounds from 20 or 20,000 Hz, but no frequencies beyond that.

The 4 Different Kinds Of Elementals

There are four main kinds of nature spirits: the earth elemental, the water elemental, the air elemental, and the fire elemental. Each one watches over the earth’s elements accordingly:

The Earth Elementals

These beings are the nature spirits that humans come into contact with the most often. They come in different forms, including fairies, wood nymphs, dryads, elves, brownies, and gnomes. They take care of plants, forests, gemstones, and the like. Theirs have the heavy burden of purging the earth of pollutants that humans cast into the earth, like poisons, waste, by-products, as well as the imprints of war, murder, torture, etc.

The Water Elemental

Sailors and fisher-folk have many stories about their encounters with the water spirits, such as mermaids, naiads, and other water beings. They purify the lakes, streams, oceans, seas, and ponds, and get rid of toxins that pollute them. They also control the tides, precipitation, and the water cycles. They are heavily burdened purifying the waters of the earth from all the pollutants, trash, chemicals, and other waste that human use carelessly put into the waters of the earth.

The Air Elemental

These supernatural beings are more easily felt than seen because they can transform themselves into air shapes, like whiffs of clouds, little whirlwinds of fallen leaves, dirt devils, or a gust that bends a blade of grass. They cleanse the air of smog and pollution, and they direct air flow. They carry the burden of cleansing the world of negative thoughts, such as revenge, envy, greed, and the like.

The Fire Elemental

These spirits do not associate closely with humans in the same way that other nature spirits do because they can be larger and hotter than we can handle. They are responsible for enormous natural formations like volcanoes, or the Pacific Ring of Fire. They are also associated with smaller fires such as candlelight and cooking flames.

These nature spirits tend to cities, towns, and other places that people live. They are responsible for cleaning up the collective, negative energies emitted into these areas which are caused by crimes, overpopulation, world hunger, and other human misuses or abuses.

Elementals, Weather Changes, And Other Natural Disasters

Nature spirits are gentle beings, and they respond in loving kindness when nature is treated with care. But since they are responsible for cleansing the earth of pollution and negative energies, they, too, can get overwhelmed when the earth is abused.

Even for supernatural beings, having to handle all of these negative emotions and human destruction can be a daunting task, and they can only take so much!

So, once they feel the world cannot handle these negative energies any longer, they release this energy back into the world. They send these energies back into the world in the form of equally-enormous forces, such as extreme temperatures and weather conditions, hurricanes, twisters, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, and other natural phenomena. These energies are sent back out into the Universe, in order to cleanse the earth of the causes of it’s destruction.

This is not done to punish us for our bad deeds, but instead, it is because the earth will “burst” at the seams when it becomes too full of this energy! So like a balloon that’s ready to explode, the air (energy) needs to be released in order to prevent the earth from exploding.

What We Can Do To Avoid Natural Disasters

If we want to prevent these natural disasters, then we need to make a collective effort to stop sending negative energies out into the Universe, and doing things that destroy the planet. It’s not humanly possible to make the world stop thinking, feeling, and acting negatively, all at once, but starting with yourself becomes the first big step to change.

How You Can Start Creating A Change

Each moment, become aware of your thoughts and actions, as well as your intentions and desires. By becoming aware, you will catch yourself before you “send out” negativity into the Universe, or cause further harm to nature.

If you start by taking the first step, others will notice by your example, and eventually your actions will inspire others to start doing the same! This one step, that begins with you, and it will definitely make a difference.

Your positive actions will lessen the negative energy being sent out into the Universe, and the nature spirits will have less negative energy that needs to be released when the “earth ballon” becomes full, and is ready to burst!

By spending time in the open air, caring for plants and trees, and generating less pollutants, you will begin to experience a peace that can be experienced when you are at one with nature, and the elementals that take care of it.

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